[YesAuto Evaluation] I believe that many people, like me, know 86 in the initial D. The thrill of looking for excitement and speed in the film is hard to forget. According to the latest news, the Toyota 86, the soul successor of the Akina sacred car AE86, will be launched in China on March 12. To be honest, this car has made me look forward to it for too long, when it just appeared in front of me naked. At that time, the sense of happiness suddenly became heavy, as if I saw my beloved goddess…

Identity origin

In fact, this Toyota 86 has no essential relationship with the previous AE86. The original AE86 was not fast, just because of its light weight, front-rear drive layout, greater modification potential, plus Keiichi Tsuchiya and the initial D The comics have passed the AE86 into a myth.

Speaking of AE86, it has to start in 1983, when Toyota launched the fifth-generation Corolla (Corolla) that year, which included high-performance versions-Levin and a new version of the Trueno (Takumi) of the Sprinter series. Both of these models are the only FR models in the Corolla series. They use the same chassis and engine, and both use AE86 as the code name, but they are slightly different in appearance.

Production of the Sprinter Trueno was discontinued in 2000, and Levin was also discontinued, but Toyota did not expect that the AE86 was discontinued and became the most famous car in Toyota history. Because of the initial D, many anime fans began to rush to buy the AE86, which once made its price higher than it was in production.

In 2005, Akio Toyoda (CEO of Toyota Group) intended to develop a new model with economic benefits, full controllability and modification potential to continue the previous sports genes, so Toyota chose the familiar name 86 to name the new car. , And started construction in 2007.

At the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota brought a concept model called the FT-86 Concept, and exhibited the FT-86 II Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. At this time, its exterior design has been compared with the mass-produced version. The Toyota 86 is very similar.

86-This is a set of numbers that countless car fans will remember, representing the emotional elements contained in the AE86 body. The 2013 Toyota 86 is equipped with Subaru's newly developed horizontally opposed engine. The inner diameter and stroke are just right. It is also 86mm×86mm. This is also one of the traditions of purebred sports cars, which are named after hardware parameters, such as Ferrari 458 Italia (4.5L V8 engine), etc…

Next, I recommend everyone to take a look at an advertisement for Toyota 86, which is very interesting. In the video, when the young boys bought the Toyota 86, their girlfriends expressed their incomprehension and anger. They thought the car was meaningless and was a way of wasting money. On the other hand, a few young boys drove the Toyota 86, swaying their youth to their heart's content, fighting and fighting for a childhood dream.

You may not be able to explain to the other party why you love a 1.2-ton, six-speed, two-door, four-seater, 2.0L rear-drive car; just as the other party cannot understand a 1.2-meter high, only two adult gadgets The son actually wants to sell for nearly 300,000 yuan. This is the dream in the boy's heart, the inexplicable love, without explaining it to others, it is always futile to explain.

Appearance details

A sports car will have a graceful figure in our impression. The low profile and the wide and flat body will first conquer you in momentum. Of course, this Toyota 86 is no exception.

The front face of the Toyota 86 is very similar to the concept car FT-86. The giant manta-like air intake and LED daytime running lights are the parts that attract my attention the most. The area of the grille in the grille is exaggerated, which can introduce more cold air to the engine, and it seems to be bottomless. The Japanese performance car in my mind should look like this.

The side lines are exactly the same as the concept car, with only the height of 1285mm that already has the necessary conditions for a sports car. With a short body and a short wheelbase design, this body size can help Toyota 86 achieve a 53:47 front and rear weight distribution ratio, and its drag coefficient (cd value) is only 0.27.

The logo on the top of the body fender is the finishing touch of the whole car. It is not big, but it has many meanings. The pistons on both sides represent the Toyota 86 adopts a horizontally opposed engine, and the middle is composed of 4 tires that are drifting to form the word 86. When the design team of this logo studied the 86 logo sketch, it seemed that something was missing between the numbers 8 and 6, so after some speculation, they decided to draw tires in the vacancies, as if the four wheels were drifting.

Regarding tires, I know that many people have something to say. Yes, you might say that the 16-inch wheels are too weak. They look like a sports car. The width of 205mm is also very narrow. It is better to change to a set of wider tires with stronger grip. Here I will explain to you why Toyota 86 will choose such a set of tires, in fact, it is very particular about it.

First of all, the torque of Toyota 86 is only 205 N·m, which is the level of a compact family car. Wide tires suffer even more. If the power is not strong, there is no need to choose tires that pursue speed. The 86 chooses this tire. It is to ensure the safety of braking (the braking performance will be mentioned later, which is satisfactory enough ) to allow the vehicle to produce controllable sliding and improve the playability. This is also the essence of this car.

Secondly, according to the original factory settings, this set of Toyota 86 tires will match each other with the suspension, which is calculated through a series of data such as forward inclination, toe angle, and damping. Subsequent modification is more troublesome if you want to maintain the original balance, so the original factory settings are like a complex equation. If you change one of the variables and want the equation to be true, other data need to be changed along with it. . (The overseas version of GTS and Subaru BRZ use 215/45 R17 tires, and the suspension damping is 10% higher than that of the regular GT version. We don’t know other data yet.)

For the embellishment of the exhaust throat, the GT version of the Toyota 86 is obviously not enough. Although the two-sided double exhaust can bring out its sporty atmosphere in general visual effects, it is just a bit sloppy in the details. The two iron pipes look too thin.

In short, the Toyota 86 has the temperament that it should have, and the appearance is not high-profile, but it will definitely make people's eyes shine and remember deeply. This is good. In fact, the design team focused on driving pleasure from the very beginning, and “play86” was their design theme. I think “play86” is a kind of philosophy and belief, and it is not appropriate to use a single word to describe it.

●In- car experience

The Toyota 86's frameless doors have a large opening range, which is also a common feature of two-door sports cars. After sitting in, it is still a bit difficult to close the door. You need to stick out to barely reach the door handle.

The whole interior adopts pure black color, with red line embellishment, the layout is simple, nothing else can distract your attention, and the workmanship still maintains Toyota's consistent high standard. There are no missing configurations, such as audio control system, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, USB, AUX interface, and even seat heating, etc. It is definitely no problem to take care of daily use. If you still think it has low configuration, then don't buy it. If you don't understand it, it is not suitable for you.

The instrument panel is different from the general model. The designer deliberately put the tachometer in the middle. The typical sports car-style layout, the red line of 7400 rpm and the bottom of the 9000 rpm table all imply the capabilities of this engine.

The sporty three-spoke steering wheel does not have any buttons, and has steering wheel shift paddles. The position at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock is wrapped in perforated leather to enhance the feel and slip resistance, and the thickness is appropriate.

The sports seat feels great, the sides are very supportive, and the front is made of Alcantara, which is soft to the touch and has plenty of friction. The seats are all manually adjusted. As a sports car at this price, I approve of this approach.

Space experience

The front driver's height is 1.82 meters. After adjusting the sitting posture, the head can have four-finger space. For a sports car with only more than 1.2 meters, it is not cramped, and the field of vision is relatively open, which is the position of the line of sight. It’s a bit lower, and it’s a good fit by the standards of a sports car.

The space in the back row is expected. In fact, this kind of car can have a back row. It is also a leather trunk most of the time. If you can sit on a person, it is very rare. No headrest? Okay, with a headrest, I hate to block the sight of the rear window.

There are not many places where you can put things in the whole car. It's a relatively spacious place. The movable water cup holder can bring some convenience to the rear passengers when moving forward, but it does not have a limited space or non-slip lining, which is very slippery and the water bottle is easy to shake.

The Toyota 86 designer once said the original words. “For sports cars, we feel that only driving experience is the most important thing. From the moment the driver gets in the car, it changes the mindset of the driver and enables them to focus on the road ahead without daily chores. So we Pay special attention to the driving position. It is not a simple “lower the seat by how many millimeters”, but “the cigarette can be pressed out on the ground while sitting.” For this we actually tested it, only need to look outward slightly You can easily press out the cigarette in your hand to the ground.

The trunk space is not very rich, and the spare tire still needs to occupy a part of the space. The specific value has not been announced. We measured the length, width and height of 800/1070/340 (mm). According to the actual usage, it is not optimistic. Putting a camera bag and a carton will almost fill up. As for sports cars, no one cares about the practicality, so you don't have to worry too much about it. People who like it will naturally know its goodness.

At this point, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the static part of the Toyota 86. Next, enter the most exciting performance test link, “play86” is here.

     I was thinking, should I put a glass of water on the cup holder, put my left arm on the door, and drive with my head on my hands. But I quickly dispelled this idea, because the Toyota 86 in front of me is no longer the Corolla that delivers tofu. It looks more fierce. Of course, the power is much stronger than the original AE86.

Power combination

The words Toyota and Subaru are printed on the engine cover at the same time. It is not difficult to see that this is the crystallization of the cooperation between the two companies. They incorporated Toyota's D-4S in-cylinder direct injection technology into the Subaru FA20 horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine to create this 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with a compression ratio of up to 12.5:1. It has a maximum power of 200 horsepower (147 kilowatts) and a maximum torque of 205 N·m. You can know without opening a calculator that its power per liter has reached 100 horsepower, which is close to many high-performance sports cars.

The engine compartment looks messy, but in fact there are many bright spots. The engineer placed the H4 engine as low as possible directly above the front axle, and designed a groove near the co-cockpit to place the battery behind the front axle. These designs laid the foundation for Toyota 86 460mm's low center of gravity and 53:47 front-to-rear counterweight ratio.

To be honest, for the 86, the automatic transmission is really uninteresting, but we haven't been able to touch the manual transmission model for the time being, and we will treat this test as a pre-dinner appetizer. This is a traditional 6AT, with sports and snow modes, and paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. The handlebars are short and exquisite, with leather-wrapped sides and excellent grip. Its shifting stroke is very short. Every time it enters the gear, it is accompanied by a crisp sound similar to a mechanical impact, which makes people love it. Unfortunately, you need to use it too little.

● Daily driving

Open the frameless door, sit down in the compact cockpit, press the ENGINE START button at the bottom of the center console, and with the undecorated roar of the engine, the tachometer pointer in the middle of the instrument panel is brushed to the 7500rpm red line. Before stepping on the accelerator, all these elements can warm up your head.

Front-rear-wheel drive and lightweight body, aren't these two magic weapons that the AE86 relied on as a great drift car? Although there is no blood relationship, the Toyota 86 tries to pass on the classics. This time, it is designed for fun.

200 horsepower and 205 N·m seem to be almost meaning to a sports car, it can not give you too strong a sense of pushing back. Think about it, even the AE86 equipped with the 4AGE-U AE101 racing engine in Takumi “back then” only had 240 horsepower. Who would be so stupid as to drive the 86 to compete with others in a straight line acceleration? Of course, as a sports car, Toyota 86 still assumes its due posture, the engine and exhaust system are trying to make up for the lack of power with sound.

The throttle adjustment of this car is not radical, the power output is always linear and smooth, and the suspension system is full of toughness. We even drove it for a short period of bad road, and found that the bumps on the ground were not passed into the car bluntly. Inside, to be honest, if you use it as a daily transportation tool, it's not a bad idea.

The 6-speed automatic manual gearbox is trying to accomplish all the things a traditional AT can do. The up-down gears respond quickly, and every shift is quite smooth. If you use the shift paddles, it can also be very short. Respond within time. In manual mode, it will not upshift without authorization even if the speed reaches the red line. However, for the 86, the greatest significance of the existence of automatic transmission is to provide viable purchase options for appearance control or some female car owners.

The original steering wheel feels very good, the steering damping provided by the electric power assist is just right, the flexible body closely follows the movement of the hand, and the vehicle's trajectory is fully in line with expectations. However, the electronic system is always conscientious, adopting an almost zero tolerance attitude towards out-of-control, and intervening directly and rudely. After a few times, I became irritated: Is my driving skill so bad that it takes you to be so active and courteous?

This complaint is obviously unreasonable. Remember the tires introduced earlier? Toyota 86 is equipped with Yokohama dB decibel E70 tires, and the front and rear wheels are only 205mm wide. This is not to save costs, but to do it deliberately, in order to make it easier for the vehicle to break through while ensuring various performances. Its physical limits and increased playability are the essence of 86.

● Run wild

Quickly stop the act of violating the heavens and things, long press the VSC button to give all electronic systems a holiday. The Toyota 86 that escaped the restraint finally showed its true temperament. The rear of the car became abnormally restless, and every fierce steering was accompanied by sideslip. A seat with excellent wrapping will help your body overcome centrifugal force, while the performance of the suspension system is surprising. It provides excellent support and keeps the center of gravity of the vehicle within a controllable range. At the same time , The Torson type limited slip differential on the rear axle will also help you.

This is the charm of the 86. It is the easiest car I have ever driven to lose control, but it is also the best to save after losing control. Its playability is very high, and it is precisely because the torque of the engine is not large, like me. The non-professional players are also easy to get started.

When the pile is released, the rear of the car is allowed to slide out, and then the throttle is lightened. Due to the small deviation of the center of gravity, the body is always very stable. If time permits, I am willing to keep playing. This is definitely more addictive than experiencing the “kick” back feel full of straight acceleration, but before that, I have to buy a few tires.

● Performance test

In daily driving, we find that the dynamic performance of Toyota 86 is not outstanding. So, how fast can it run? Will the 205mm wide tires prepared for drifting affect the braking performance? We are here to announce.

0-100km/h acceleration test

This is perhaps the most annoying part of the Toyota 86, especially for this automatic model. The gearbox only allows 2000rpm to start. Even if all the electronic systems are turned off, the rear wheels will hardly ring when starting. In addition to the feeling of pushing back at the start, the entire acceleration process can be described as plain for a sports car. In the end, the Toyota 86 ran in 8.64 seconds. From the perspective of the comprehensive power system, this result was good, but as a sports car, people must hope that it can be faster. Therefore, prospective car owners, remember not to drive your car in a straight line with others in the future, it is not good at this job.

100-0km/h brake test

The 205mm wide tires made people sweat for the brake test, but the actual situation gave people a reassurance. At full braking, the compression of the suspension is almost negligible, and the body posture is almost perfect. The excellent braking performance of 37.58 meters is not accidental. The perfect counterweight of the vehicle, excellent suspension adjustment and the choice of tire specifications are closely linked. The engineers have completed an amazing task, and the Toyota 86 is accelerating. , Braking and playability have found a perfect balance. In this aspect of braking, Toyota 86 scored full marks.

● Full text summary

    Toyota 86, inner diameter and stroke: 86×86mm, tail throat diameter: 86mm, acceleration test score: 8.6 seconds…is it God’s will? Or a coincidence? The spirit of the 86 has been deeply integrated into the blood of this new car, and its association with the AE86 does not only exist in these numbers.

The Toyota 86 can be used as a daily transportation tool for commuting, shopping, and tofu delivery, because it has enough configuration, comfort that is better than nothing, rear seats that can barely sit on short distances, and a quiet carriage.

Toyota 86 can provide a wealth of fun because: it has a sports car atmosphere from sight to hearing. The narrow tires and the Torson limited-slip differential on the rear axle make it a weapon for ordinary people to practice “drift”, and it is excellent The weight ratio and suspension adjustment allow you to enjoy the sense of accomplishment of controlling everything at any time.

Toyota 86 inherits the practicality and fun of the AE86. No matter how the market performs, it will continue to write the myth of the 86 in the hearts of car fans. The relatively low price allows more young people to choose it as the first car in their lives. The huge modification potential makes it destined to become the darling of modification enthusiasts.

Nowadays, the domestic sports car market with the level of 300,000 yuan is still a clear spring. All the models on sale are at a glance: Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Volkswagen Scirocco, Mazda MX-5, Peugeot RCZ, MINI COUPE, and Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance cars such as the Subaru Impreza WRX and the upcoming Ford Focus ST. Among them, the lightweight FR sports car only has the MX-5, and the version sold in China is also a 2009 product. There is no doubt that Toyota 86 will become the first choice of most people in the 300,000-yuan FR sports car market.

Toyota 86 also shoulders the task of enhancing brand image, just like the previous AE86, it will become a symbol and a symbol.

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