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[YesAuto design decoding] A few months ago, the new generation of Honda Fit completed the road test in Europe. The new car will be released in the autumn of 2019. It is expected that Guangqi Honda will simultaneously introduce it into the country. How can we sit back and watch this Honda’s “sacred car”, which has always been very popular in China, so this time we specially draw an imaginary picture and share it with you.

Fit (FIT), as a small car launched by Honda in 2001, is a household name around the world. It has been 16 years since Guangqi Honda introduced the Fit model in 2003. This small car has developed to three generations today. What we are going to draw today is its fourth-generation model. As the owner of the first generation of Fit, I would like to take you to briefly review the history of the previous generations of this car.

However, when drawing the imaginary picture, I feel that the new generation of “sacred cars” may disappoint fans a little, because according to spy photos, the new Fit looks more practical, and the right-angle lines of the former body are no longer sharp. Return to a round and gentle shape.

Through the spy car, we can see that the overall design of the new generation of Honda Fit has been finalized. Although the headlights and taillights are still temporary parts, we can already see that the overall body contour has changed on the basis of the current model. It can be seen that the front windshield angle is more inclined, and the area of the A-pillar triangular window is larger, which can reduce the blind spots and increase the driver's field of vision.

In terms of size, although we do not know whether the size of the new-generation Fit will be upgraded, the Fit has always been Honda's main space for small cars. It is speculated that the driving space performance of the new-generation models should not be disappointing.

to sum up:

As can be seen in the figure, the fourth-generation Fit has once again returned to simple home use in its shape, and the more rounded appearance completely discards the sense of technology and rigidity of the third-generation. In terms of power, the new generation of Fit may be equipped with the same P10A 1.0T three-cylinder engine as the Civic with a maximum power of 125 horsepower. In addition, the new model may also have a dual-motor version of the hybrid system. At the same time, the third-generation Fit won the high safety evaluation of the “Top Safety Pick” in 2014. In terms of configuration, the new model will be significantly upgraded in the interconnection system and the active safety system.