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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Landwind X7 was considered a popular car when it was launched last year. On the one hand, the popular reason was the 2.0T+8AT powertrain, which was rare in Chinese brands at the time. On the other hand, of course, it is more important. The exterior design is very similar to another luxury brand SUV. This time I interviewed three owners of Landwind X7. These three men are quite rational in choosing a car. They are very thorough about the advantages and disadvantages of this car.

Landwind X7 is a compact SUV, officially launched in August 2015. The three car owners who visited this time all placed orders right after the launch. They are among the first car owners, and the models they bought are all flagship models, so the owner experience in this article is all for the top models. In addition, we also conducted a long-term test of the Landwind X7 before. Click here for the long-term test article.

● The first owner: Mr. Hao

Mr. Hao is a tea merchant. His Landwind X7 was ordered at a 4S shop in September 2015 and was picked up in January 2016. Since the order was placed right after the listing, there were no discounts when picking up the car, and no car products were presented.

Mr. Hao’s Landwind X7 is his second family car. It used to be an old red flag with manual transmission. It has been driving for many years. Business cars are all trucks, but family cars still often pull some non-heavy goods such as tea boxes, so there are certain requirements for loading space. There was no goal when choosing a car. Because I did not have a Beijing license plate index, I was not eager to buy a new car. A friend often went to the car home and wanted to buy a car. Then he took him to the 4S shop to see the car. Mr. Hao entered When I arrived in the store, I was attracted by the big sunroof of this car, so I ordered the car at that time. Choosing the Landwind X7 was purely my first impression.

Regarding the appearance of the car, Mr. Hao was quite satisfied. When I first bought the car, many passersby were interested in the car and asked about the price. Mr. Hao didn't care about the collision between Landwind X7 and Land Rover Aurora. He felt that the car was for his own use after all. It would be worthwhile to buy a beautiful car for less than 150,000.

● Car experience

Mr. Hao didn't have much research on cars, and he didn't even know Landwind X7 when he bought a car. Many functions were discovered slowly during use after he bought it. “For example, when you buy a car with a 360° panoramic image, you don’t know that you have this configuration. After you buy it, you find that this function is particularly useful, especially when the parking space is very small, it is very intuitive to see and parking is easier. The automatic wiper function is also Similarly, I didn’t know that there was this function, until it rained once, the wiper automatically moved, and I kept it on the automatic gear afterwards; there were also automatic headlights, the same.”

As for the space performance, Mr. Hao said that he does not have much demand, because he usually drives by one person, at most two people, and there are very few people in the back row, so the space in the back row does not matter to him. However, sometimes you need to pull some goods, such as tea boxes, etc., you need to put the rear seats down and use the Landwind X7 to temporarily pull it.

For the trunk space, Mr. Hao expressed dissatisfaction, mainly because the upper part of the trunk is not wide enough, the top is narrow and the bottom is wide, which makes it always difficult to fill the top when pulling the cargo, and the top and sides of the trunk have been rubbed a lot. Scratches, which made him feel distressed.

Mr. Hao usually drives harder, and he is satisfied with the dynamic performance of Landwind X7. Most of the time, he feels it is smoother. The cars he drove before were manual transmissions, so this car is occasionally adjusted to manual transmission and the gearbox is changed. The gear speed satisfied him.

Usually, the main car used is in the urban area of Beijing, and I have ran 3 or 4 times at high speed. Mr. Hao said that he and his wife are driving harder, and they don’t care about fuel consumption, so the fuel consumption of this car is not low. He has not calculated his fuel consumption carefully, but from the dashboard computer, the fuel consumption is always Above 11L per hundred kilometers, the most recent fuel consumption is 11.7L/100km.

This car had a minor problem during its use. The engine fault light turned on twice, but the fault light went out when the engine was turned off, and it did not light up again after the ignition, and it happened again after a while. He didn't pay much attention to this. He drove to the 4S shop and asked the after-sales maintenance staff during maintenance. The 4S shop couldn't detect it, so it was kept open, and it didn't turn on again.

● Overall evaluation/scoring

Mr. Hao said that he does not have high requirements for the car. After using this year, he is still very satisfied with the Landwind X7. The only regret is the trunk space, but this is also known before, so it is difficult to say that it is Landwind X7. insufficient. On the whole, there is no problem with giving it a score of 90, especially when there are many functions that are not paid attention to when buying a car. When using the car, I found that some auxiliary functions are very practical, which is a pleasant surprise.

● The second owner: Mr. Nan

Mr. Nan’s Landwind X7 was ordered at the 4S store when the car was launched in August last year. He picked up the car in November last year. The selection process did not take too long. I saw Haval H6 and Southeast DX7 on the Internet before, and finally chose the Landwind X7 with higher configuration. This Landwind X7 is Mr. Nan’s second car. The first is the Geely Freedom Ship. It was bought in 2009 and ran 70,000 kilometers.

Mr. Nan said that there was no commercial car in the store when he bought the car, and he had to wait for 3 months. He was not very anxious and just waited. Mr. Nan does not have a Beijing license, so he has to apply for a foreign license. Now his car drives in Beijing most of the time, and he has to apply for a Beijing entry permit every week, which is more troublesome.

● Car experience

After buying this car, Mr. Nan ran two long distances and felt that the long-distance driving was very good, the chassis was very solid, and the Landwind X7 had no signs of fluttering at a faster speed, and it was very stable. The comfort is also good, friends and family are very satisfied.

Mr. Nan’s hometown is Tianshui, Gansu. Driving over 1600 kilometers in Beijing, the Landwind X7’s fuel tank is less than 70L. Fill it up before leaving Beijing, then fill it up in Hebei, and fill it up in Xi’an, Shaanxi. The total cost of the whole journey is 750 yuan. By the end of the day, there is still a little fuel left in Tianshui. In the end, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers at high speed does not exceed 7L, and the fuel consumption performance is quite satisfactory when the car is fully loaded. However, the fuel consumption in the urban area is relatively average, basically stable at around 11L per hundred kilometers.

The configuration is quite high. Mr. Nan is very satisfied with the panoramic sunroof. The car feels very bright, and the wife is very satisfied; there is also a gearbox snow mode. Last winter in my hometown, there was snow and ice on the road, and many cars were very strenuous to start in the middle of the road. , I can’t slip away. Mr. Nan said that he switched to the snow mode and passed steadily.

The ride space is relatively ordinary. Mr. Nan said that he usually commutes to get off work by one or two people, and he also takes his family out to play. The front row of this car is quite spacious, and the width and overhead space are very good, but the back row The space is average, and the daughter-in-law and the child still feel a bit narrow when they sit in the back. The space in the trunk is also good. He usually has a lot of stuff in the trunk. When he runs a long distance back to his hometown, he has more things, which is basically enough.

This car has made a lot of credit since I bought it, but there have also been some glitches. Mr. Nan said that after picking up the car, it took a short time to open the fuel tank cap. There was not much fuel in the car. At this time, he drove to the gas station and found that the fuel tank cap could not be opened. It was stuck. I was very anxious and didn't open it after 20 minutes of tossing at the gas station. This problem is a common problem of this car. Later, it was found in the forum that several riders encountered the same problem. Mr. Nan finally drove the car to the 4S shop and replaced the lock of the fuel tank cap to solve the problem.

In addition to the fuel tank cap, a problem was also discovered recently. The daytime running lights did not turn on. I don't know the reason. This has no effect on safety anyway, so there is no rush to go to the 4S shop for testing.

In terms of maintenance, Mr. Nan’s Landwind X7 has run 20,000 kilometers. The last time it was maintained at 18,000 kilometers, the oil and filter were replaced for free, and the next time it was at 23,000 kilometers. I am still very satisfied with the maintenance of the 4S shop. The engine oil is semi-synthetic oil, and the cost is about 496 yuan. The service of the 4S shop is not bad.

● Overall evaluation/scoring

Mr. Nan scored 90 points for his Landwind X7, 10 points are deducted for minor problems, and other aspects are still very satisfactory, especially at high speeds. He feels relieved. If you use the car more easily, it will be better. .

● The third owner: Mr. Shen

Mr. Shen is in the catering industry. Before, he had many cars, such as Cherokee 2500, Jetta, Big Dipper, Santana 2000, Lao Regal and so on. This Landwind X7 was replaced with Regal, and the Beijing license plate on it. Usually this car is driven by a wife. It was about the same time as Mr. Hao’s order. Mr. Shen placed the order in September 2015 and paid a 5,000 yuan deposit. In December, the car was put on the license plate.

The daughter-in-law thinks the exterior design is very good and likes it very much. When I first bought it, the rate of turning around was quite high. Many people pointed to the car and asked if this was the fake Land Rover. Mr. Shen and his wife didn’t think it mattered. They didn’t spend Land Rover’s money to buy such a powerful car with the same configuration. High and worth it.

● Car experience

Mr. Shen said that he had driven at high speed several times, and he certainly did not say that the 2.0T+8AT powertrain can definitely satisfy his own use. When I first bought a car, the forward gear changed to the reverse gear (or the reverse gear changed to the forward gear). There would be a frustration, and the gearbox would vibrate obviously. This feeling was a bit worrying, so he drove to the 4S shop for testing. After-sales solutions It is the gearbox software upgrade, which has been resolved after the upgrade, and now there is no frustration.

The comfort of the seat is very good, the seat is very spacious, the wife is very satisfied. Like Mr. Hao and Mr. Nan, the seat heating function is not used much. He said he basically can't remember to use it. The trunk space is normal, and his requirements for the trunk loading are not high, which is enough.

Mr. Shen doesn't really care about the technological configuration in the car. He bought the top equipment purely because the booking time of this model is short and the car is quick. For some of the car's configuration, such as seat heating, he has hardly used it, and can't think of it. But panoramic images and yaw assistance are still very useful.

There was also a minor problem with his car, which was the abnormal sound of the brake pads. Mr. Shen said that many riders in the forum encountered this problem. He paid for the front brake disc and replaced the problem. Now the rear brake disc is also different. There is no time to solve it.

● Overall evaluation/scoring

Mr. Shen has driven many cars, and he has a clear idea about his car purchase needs. In general, he feels that the Lufeng X7 can meet the daily transportation needs of his wife, and occasionally travels with his family, performing his duties in all aspects. If there is a suggestion, he said that manufacturers can consider upgrading high-end models to xenon headlights, because they are now all halogen headlights, and many riders have replaced xenon lamps themselves; tires can also consider changing to a brand, and the tires are now at high speeds. The tires are noisy at times. He believes that the abnormal sound of brake pads is not serious and does not affect performance. Mr. Shen gave his car a score of 90. It has minor problems and no major problems. It is quite satisfactory to use the car for one year.

● Full text summary

Landwind X7 hasn't been on the market for a long time. The three car owners who visited this time spent about a year in their cars. They were mainly home-based transportation, occasionally driving at high speeds, some of them returned to their hometowns, and some were self-driving around Beijing. The three car owners are quite satisfied with the Landwind X7. They all scored 90 points for this car, and they can see that it is true love. When buying a car, they always value the beauty of this car. Although they know that it looks a lot like the Land Rover Aurora, the three owners don't care too much about others' opinions. Although they encountered some minor problems more or less in the process of using the car, they all felt that it is normal for the car at this price to have some minor problems. If it is not serious, use it first. If it is serious, go to the 4S shop for inspection. Can be resolved smoothly.

I hope that the car purchase experience and car experience of the three car owners can give you some help. If you pay attention to the Landwind X7, we have conducted a long-term test of the Landwind X7 before and have carried out a nuanced experience in all aspects of it. You For reference, click here to enter the long test article.