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[YesAuto Design Decode] A few days ago, 16 banks, including China Open Bank, China Construction Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FAW. The banks will extend a total of 1015 billion yuan of intentional credit to the latter. This is obviously Funds have been prepared for the next phase of the transformation of the Republic’s automobile industry as the “eldest son”. If an automobile company wants to transform, it cannot succeed by relying on capital and technology. In this age of face-saving, design needs to be subverted. As one of the divisions, Bestune has tried to use a new model, the first to be launched on the market is the Bestune T77.

■ New plan for the eldest son of the Republic

If you open Pentium’s official website today and use the timeline to trace the past from the brand introduction, the words 2006 will pop up. That year, the FAW Group's product codenamed C301 was officially renamed as Bestune, which is today's Bestune B70, but the true starting point of the entire brand will be pushed forward 9 years, and its birth date is even earlier than the return of Hong Kong.

After a short seller's market, China's auto market quickly entered the buyer's market, launching different models in response to different consumer needs, so as to further occupy the market is a good way for auto companies to increase their share. In this period, the speed of Bestune to launch new products was obviously slow. On the other hand, since the brand was born, the positioning of models has been obviously inclined to mature, which is inconsistent with the characteristics of the rapid rejuvenation of consumer groups. Therefore, the development of Bestune has not been as smooth as expected. Change is imperative.

■ Young try

The previous Pentium target consumer groups are more inclined to calm commercial use. When the crowd becomes young consumers, their demands for products are naturally different. From the results, they took out the Pentium T77, which has a tough line different from the previous Pentium SUV, and this means that the engineering team needs to cooperate with the design team.

In addition to satisfying aesthetic requirements, automobile design also needs to consider many factors such as safety and manufacturing cost. Therefore, a good designer is not only an artist, but also a “compromise” based on the current situation. Only in this way can the creative sketches in my mind become a mass-produced car flying on the road.

■ Compromise is not a bad thing

When we are young, we often don't know what compromise is, or more specifically, we don't know how to compromise some details for the overall situation and results, and products built for young people can't be so headstrong. Although good design can make the product get rid of mediocrity, if it is combined with practicality, the probability of going into production is also not high.

We have experienced the internal space before, and we can see that the space performance of the Besturn T77, which is positioned as a compact SUV, has a certain degree of competitiveness in the same class. This is where the design turns decay into magic, which can not only meet the visual needs, but also ensure the practicality.

■ Avant-garde is not only a big screen

Excellent car design emphasizes internal and external echoes. While the appearance is younger, the core of the interior design also needs to follow current trends. With the increasingly mature screen display technology, the development team obviously needs to think about whether it is used or not, but how Use it properly.

Full text summary:

Today’s Bestune obviously wants to abandon the formal and formal image of the past, and transform it into a more youthful and sporty one. In order to fit the overall transformation of the brand, the design team tried to give Bestune T77 a sharper and more radical look. This is also beneficial to the engineering team, especially The manufacturing process puts forward higher requirements. At the same time, while keeping up with the trend, the interior part is still not difficult to think about the convenience of daily life. In the end, this result is good or bad, and the market will give the answer through sales. In your mind, whether this transformation is successful, is it the young type you like? You are welcome to leave a message and interact with us.