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[YesAuto in-depth experience] The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most representative models of the Volkswagen brand. It has experienced 38 springs and autumns since its first generation, and has become synonymous with the best hatchback in the world. After several generations of facelifts, the self-contained design style has never changed. The global sales volume has reached more than 26 million. The Golf is not only the most produced model of the Volkswagen brand, it is also the most popular model in the world under the brand, a veritable Volkswagen.

Under the halo of Golf, in addition to our most common regular version, it also has many extended models, such as GTI, travel version and Cross and other models, and models such as travel version and Cross are very popular. Among the strong golf family, they are the models that can highlight the most individuality. It can be said that these two models are niche among the Volkswagen. Today we gathered the public and the niche members of the public to let everyone enjoy it all at once.

Appearance: Cross Golf has a stronger personality

It is not easy to put four golf balls with different positioning together, so we decided to take them to a beautiful place on the weekend to show the importance, or use this small trip to better understand the different positioning and characteristics of golfers. It stands to reason that finding different positioning of vehicles is our strength, and there is no need to make it so extravagant. But don’t forget that we are facing four Volkswagen cars that are known for making “Volkswagen faces.” Distinguishing cousins like Golf and POLO from a distance has already tested their eyesight. When together, you can only rely on a few small details to distinguish them.

In addition to the taller body of the Cross Golf, the ground clearance is also higher than that of the other brothers. It is much easier to drive it through relatively harsh road conditions. The front and rear engine guards can not only avoid scratching the bottom of the engine, but also make its appearance more wild.

If you only see the travel version of the front of the car on the road, you may dismiss it. However, I believe that when the front of the car passes your line of sight, the remaining body lines will definitely attract your attention. For the travel version of the car lights, I think the design is too low-key and lacks some classic elements unique to golf. I don’t know what the designer thinks about here. If I want to save trouble, I can accept the taillight style of Cross Golf.

In terms of appearance, the golf travel version's reflector has a welcome light design, which is very convenient for car owners to understand the situation around the front door at night. Cross Golf’s reflector uses a gray design to match the color of the guard plate under the front and rear bumpers. However, since most of the body colors that enter the country are light-colored, this point is ignored if you look at it carefully.

Everyone is very familiar with the regular version of golf and GTI, including the travel version, we have seen it in many websites and magazines, but I believe that some friends will know less about Cross Golf.

The Cross Golf comes from the Golf plus. This model was born on the platform of the fifth-generation Golf. It was launched abroad in 2005. At that time, it was launched to make up for the market segment of Volkswagen's PQ35 platform model between Golf and Touran. The Cross Golf we see today has improved ground clearance on the basis of the Golf Plus, coupled with a cross-border style design, so that it has a good performance in space and passability. The Golf plus, which uses the latest front face design of the Volkswagen family, has also been launched and launched abroad. I don't know when our domestic consumers will see it. I personally like this car very much. If it can be introduced and produced and the price is positioned between Touran and Golf, I believe it should still have a certain market in China.

Since both the Golf and GTI are models that have been on the market for a long time, we have also made a more detailed experience of them, so below we will focus on the experience of the travel version and the Cross model. Friends who want to know about FAW-Volkswagen Golf and GTI can read the following links.

Car and riding space: Cross Golf interior is more novel, and the travel version has better space

Sitting in a golf travel version of the car is difficult to make me feel any difference, and Cross Golf can bring me more freshness. Although it looks very similar to Tiguan now, there was no Tiguan when the Golf plus was born, so I think it is the forerunner with this kind of interior design. I don't think there is any need to go deeper into their work materials. Since they can become a benchmark model of the same level, we don't need to worry about these aspects at all.

In terms of riding space, due to the taller body of the Cross Golf, the sitting posture of the driver and occupant is slightly higher than that of the Golf Traveling version. However, in terms of head space, their performance is very close. The main reason is that the head position of the Cross Golf driver happens to be the track of the sunroof, so it is affected to a certain extent, and the golf travel version uses a large-area panoramic sunroof. Therefore, the track position is more outward, ensuring the head space of the driver and passengers.

The wheelbase of the two cars is 2578mm, but the Cross Golf has to be more spacious in the rear seating space. The main reason I think is due to its rear seat function that can move forward and backward. In addition, the passenger seat of Cross Golf also has a unique function, which is that the backrest can be completely flattened forward through the small mechanism on the side of the seat.

Look at how comfortable this friend is in the picture. Of course, this kind of state still needs to be parked and rested. This way of riding in a driving state is too unsafe.

In terms of riding experience, the seats of the two cars are still very comfortable, and the support for the body is also in place. The difference is that the golf travel version of the seat cushion has a skeleton inside the lateral support. Although it supports the legs very effectively, the thighs will be placed when getting on and off the car, while the Cross Golf seat does not have a skeleton inside. The legs when getting on and off the car It's a lot more comfortable.

There is also a very big difference in the front row, that is, the Cross Golf does not have a central armrest. This design is really surprising. Since there is no central armrest, the design of the rear exhaust port is naturally impossible.

The rear center armrest of the Golf Travel Edition is wrapped in leather, which is very flexible, and the arms are also very comfortable on it. The cup holder is also cleverly designed under the rear exhaust vent. The Cross uses hard plastic, which has a certain degree of comfort, and because there is no space for the rear exhaust outlet to place the cup holder, the design of the cup holder also occupies a part of the space of the central armrest.

Storage space: the performance of the two cars has its own strengths

After looking at the riding space, let’s take a look at the storage space. Because the door styles of the Golf Travel Edition and Cross Golf adopt the previous generation design, the storage space of the door is better than the cash golf, especially the back door. Storage space is the most obvious. However, the interior of the storage compartment does not use the suede material of the regular golf version, but hard plastic. The suede treatment in the storage compartment has a significantly higher touch texture than the plastic material, and it also avoids the sound of items bumping around the storage compartment during driving.

The center control panel of Cross Golf is designed with card slots on the top and bottom, so it is very convenient to place high-speed cards or parking cards. In terms of other storage space, the performance of the two cars is not much different. For example, there is a storage compartment under the ashtray of the Cross Golf, and the storage compartment under the Golf Travel version is on the top of the ashtray, which is not as practical as the former. , But the travel version of the front cup holder has a sliding cover, which is both beautiful and practical. Therefore, their performance in storage compartments can be said to be comparable.

There is a small table behind the front seats of the Cross Golf. It is more convenient for the rear passengers to place their belongings when they are resting. However, the size of the cup holder is a bit small. Our general cans of Coke can’t fit in, and the practicality is not good. .

The trunks of the Golf Travel Edition and Cross Golf are very different. Although Cross Golf is much smaller than the Travel Edition, it is still very competent for our daily use. In addition, the rear seats can be adjusted forwards and backwards, and it also has a good performance in flexibility.

There is no doubt about the advantages of the golf travel version in the space of the trunk. Not only is the space large, the golf travel version can also flip up the rear seat cushion, and the backrest will form a plane with the trunk floor, which can be very easy to place a car Mountain bike.

Regarding the positioning of the golf travel version, I think it is more suitable for people who are mature, stable and know how to enjoy life. Maybe you will drive the golf travel version to the river, catch fish in the car, and breathe the fresh air. It is also possible that you will sit in the car and look up at the scenery through the panoramic sunroof. While you are in close contact with nature, you are also enjoying the richness of science and technology to our lives.

Compared with the golf travel version, the age of Cross Golf is much younger. If the travel version is a mature person over 30 years old, then Cross Golf is a fashionable guy in his early 20s. I believe he will drive this model to the suburbs, find a place to sit on the ground, enjoy the freshness brought by nature, and play the guitar and sing the song written for her.

Our understanding of Cross Golf is not limited to its appearance in such an environment. The higher ground clearance allows it to pass better. The black surround of the body also reduces the impact of small scratches, allowing young people. In the wild, you can also sprinkle wildly and run water. When you see this, it seems that I have forgotten something. I forgot that there is also a golf GTI. Yes, I think it’s wrong to measure golf GTI by space and comfort. For it, the best way to experience it is to make it move.

When parked there, it is no different from ordinary golf. If you don’t look carefully, you may think that it is just a slightly modified golf, but when it actually runs, no opponent can underestimate its performance. . Strictly speaking, it is difficult to find a model that is threatening to it among the models under 300,000. I think the place that really suits it is still on the road.


The successful launch of the Golf model has allowed it to have a large number of followers in China, and its continuously enriched model lineup has also made the name of Golf seem to have become a brand. When you drive a Golf Touring version, maybe others don't feel different when they see the front of the car, but when they see the rear of the car, the temperament of maturity and enjoyment of life is radiated. And Cross Golf makes people see its difference from the first glance, and the more attractive design is like a young man in his twenties, giving people a feeling of vitality.

Cross Golf’s distinctive, free and stylish crossover features enable it to fully satisfy consumers’ multiple needs for car comfort, sportiness, and full functionality. While the Golf Touring version adheres to the classic design of the Golf family, it also provides A richer configuration and a more practical trunk. Whether it is a young, fashionable post-90s or a mature and successful person who knows how to enjoy, in the golf family, I believe they can find a favorite model.

● Analysis of the different positioning of the four golf models:

◆ Traveling Golf : Strictly speaking, we should call it Variant, which means variant in literal translation. A gene mutation in a species may produce two extreme results. Fortunately, the traveling version of golf is changing for the better. Based on its outstanding spatial practicability, the customer base it faces is also shifting. As described in our article, only when you really realize that you need to get more space, you will turn your attention to the travel version. The large panoramic sunroof and the large trunk are also supporting the fully loaded situation of the rear seats and occupants.

◆ Cross Golf: Speaking of variants, I think the genetic DNA arrangement of Cross Golf has changed to a greater degree. The appearance has been separated from the big golf family, which is exactly in line with the standards for young people to pursue individuality. However, the “young people” here do not specifically refer to the so-called post-80s and post-90s. As long as you are young enough, just let him. What do others think. More wild and taller chassis, steering wheel with shift paddles, 1.4T dual supercharged engine, when facing bad roads, when both the regular version and the travel version are retreating, you can choose to move on, because no matter Whether it is the vehicle you are driving or the longing for unknown prospects in your mind, you are stronger than the owners of the first two models.

◆ Regular Golf: This is a model that we are familiar with and cannot be familiar with anymore, so we did not introduce it too much in this article. The standard hatchback shape makes it capable of 70% of the tasks in daily life: commuting to and from get off work, shopping in the supermarket on weekends, taking children to the zoo to play… If you don't have too many special requirements or novel ideas, the workmanship is exquisite and rigorous The regular version with enough space is a more realistic choice.

◆ Golf GTI: The same is not the protagonist of this article, but no one can ignore the existence of GTI, especially on the road. When the 2.0TSI engine with a maximum power of 200 horsepower began to show off and said, “Brothers, keep up.” Although the other three golfs would agree, they were thinking: Can you run slower? (Text/Photographed by Yuan Lu of Automobile House/Planned by Liu Yuxin)