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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Recently, the continuous extreme weather has caused floods in many parts of the country. The majority of the people have moved to a safe place to avoid disasters under the arrangement of the government. However, many car owners’ cars may have changed due to various circumstances. Become a “soak car”. What should we do with the water tanker after being soaked in the flood? When buying a second-hand car, how should we identify and avoid water vehicles?

Quickly understand the main points of the full text:

1. If parking is soaked, the car will be compensated for damage; if the vehicle is over-water, the vehicle will be compensated for wading.

2. After the vehicle is soaked in water or waded into water, it should not be re-ignited.

3. If the water depth exceeds the center console, the compensation is generally based on scrap.

4. The interior of the soaking car is easier to reveal the true identity

This article will explain to you the “soaking car” in two ways: pictures, texts and videos. Friends who like the video can click to view it directly:

● How to define a “soak car”

A water-soaked vehicle refers to a vehicle that has been soaked in water. According to the current insurance company's compensation standard, it can be roughly divided into two types: the water depth exceeds the center console and the water depth does not exceed the center console. Among them, the former will generally be directly scrapped for disposal, while the latter will disassemble, dry, clean and replace the parts to achieve the purpose of repair. Of course, this is not to say that the former cannot be repaired, but that the value of repair is lost because of the excessively high ratio. In addition, the water car is a “time bomb” even after it is restored. It is one of the most unwelcome models in the second-hand car market. Even if someone buys it, the purchase price is very low, so the repair does not make any sense to it.

● How to avoid being soaked in water

Compensation Standards of Commercial Insurance for Soaking Water Trucks (for reference only)
Type of Insurance/Vehicle Status Parked + no secondary ignition Parking + secondary ignition Wading driving + no secondary ignition Wading driving + secondary ignition
Car damage insurance Payable Not payable / /
Wading insurance / / Payable Not payable

Parking in low-lying places such as underground garages or wading through water may cause the vehicle to soak in water. Especially when passing through a section of stagnant water, be sure to pay attention to whether the water depth exceeds the air inlet. In addition, if your car does not purchase wading insurance, you must pass it with caution. Without the “help” of the insurance company, the maintenance cost is very high. It should be noted that after wading causes the vehicle to stall, do not ignite again, do not ignite again, do not ignite again, important things are said three times! Otherwise, the insurance company will refuse to pay for the damage caused.

For vehicles that are not particularly damaged and whose water depth does not exceed the center console, most insurance companies will arrange for a repair shop to clean the vehicle and replace parts. If damage to many parts is involved, the vehicle will be re-evaluated, choosing between repair and scrap/compensation. The reason for the handling method is still the ratio of the vehicle to the whole. After all, after-sales is a great tool for 4S stores to generate revenue. Insurance companies will not be foolish to solve the problem only by repairing.

● How to identify the “soaking car”

Since the purchase price of the bubble car is very low, it must be packaged and sold by the shoddy used car dealers. Under the cover of words such as boutique ladies' cars, full 4S shop maintenance, and personal first-hand cars, perhaps the second-hand car you are going to buy is a water tanker.

Different from accident vehicles such as collisions and wipes, it is still difficult to distinguish water vehicles by appearance. After all, the useful small devices such as paint film meters are not very useful here. In addition to whether the car lights are flooded or not, it seems that there is no other better way. Open the door/trunk, check the seat slide rails, brackets, screws, metal parts in the car, spare tires and other components is a more reliable method of identification, mainly through water marks, mud marks, rust to judge.

● Summary

The processing and identification of the “soaking car” is actually not as complicated as everyone thinks, just remember the points mentioned above. Don’t panic in the event of a vehicle being flooded or stalling during driving, let alone a second ignition. Contact the 4S shop to which the vehicle belongs or the corresponding garage and let them handle it professionally, otherwise it will only increase your loss. Remember that paragraph? “The car is insured, and you are not afraid of being soaked.” As for how to avoid buying a soaking car, in addition to careful identification, the more important thing is not to be greedy for cheap, and remember that cheap is not good!