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[YesAuto Design Decoding] In the past two years, Chinese auto brands have started their brand upward steps, and relatively high-end Chinese auto brands such as WEY and Lynk & Co have emerged. As a veteran domestic powerhouse, Chery Automobile has acted earlier in this regard, such as the previous Qoros brand, but it has not been successful at present. However, as the domestic automobile market has become more familiar, Chery Automobile launched a new brand Xingtu (EXEED). With the debut of its first product Xingtu-TX/TXL, it also officially met with us.

The Xingtu-TXL model was released at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and is positioned as a mid-to-high-end product series under Chery Automobile. It made its domestic debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in the same year. Before that, we conducted a real shot analysis, 1.6T power and an introduction to the car and machine system. Today we will explain this new model and the brand in detail from the design aspect. Future design direction.

Extend the design concept of “Life•Motion”

Xingtu-TXL adopts the design language of “Life in motion”, and the creation of Tiggo 8 also follows this concept. In the design concept of Xingtu-TXL, more emphasis is placed on youthfulness, fashion and a certain sense of quality, creating smarter and more fun-driving models for young people, which puts forward higher requirements for product creation. As the first mass-produced car under the Chery M3X platform, it is a platform that includes compact cars/medium-sized sedans and compact/medium-sized SUVs. The Xingtu-TXL model is positioned as a medium-sized SUV and will face WEY in the future. , Lynk & Co and the joint venture brand SUV competition.

As a brand new brand, designers need to break away from the shackles of previous product design elements at the beginning of work, to create elements that conform to the brand’s tonality, and apply them to the final product. This will also give the designer more Lots of space to play. The first car under the brand-new brand is very stressful for designers.

From the appearance point of view, Xingtu-TXL has a good degree of recognition and a good first impression. The big-mouth front grille is based on the design language of the family “Life in motion”. The side and rear of the car have a good sense of hierarchy. Popular design elements such as through-type taillights also appear on this car. , The overall feeling is sporty and youthful.

In the car, Xingtu-TXL is equipped with Baidu's Apollo Xiaodu car OS system. This is the first time this system has been installed in a car. Its highlight is its facial recognition and AR navigation functions. In addition, it has smooth voice recognition. Have a good performance in other aspects.

As the first product under the Xingtu brand, Xingtu-TXL models have been strictly selected in the interior materials, such as large-area soft bag treatment and the use of suede materials, which can reflect the sense of grade. . Compared with models of the same level, it has made great efforts in the overall interior design and materials.

Xingtu's future design direction and trend

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has a certain degree of understanding of the design style of EXEED Xingtu's first product-Xingtu-TXL. In the next time, I will introduce the future design direction of EXEED. Of course, before that, I think it is very necessary to introduce to you KEVIN RICE, the global vice president and global chief designer of EXEED.

When talking about the future models of the EXEED Starway brand, KEVIN RICE stated that it will first have three labels of youth, vividness and exquisiteness like Chery, and then use a series of design languages to interpret the brand’s high-end, smart and Vigorous understanding. In addition, if the lines and curved surfaces of Chery models are regarded as muscular beauty, then EXEED Xingtu brand models emphasize a kind of inner spiritual beauty. Just as to what can be called spiritual beauty, KEVIN RICE did not give the answer positively, and habitually gave us a large expanse of sky to guess.

Okay, the big design direction and ideas are there. How to transform them into the vehicle's styling? KEVIN RICE mentioned the appeal of modeling through simplicity, purity and hierarchy.

Judging from the models displayed on the spot (due to confidentiality, there are no photos, please understand), whether it is the already released Xingtu-TXL and EXEED-LX concept cars, or the M36T that has not yet been unveiled, and the new concept that will debut at this year's Shanghai Auto Show Cars, their front face and rear adopt a large number of horizontal lines, whether it is the internal structure of the front grille, the through-type taillights and other details. This makes the whole vehicle have a strong horizontal visual tension, and it looks thick and heavy, with rich layers and very clear layers. This is the simplicity and layering mentioned earlier. Of course, this kind of family styling also brings strong recognition to the new car, and the front and rear of the car also echo each other.

When faced with different positioning and target consumer preferences between different models, the chief designer also stated that they would use detailed designs to get closer to consumers' aesthetics based on the previous research. For example, in the styling of the wheel eyebrows of the M36T model, the designer took into account that the age of the car owner (the product is for more mature consumer groups) will be larger than the Xingtu-TXL and other models, so the designer adopts a more convex shape, which looks more mature. . Of course, all of this is created based on the EXEED Starway family language, and will not give up long-term design planning and family features in order to quickly meet market needs.

In addition, KEVIN RICE also talked about some of his views on the new energy vehicles that will be the main force in the future. First of all, new energy vehicles still need to install various electrified components, electric motors, batteries and many other components, which will not give designers more modeling space because they do not need an engine. Secondly, new energy models also need to introduce cold air, meet aerodynamic effects, etc., so whether to have a front air intake grille and other subconscious designs that are only available in gasoline cars depends entirely on each brand's own styling considerations. It has nothing to do with the uniqueness of new energy vehicles.

Summary :

The Xingtu-TXL model is a brand new product created by the Chery Automobile brand. From the perspective of the overall styling and workmanship, its static performance is similar to that of the main competing models. In the face of the general trend of consumption upgrade in the domestic automobile market, it provides consumers with another new choice. At the same time, it is also a globalized model. It is reported that it will be sold in the European market in the future. It will be offline on the 24th of this month and will be listed in the first quarter of 2019. At present, we are most concerned about its price. Let's take a guess. And at this year's Shanghai Auto Show, the Xingtu brand will also bring a new concept car that shows its future design inspiration, let us wait and see.