[YesAuto Design Decoding] Not long ago, the “Guan Yu series of advertising wars” in the automotive circle might be the one that could surpass the Rio Olympics. The BBA brand's love for each other is also a great effort. As Audi’s flagship model, the A8 is positioned to compete with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In the large car market, the “veteran” has obviously been fighting for long enough. Compared with the superb sense of science and technology of the new 7 Series and the new S-Class The ultimate design, what can the replacement of the A8 bring us? Obviously, this is more serious than the bickering on the copy.

If you remember the previous hypothetical article about the BMW X7 on the Technology Channel, then after a few months I want to continue to follow my method to tell you (to be precise) the unexposed Audi A8. The text of this article is not large, so the focus is to show it to everyone. You should have read a lot of articles about the new A8 spy photos, so I am willing to put more pen and ink on the “results” drawn from the analysis. PS and even the next issue of “Sister Bump Talk” may be a bit late to meet with you.

Marc Lichte's concept will change the appearance of Audi's new cars, from Prologue to the new A8. The change in proportions allows them to be designed not only lower, but also wider, and new design elements appear in the car. On the body, Audi's “face” is quietly changing. In fact, before Mr. Mark Lechter, we have seen the design genes of the Audi brand evolve in the hands of several heads.

Under the strong similarity of family design features, each car is required to have its own personality and characteristics. This is a task that challenges designers' ability to deal with details. But looking back at the past, we still start with the design features of the first-generation A8.

• The first generation: 1994-2002

The new-generation A8 will be released at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017. Based on the MLB Evo platform, it will be the first mass-produced model of the Audi brand equipped with autonomous driving. Coincidentally, the first generation of Audi A8 also came out at the Geneva Motor Show 23 years ago, which was 1994. This year, Audi launched the A8, a large flagship model, with its technical reserves and product line increasingly abundant.

From the initial design point of view, the first-generation A8's well-regarded styling makes people unable to fault it, but it is plain, but this generation of A8 has an all-aluminum body that is lighter than its opponents.

Speaking of this, it must be mentioned that the Chinese people's love for the first generation A8 originated from the cooperation between Audi and FAW. In the 1990s, the special car of our country's leader had this generation of A8 bulletproof car.

• Second generation: 2002-2009

2007 is the second revision of the second-generation Audi A8. At this time, consumers at this level pay more attention to the configuration that highlights the luxury technology and comfort, so the A8 spends more attention on air suspension and quietness. .

• The third generation: 2010- present

The third-generation A8 is still loyal to the family front face, but the inverted trapezoidal big mouth design has changed in details, and the front bumper, fog lamp grille and LED headlights have been redesigned.

• The fourth generation: hypothetical picture

Although it is hypothetical, it is not a fantasy. We have also conducted a lot of analysis on the current existing basis. Between Prologue and A8, what trade-offs will Marc Lichte make? The family characteristic of “big mouth” has also evolved from an inverted trapezoid to a hexagon. How will Marc Lichte's “more homey and sportier” be interpreted in the new generation of A8? Let's take a look.

As you can see, we did not give the “big mouth” grille with a wide frame design to the new-generation A8 imaginary picture (Q7 in the figure below). Instead, we adopted the slim version of the A4 front grille because of the recent Audi models. It is not difficult to find that all SUV models have adopted a wide frame design without exception, while the sedan series (Figure A4 below) has adopted a thin frame design. This seems to be more in line with Marc Lichte's “more home, more sporty” concept. Other details, such as the front laser headlights are also connected to the grille by lines (but not to the extent that BMW “opens the corner”). This effect is bound to make the front of the car lower and more aura than the previous generation model.

Thanks to the MLB Evo platform, the body weight of the new Audi A8 is 200kg lighter than the current model. As the second-generation platform of MLB, this platform also gave birth to Audi's new A4, Q7 and Bentley Bentayga.

•Editor's review

Completing the “Imaginary Pictures” series of articles is actually a bit like Conan's feeling, a spy photo is a clue, and then countless details, the style of the car lights, waistline or rim… zoom in, analyze, overthrow, and analyze. Even if the designer has not spoken, he can infer the future design trend of a model from its past design history. This process is both uneasy and excited, uneasy about whether this reasoning is valid, and excited about what it looks like. It is speculated that the process of the imaginary diagram of the Audi A8 is also the same. What new models do you want to see, please leave a message to me.