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[YesAuto Model PK] In the current domestic compact car market, the competition at the price of about 150,000 yuan is the most intense. Ford Focus has always been the main player in this level, and among many other models, Volkswagen Bora is definitely considered The above is quite a strong competitor. How to choose between these two cars is also a question raised by many friends around me. Today we happened to find these two very competitive models. I hope today’s comparison can be for everyone’s Choose a car to provide some help.

● Appearance comparison

The appearance design of the two models shows that they are aimed at different age groups, but the similar prices and the same model level have created a spark of opposition between them. Especially for those born in the 1980s, it seems that you can choose which one, so it laid the foundation for today's comparison.

From the appearance configuration point of view, Fox has a richer range of options, and for a price close to 150,000 yuan, this performance is not outstanding. In this regard, the configuration performance of Bora is somewhat conservative.

In terms of body size, Fox is a lap larger than Bora, but still belongs to a weight class, but Fox behaves more rounded and full, like a sturdy young man, while Bora is thin, but also The kind within a reasonable range.

The specifications of the tires are very similar, but the focus on sports style Focus tends to choose the comfortable and quiet Michelin Boyue series, and the cost of the tires is much higher than the Hankook tires used by Bora. .

In terms of exterior design, the Fox’s style should be more attractive. Maybe the Volkswagen’s doll-like design can make the car look a higher level, but the one-sided design is easy to lose interest.

● Reversing radar test

The Bora’s reversing radar uses four probes, and Focus has only three. In the effective range, the Focus performs better, and the working range of the outer probe is also larger. In addition to the analog image display in the car, When reversing, the driver can more easily understand the situation behind. Bora’s reversing radar only has voice prompts. In terms of humanized design, Fox is more considerate.

● Interior comparison

In the design of the interior, Fox still maintains the dynamic and fashionable features, and the upper part of the center console is all made of soft materials, and it is more kind than Bora in terms of materials.

The steering wheel of Bora still maintains the more refined workmanship level of the public, the thickness is appropriate, and the touch of the multi-function buttons is also very good. Fox's steering wheel style is more full, with grip design on both sides, the function key position and key travel above are good, but the leather stitching line position has the phenomenon of rowing. The knobs of the air conditioner control panel have better adhesion on the Bora, moderate damping of the gears, and the overall details of the Bora are even better.

In the sunroof area of the two models, the opening area of the Bora is slightly larger, the sunroof of the Fox is wider, and the sunroof of the Bora is larger in length, and the sunroof and partition can all be received inside the roof. Although the actual area of the difference is very small and almost negligible, the actual feeling is better than that of Bora.

● Ride space comparison

In terms of the performance of the riding space, the legroom in the back row of the Bora is even better. The performance of more than a punch is satisfactory, and the headroom is only one finger. In contrast, Fox's rear legroom is a bit cramped, and the three-finger headroom is acceptable. In fact, there is not much difference in their spatial performance. Bao's rear leg has an obvious advantage, while Fox's rear head space is slightly stronger than Bora. In this link, I think they can be regarded as a tie.

After experiencing the position in the middle of the rear of the two cars, the Bora’s seats are hard, and the head is basically on the roof when sitting in the middle, and the protrusion in the middle is also higher than that of the Focus. The overall feeling is very bad. In contrast, the Fox's seat is softer and the head room is slightly more spacious, although it is not very comfortable, at least it is stronger than the Bora.

Both cars have central armrests in the front and rear rows, both high and low, soft and hard. The Bora's front central armrest can also adjust the front and rear and height positions, which can adapt to more drivers of different heights. In this link, Polaris is slightly better.

● Storage space

​ The door storage compartments of Polaris and Fox are not much different. The back door can also hold two bottles of mineral water, but Polaris has the advantage in length, while Fox is better in vertical space.

In terms of storage space in the car, the performance of the two cars is similar, and the same thing that needs to be improved is the cup holder in the front row. The support for the water bottle should be strengthened. Fox’s rear cup holder is better than Bora in terms of support for water bottles and ease of use. The location and size of the other storage compartments are not much different, and they are all easy to use. The performance of this comparison link is basically the same in the front row, while the Fox performs better in the back row. Let's take a look at their trunks.

We measured the minimum data for the depth, width and height of the trunk. In this comparison, the minimum effective space of the Bora is larger. Our measured size does not represent the real volume in the trunk. The purpose of measuring the minimum effective space is to let everyone know more about the real use space of the trunk.

The minimum effective space in the trunk of the Bora is much larger than that of the Fox, with a height difference of 100mm. The interior of their trunks is very regular, and the backs of the rear seats can also be folded down in proportion. In terms of workmanship, their trunk lids are lined on the inside, which is obviously different after touching them. Fox's materials are more generous.

The partition inside the trunk of the Bora has a hook design, which is more convenient to take the spare tire, while the Fox can only hold the partition by hand or take the partition out of the trunk. Use the detailed design of Bora to consider More comprehensive. Although both cars are non-full-size spare tires, the Fox uses a small spare tire, which is also better than Bora.

● Configuration comparison

In the previous comparison, Fox's overall performance is still slightly better. Can you continue to maintain this advantage after the following configuration comparison?

At present, Fox’s discount rate is basically more than 6,000 yuan. The price of this 1.6L AT premium type we compared is about 148,900, while the current discount for the Bora 1.4T automatic luxury type is very small, basically at 3,000. Around yuan, the price after the discount is about 145,300 yuan. In terms of configuration, the performance of the two cars has its own bright spots.

● Power / Suspension

Bora 1.4T automatic luxury type Fox 1.6L AT premium type Displacement (mL) 1390 1596 Intake form Turbocharged inhale naturally Maximum horsepower (Ps) 131 125 Maximum power (kW) 96 92 Maximum power speed (rpm) 5000 6500 Maximum torque (N·m) 220 159 Maximum torque speed (rpm) 1750-3500 4000 Fuel supply method Direct injection Multi-point injection Gearbox 7-speed dual clutch 6-speed dual clutch

Bora’s 1.4T engine can’t be more familiar to us. Compared to Fox’s 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, it can be said to be a victory without any doubt in this link.

In terms of maintenance, on the premise that the original engine oil is also used, Fox’s small warranty costs are slightly lower. According to the use situation, the 4S shop’s recommendations are 5000 kilometers or 6 months of maintenance intervals. After long-term use, the cost of a naturally aspirated engine is lower. In addition to more advantages in maintenance costs, Fox has a longer warranty period, and Fox’s performance is more attractive in later use.

There is no room for dispute between them. It is as clear as the previous comparison of dynamics. I don't think the advantages of independent suspension need to be repeated anymore. In this link, Fox won.

● Summary

After the discount, these two models have a strong pertinence. It is a matter of opinion for more appearance. It is undeniable that Bora is still suitable for calm people, while Fox prefers young and fashionable groups. For the interior materials, Fox performed more kindly, but there is still room for improvement in the details. In fact, there is not much difference in terms of riding, and the comfort of the seat is slightly better than Fox. So far, it can be said that Fox has a slight advantage.

In terms of storage space, the spacious trunk of the Bora has once again flattened the gap between the two cars, and the performance of the configuration is still evenly divided. In terms of power performance, Bora’s 1.4T engine has won the victory without any doubt, but the rear torsion beam suspension is also a place that has to be said. Independent suspension will be more costly and has its own advantages in handling. , So, before the suspension and power, you can only choose one. It seems that the contrast between them ended up being the relationship between fish and bear's paw. A model is mature but more powerful, and a model with sporty characteristics is comfortable everywhere. If it were me, I might choose Focus. Maybe its details are not good enough, but its appearance is beautiful and it is comfortable to ride. Isn't this the biggest requirement of consumers for family cars.

​ After reading the article, would you choose Ford Focus or Volkswagen Bora? Welcome to participate in our PK station. You can vote for your favorite car model and you can also express more opinions. What are you waiting for? Click on the picture!