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[YesAuto News] Cars have been with us for so many years. I believe everyone will understand the general common sense, but some knowledge may be too common or not practical enough to make people ignore its origin. Is it a bit of aesthetic fatigue to always read the entire text? It doesn't matter, this time we decided to use a long picture to share interesting but useless cold knowledge. Not much to say, please look down.

On the whole, the existence of cars does facilitate our lives, but we may not understand the various past of this tool around. Some of these 9 items in the picture may be interesting but useless cold knowledge, but they will become everyone after dinner The talk information is also quite good. This is the first time to bring such a long picture. I don't know what the audience members think. It would be better if you could share more cold knowledge with other netizens in the comment area. (Pictures and texts/Jiang Che from the car home)