[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] In China, the F35 BMW 3 Series, the E84 BMW X1 and the F20 BMW 1 Series have manual transmission models, but they are all in the entry-level position in their car series, with the smallest power in the whole series. The price of the engine is also the lowest in the whole series. In particular, the 1 Series hand-shifted models are often dubbed the “cheapest BMW”, which may make car owners a little unhappy. If it were me, I would tell the other person confidently: What I want is fun!

In other words, the 116i MT we tested this time is not a normal version. The two cars are equipped with different versions of the official M Performance package. The appearance is exactly like the M135i, and the power remains the same. At present, car owners can already buy the kit on the white model at the BMW 4S shop, and the kit on the gray model may be open for purchase in the second half of this year. As for the price, we won’t be too late when we finish reading the contents of the kit.

The M Performance kits of these two programs are named “Ultra Day Edition” (white) and “Twilight Edition” (grey). Hereinafter, we will refer to these two cars by this name.

Appearance analysis

Polar day version/front face

After the option, the front face of this 116i has changed a lot. The black kidney grille and the three-stage lower grille, combined with the black and white tones of the whole car, make the front face look more fierce. Its front fog lights have been cancelled like the M135i, which is one of the means to highlight the sporty temperament.

Extreme Day Edition/Tire Wheels

The 19-inch wheels are installed on this small car, achieving an exaggerated visual effect; the extremely tense wheel is shaped like a spider with its teeth and claws, and it is easy to be stunned at a glance. The large-size brake discs and red M brake calipers exposed in the wheel hub are not only used to enhance the visual effect, but also to improve the braking performance.

Extreme Day Edition/Car Rear

The kit content at the rear of the car is not so rich. The most pitiful thing is the single-sided exhaust pipe, which makes this very fierce version of the 116i from the front and the side look a bit anticlimactic. If you choose this solution , After going back, be sure to change the exhaust yourself. Generally speaking, the polar day version is still more attractive, and the 116i's appearance score has been effectively improved with uncomplicated changes.

Jindu Version/Front Face

The scheme of the Jindu version is relatively conservative. It uses the surround on the M135i, but does not cancel the front fog lights, and the exterior rearview mirror also maintains the original factory design. Ordinarily, the visual impact of this surround is not very weak, but why do I think it is much more common than the polar day version? After thinking about it for a long time, I understood: it is important to have a shiny car paint.

Jindu Edition/Tire Wheels

Okay, I admit that I am a “hollow five-spoke control”, like the big five-star wheels of AMG, I can’t move when I see them, so the 18-inch wheel of the Jindu version is better than the previous one. It's a lot more common, but I still like this one. In addition, I think 18-inch wheels are more suitable for the 1 series, which is a bit too big if they are too big.

Twilight Edition/Car Rear

It's a one-sided one again. It's too much trouble. Again, the first thing after buying home is to change the exhaust. Generally speaking, the appearance of the Twilight version is small, and it does not look as exaggerated as the ultra-day version, but compared with the original 116i, it can still be distinguished at a glance.

Appreciation in the car

Extreme Day Edition/Interior

All changes are in the performance range, and the Alcantara material that is used in a large number of people will feel a sense of satisfaction when sitting in the car. Not to mention the BMW racing steering wheel that is all wrapped in this material. Holding such a steering wheel on the streets every day, it is difficult to think about overtaking in parallel. In addition, it also has multi-function buttons, and it has not been reduced because of the pursuit of extreme sports.

Extreme Day Edition/Seat

A sports seat with excellent lateral wrapping and high friction between the backrest and the seat cushion can not be placed here, and the seat is not hard, and it is quite comfortable to sit on. The adjustment function of up to 12 directions allows most people to find a suitable sitting posture, but the cancellation of the central armrest box cover makes people confused.

Jindu Edition/Interior

Like the exterior package, the interior of the Jindu Edition is also in line with the M135i. When we tested the M135i, I was very impressed with its steering wheel, and now an optional kit is officially available, which is very good. The sport + mode in the driving experience control system can be said to be one of the elements most closely related to driving in these two sets of M kits.

Jindu Edition/seat

Although Alcantara is not used in the interior panels, the Twilight version of the seat uses a large number of this material. The rest of the seat fabric also uses a pleated texture that can increase friction. The feeling, wrapping, and comfort of sitting on it are the same as those of the polar day version. The 12-way adjustment has also been declining.

The price and other information of the two plans

BMW 1 Series M Performance kit price and other information
Package name Extreme Day Edition Jindu Edition
Selling price (yuan) 115,000 45000
Whether the original parts Yes Yes
Is it available Yes It is expected to be available from the second half of the year
Can the accessories be selected separately Yes no

After seeing the price of the polar day version, do you have the same urge to smash your computer like me? With the price of 115,000 plus the price of the car, it is almost enough to buy a 125i; the price of the Jindu version is relatively more acceptable. Friends who like the appearance of the M135i very much and don't have enough budget will be blessed this time.

This is the end of the appearance and interior parts of the M Performance two-plan package. If you want to learn more about the appearance, interior, space, configuration and other content of the ordinary 116i, please click on the link above to view. I will not accompany you, because I am already anxious to enter the dynamic part of the next page.

Power system

This is a low-power version of the N13B16A engine, 136 horsepower, 220 Nm of maximum power, it seems a bit sorry for the audience. However, young people who love to pursue excitement should not rush to get discouraged. We can't just look at the engine parameters and give them a “red card”. Don't forget that the 118i with only 170 horsepower ran out in the 0-100km/h acceleration test. The excellent result of 7.3 seconds, not to mention that today's protagonist is still manually blocked.

“BMW still has a manual transmission?” During the test for a few days, I was asked many times by car wash masters, gas station refuelers and others. Perhaps in the eyes of most people, manual transmission is synonymous with “cheap”, but in the minds of a certain group of people, only manual transmission should appear at the same time as the word “fun”. If you are a member of this group of people , Then we have to talk. The topic, let's start with this power system.

Driving performance

The M performance exterior kit makes them more attractive, but it comes at a price to attract attention. The 245mm wide rear tire is not a small burden. At the start, if you start at 1500rpm like a manual car, you will be wondering, why is this car so meaty? Give it oil, give it oil, oh, let's go…

However, don't underestimate the strength of BMW. The low-power version of the 1.6T engine with a nominal power of 136 horsepower is not covered. Once the speed is increased, the car can also show a look of eagerness, and its excitement increases geometrically with the increase in speed. There is a saying that the 136 horsepower of the 116i is the net power, and its nominal power should reach 151 horsepower, which is true or false, who knows? But what is certain is that it is not slow, all you have to do is not to change gears, and then use the throttle to control your excitement.

When it comes to shifting gears, you have to have a good chat. What is the manual gearbox you used? What words would you use to describe it? Short trip? Feeling inhaled? Clear gear? Or is the entry resistance high? The handle shakes? All these features, good and bad combined, are 116i on this 6MT.

This is not a manual gearbox in the usual sense. As you can see in the previous paragraph, the handlebars will even be in a jittery state from time to time, like a rough “pallet truck”. If you see here, turn around and leave, maybe Lexus CT is more suitable for you, because luxury and sophistication are not the main pursuit of these two 116i.

When the gearbox enters the gear, it will encounter some resistance, such as something in it obstructing the entry of the gear bar. Don't hesitate, believe it, just push it a little harder. The lateral travel between several gears is very short, and there is no area where the gears may be stuck. The resistance given by the gearbox is just a reminder: You are too gentle, use a little force.

However, it is a very ordinary gearbox. The first gear does not increase the gear ratio for faster acceleration. The sixth gear is also very economical, and the engine speed is controlled very low. Want to take into account the fun and daily use, BMW gave their solution: to increase the fun of each gear shift with an excellent feel, and use a conventional gear ratio to ensure the economy of daily use.

I dare say that the fact that automatic gears sell well in China is not because people don't like manual gears. A considerable number of people are forced by traffic conditions and reluctantly give up. I am one of them. The clutch coupling point of these two cars is not low, and the pedal rebound force is great. As a “first block” office worker, I have to make sure that my left ankle does not cramp every day before pursuing fun.

If you are a novice…

If you are a novice who has just obtained a driver's license, then you are lucky, because these two fierce looking BMW 1 series are very friendly to novices. Let's divide it into three points. In order to facilitate memory, I gave them a few very “flesh” names. The first one is called “Don't worry about flameout”.

When a novice is driving a manual transmission car, because of the poor control of the clutch, it is easy to stall. The so-called “don't worry about stalling” means that the automatic engine start-stop system originally used to reduce fuel consumption can now automatically help you ignite when you accidentally turn off the engine. .

The second one is called “Don't worry about rising from the slope”, which is simply the uphill assist function. Novices can easily stall or roll off when driving a hand-gear car at half a slope to start. With the uphill assist function, the vehicle will brake on its own for about 2 seconds after the brake is released, and it is much easier to complete the oil separation during this time. In fact, the application of the uphill assist function has been very extensive, and this function is of greater significance for manual transmission models.

The third is called “Don't worry about shifting gears.” The trip computer of the 116i manual transmission model will prompt for shifting according to the vehicle speed and engine speed, which is a boon for novices who do not master the timing of shifting. In different modes, the timing of shifting gears prompted by the computer is different, which is convenient for drivers to develop good driving habits. With these three “don't worry”, novices and some female friends who are not proficient in driving can have less worry when buying the 116i manual transmission model.

Circumferential pile

Wider tires bring better stability, making this car less difficult to maneuver around piles. Its suspension system has not been modified. It can be seen that the compression of the suspension in the pile is still large, but the precise steering system will still make the front of the car react as soon as it receives the command, and it is full of toughness. The suspension also rebounded immediately, completing the shift of the vehicle's center of gravity. The BMW 1 Series's leading handling in the same level is beyond doubt.

Performance test

The Ultra Day version and the Twilight version have different tire sizes and brake systems, so we conducted a performance test on each of them. In terms of fuel consumption and noise, the two should be at the same level, so we only tested a single model. It should be noted that the test results of these two cars may be somewhat different from those of the 116i manual transmission model without the M Performance package.

Polar day version 0-100km/h acceleration

Because the rear tires were too wide, we had to start at 5000rpm or above. At the start, the Pirelli P ZERO tires would only slip for about 1.5 seconds, and then the grip was restored. The 1.6T low-power version of the engine also has a strong acceleration momentum in the first gear. It only undergoes a very smooth shift in the whole process. The vehicle will reach 100km/h at the end of the second gear. The final result is 8.45 seconds, which is 8.5 seconds more than the original car. The official results of the two cars are better, the acceleration results of these two cars are not dominant in the same level, and the money is spent on the M kit.

Twilight version 0-100km/h acceleration

The acceleration process of the Twilight Edition is very similar to that of the Extreme Day Edition. It also starts at 5000rpm or above. Perhaps the smaller size of the wheel brings less resistance. Its starting acceleration is significantly faster than that of the Extreme Day Edition. In the end, its score was 8.20 seconds, which is quite a few of the official scores surpassing the original factory's 8.5 seconds.

Extreme day version 100-0km/h brake

The more powerful brake system makes us have great expectations for the braking performance of the extreme day version. It really does not live up to the red calipers with excellent visual effects. The brake performance of 36.64 meters is superior to the same level. In fact, this result is only less than 1 meter stronger than the BMW 118i we tested before. It can be seen that the shorter the braking result, the harder it is to improve.

Twilight version 100-0km/h brake

The wider high-performance tires give us reason to think that the braking performance of the Jindu version will also be good, but the measured result of 37.59 meters is almost the same as the previous 118i. This 116i original brake system is already quite good. At this time, the effect of replacing tires with the best grip is not obvious. Even the brake performance of the original 118i is also in the lead in the same level.

Fuel consumption

On the day of the fuel consumption test, the temperature was 15℃, and the whole journey was loaded with one person. A total of 161.4km, of which about 30% were congested sections with an average speed of less than 30km/h, about 50% were unobstructed urban roads with a speed of 60km/h, and the rest were high-speed On the road section, the final average speed displayed by the trip computer is 28.6km/h, and the average fuel consumption we measured is 7.68L/100km, which is slightly lower than the value displayed by the trip computer.

Because of the wide tires, I initially expected its fuel consumption to be above 8L/100km. The fuel consumption figure displayed by the computer on the congested road has reached 8.5L/100km, but in the end this car still relies on a reasonable gearbox speed. Compared with the high-speed link, the fuel consumption is reduced. I think the final fuel consumption results are completely acceptable to consumers who buy such a car.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers


    The hand-feeling manual gearbox makes every shift very interesting. The newly launched M Performance package provides a convenient and quick modification plan for young consumers who are not satisfied with the 116i manual gear appearance. However, the price of the extreme day version of these two kits is on the high side, which is close to half the price of the car. Consumers who like this package can purchase some of the accessories separately if they think it is too expensive; and the 45,000 Jindu version It can also provide a pretty cool appearance, which is worth considering.

BMW 1 Series 2012 116i manual transmission

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Manufacturer's guide price

24.20 million

At present, the main domestic competitors of the BMW 1 Series are Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Lexus CT200h and so on. Among these models, the BMW 1 Series is the only rear-drive vehicle, and the manual transmission model tested this time has driving pleasure that competitors do not have. The new Mercedes-Benz A-class sedan, which will be launched in April, may become the most direct competitor of the BMW 1 Series. If Mercedes-Benz can launch a manual transmission model, and then give a reasonable price, it may be able to compete with the 1 series manual transmission model. Prior to this, the BMW 1 Series, especially the manual transmission model, was still the first choice for consumers who wanted to keep passion in their daily driving.

If you are interested in the BMW 1 Series, please click here to make an inquiry, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know the discount information of local distributors, and ask about the ordering of M kits, please click here to check the distributor's contact information.