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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Rolling wheels on the asphalt road, and these wheels carry different life styles. Walking into everyone's life, some are like peeling off an onion, with tears on each layer, and some like eating chocolate beans, never knowing the taste of the next one. Opening every door and holding the steering wheel in every life is the same. Driving different cars, walking different roads, burning different oil, and having different excitement.

“Don't think about leaving today!” In the Outpatient Department of Thoracic Surgery of Harbin Medical University Second Hospital, Yuxuan, who is very idol drama, looked at the chief physician who was sitting in the clinic and was a little dazed. Isn’t it just a chest pain?

“Doctor, what's wrong with him?” Yuxuan's wife was anxious beside her.

“Pneumothorax, he is too thin, his ribs have worn out the pleura, and he is out of breath, so he has to be hospitalized for surgery as soon as possible.” The director of the clinic explained.

My wife hurriedly called Yuxuan's mother. Within two days, the relatives in the family knew about it, and Yuxuan's lungs exploded.

“So you sold the car later?” I thought I was just coming to Harbin to interview ordinary car owners, and I was a little surprised at the moment.

“No, after I fell ill last year, my mother also fell ill. It happened that the van was idle, so she sold the car to raise money for medical treatment.” Yuxuan explained. This is simply rainy and rainy.

Before becoming the owner of the Baojun 510 , Yuxuan (anonymous at the request of the interviewee) drove Wuling Zhiguang . The family engaged in the decoration business and was regarded as a foreman. “I'm a contractor, too .” Yu Xuan teased himself.

He didn't wear a big gold chain, he didn't have a donkey bag under his armpit, he didn't have a sturdy figure, and he couldn't even drink alcohol. His thin body and the “Northeast Contractor” Internet stereotypes are completely two extremes. The hands that are not too big have also become rough because of frequent work, but the 4-year-old girl is raised to be fat, and the little girl who is not picky eaters has reached the level of being supervised by her mother to lose weight.

Before becoming the owner of Baojun 510, Yuxuan had a Wuling Zhiguang at home, which is very suitable for decoration, can pull goods and sit on people. The problem is that in the past few years, Harbin's urban traffic management was strict, and the blow to the mixed loading of passengers and goods was severely affected.

“Once I just went to buy a dish, I packed the whole carton on the passenger seat, and was stopped by the traffic police. I asked me to wait for the traffic police captain to come over and ask what was loaded, but I waited for a long time.” This is a bitter bitterness.

Microface is a real Chinese national car, and its dual-use for passenger and cargo is its fist attribute. The same structure can provide both a freight version and a passenger version. However, in actual use, most car owners don’t care about these. It often happens that the car is filled with dangdang. For the cargo, the front-row driver basically relies on the cargo to drive, and it is very dangerous for people and cargo to be in the same space and driving at high speed. With the gradual improvement of traffic law enforcement standards in various places in recent years, some places have basically no longer implemented one size fits all.

Although the inspection of the van is strict, this is not the main reason why the Yuxuan family sold Wuling Light. After all, the main role of Wuling Light is to transport Yuxuan and the workers.

“At that time, I was ill first. At that time, my mother felt that this person was too fragile. She said she had to buy insurance for herself, otherwise, if she got sick again, she would have to drag us down,” Yuxuan said when she said this. The nasal sound suddenly became a little heavy, like a cold, “I didn't think about it. She fell ill the next year, so I sold the car to raise money for treatment .”

After Yuxuan's mother was cured, she was reimbursed, and her family's funds were relieved, and the purchase of a new car was put on the agenda. Harbin is too cold in winter and it is very difficult to take a taxi. It is really not a problem to always take the workers to wait for the car in the cold wind.

Like most families, buying a car is a family matter. Everyone has different opinions on how to spend the 100,000 yuan budget for a bare car. Yuxuan's mother thinks the brand is very important, and her opinion is to add some money to a Nissan Tiida. My wife doesn't care about cars. I think it's enough to buy a small car for transportation. Baojun 310 is quite good. The price difference is big enough.

But the most important thing is that Yuxuan's family lives in an old community, and parking downstairs is too inconvenient. Regardless of the large area in the northeast, the traffic conditions in the urban area of Harbin are quite unoptimistic. In the “China Urban Traffic Congestion List for the Fourth Quarter of 2018” released by Baidu Maps, Harbin ranked first in the country and Beijing second. The parking problem in the urban area is even more difficult. In 2018, the Harbin Municipal Government promoted a number of party committees and social enterprises to share parking lots. Parking spaces were opened for compensation at the wrong time according to the situation. Citizens can use City Park to view shared parking spaces. However, most people generally want to park nearby, and the parking fee is also a big burden.

Abandoning the Baojun 560, I turned my head and saw the Baojun 510, which had just been on the market for a while. At that time, the Baojun 530 hadn't been on the market. The 510 was the first car of Baojun's new family style. I have never seen such a peculiar face.

Baojun 510 looks very rare for couples, and the size and price are also very suitable. When it comes to shopping, the couple is a typical Northeastern person, and soon brought Baojun 510 back home.

“Then why do you choose a high-profile match? Isn't it usually the best to sell a low-profile match?” I wondered.

“Why do you want to buy a low profile? The high profile is very versatile! At that time, the difference between the middle profile and the high profile was only 7,000 yuan, but the configuration was a lot more of the boss of panoramic sunroof, and there was no discount at the time. Later, my brother When I bought it, there was interest-free instalment for one and a half years.” Yuxuan explained.

Various small decorations on the outside of the car, the front surround and the middle net have been changed in shape, and side pedals have been added. There are more cars in the car, plus velvet cushions on the seats, a more versatile central control car, various decorations on the bridge, and even badges from relatives stuck on the A-pillar. ( Please pay attention to the safety of adding decorations to the vehicle. The decoration method in the article is the personal behavior of the owner and does not represent the views of this website )

There are also many decorations that are not deliberately dressed up, such as the “Namo Amitabha” on the engine cover and the red “Band-Aid” on the right front fender, which are actually used to hide scratches. Although Baojun 510 is not expensive to repair, Yuxuan still intends to fool around and wait for other scratches to be repaired together. The meticulous life and the thick lines peculiar to the Northeastern are vividly displayed on him.

Perhaps because of the craftsman's professional habits, the car has basically become his mobile toolbox. In addition to various tools related to the car, he also stores some standing tools related to the decoration in the luggage compartment.

“If she can sleep, she will be able to sleep, but when she gets in the car to sleep, she will be energetic when she gets out of the car.” The little girl in her own family is so energetic, Yuxuan and his wife are rather helpless, but they are also happy for the child's health.

The girl of Yuxuan's family is at the age of the cutest child and the youngest devil. Like other children, she goes to various hobby classes. But happier than many children, she is not forced by her parents to learn various specialties. Yuxuan and his wife enrolled in a lot of interest classes for the child, but they found that she was most interested in dancing. Sometimes they would jump when they heard music at home or in the car, so in the end only dance classes were left.

My own naive girl loves to eat so much, my grandparents are naturally happy to see it. Of course, the chubby girl is extremely cute, let alone her own child. But my mother's worries are justified. On the one hand, being too fat is not good, and on the other hand, being obese is not good for the body.

Therefore, Yuxuan thinks that the girl has a good appetite, it is almost the same, and there is no need to pursue slenderness too much. If you don't even buy a car, you don't want to buy a brand, but you value practicality. So what does it matter if you can make your girl live happier? How many fathers in this world are not daughter slaves? Especially Yuxuan.

People will do the right things at the right age. When Yuxuan was young, he loved tossing cars. It was impossible to think that one day he would consider the preferences and needs of daughters and wives when tossing the decorations on the car. Maybe he would never think of it. Instead of pursuing a more expensive car, I save money and spend it on places that are truly comfortable and convenient for my family. A man who has no complaints about the important responsibility of the family, even if his body is not so strong, but in the eyes of his family, he is stalwart.