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[YesAuto News] Starting from July 1, the “Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Management of Domestic Waste” will be officially implemented, and Shanghai residents will usher in the “strictest” garbage classification measures in history. According to the “Regulations”, individuals who fail to separate household garbage can be fined 50-200 yuan. Beijing also followed the pace of Shanghai and introduced classification regulations. It is obvious that major cities are imperative for garbage classification and are ready to start at any time. When the people of Magic City are bothered by “throwing garbage”, have you ever thought that the garbage from your car needs to be sorted? (Want to know more cold knowledge? Click here for details)

In general, even a complex travel tool such as a car does not escape the four types of garbage classification requirements. For example, the vulnerable parts of the body or discarded items that are replaced after maintenance, we only need to hand it over to the 4S shop/repair shop for processing. But on-board items need to be carefully classified and disposed of. After reading the long picture above, have you learned it? (Pictures and texts/Jiang Che from the car home)