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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] The annual heavy snowfall is here again. Due to the vast land and resources of our country, the time of rain and snow visits varies from region to region. Recently, it is catching up with the first snow in Beijing in 2021. Let's talk about the precautions for using cars in snowy days. I'm used to seeing pictures with text. Today, let's use a short cartoon to popularize the knowledge of using cars in snow.

Edit comment:

For friends in the northern part of our country, snow is basically 2-5 months of the year. The basic winter car knowledge and some small remedies must be better than me, but we still have to talk about slowing down. , Safe driving, even with winter tires. For friends in North China and East China, there will definitely be one or two snowfalls during the year. Take precautions in advance. If you can choose public transportation, choose public transportation. If it coincides with the heavy snow weekend, you can also “cat” at home for a day. Good choice. (Li Xiangtu Zhang Yueyue from the Home of Wenqi)