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[YesAuto Design Decoding] As an emerging new energy car company, Xiaopeng and Weilai’s bet on the “annual delivery of 10,000 units” in 2018 has not yet ended. In 2019, Xiaopeng will conduct a winter low-temperature test with a new car. As you know, this new car, which is still heavily disguised, is the second model launched by Xiaopeng after the G3. Regarding what it looks like, let's take a look at our “Family Wanted Picture”.

The frequency of updating the column of “Family Thinking” is not high. It mainly depends on the threshold for us to open the column. First of all, it must be a new car that everyone is hotly discussing. Then the manufacturer is still holding the pipa halfway, so we can use all the resources to collect. Spy photos and stitching details will outline the appearance of a new car in advance for everyone. It may not be completely correct, but it is our vision, and you are welcome to correct it. So if you have been interested in a certain model for a long time, you can leave a message on Weibo and we will work hard to arrange it~

Previously, colleagues from the news channel had already reported spy photos of this new car with the internal code name E28, (click to enter the spy photos report), but it was limited to the display of disguised cars. We can only see from the stature that E28 is different from G3 and is no longer positioned as an SUV model. From this, it can be inferred that Xiaopeng Automobile may have obtained the sedan qualification for the production of new energy vehicles or will continue to use the Haima qualification to be sold on the license.

From the above spy photos, it can be inferred that Xiaopeng’s new car may be positioned as a mid-size sedan, and the body posture is more coupe-style. Xiaopeng has always focused on intelligence and geared toward young consumers. These characteristics just show that the E28 still follows Xiaopeng’s consistent philosophy. .

Therefore, this time we only drew an imaginary map of the appearance based on spy photos. There is not much information that can be based on the interior. Maybe we will continue to design a large-area central control touch screen and a panoramic sunroof.

Finally, as a four-door sedan with a larger size and a higher level, Xiaopeng’s new car may be positioned between Tesla Model 3 and Model S, and more intelligent and technological configuration will also help it in Competition in the same level market. At the same time, at the beginning of the year Xiaopeng Automobile also announced that it will recruit 5,000 more employees in 2019, of which R&D and innovation systems account for more than 50%. It can be seen that this year is a period of accelerated development for Xiaopeng, and we will continue to pay close attention to new cars.