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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] During the three days from May 28th to May 30th, Autohome issued an official invitation to families with children in Beijing. The lucky users who were selected will be on the day of Children’s Day on June 1st. You can experience the children's special car trip for free. No, we prepared early and planned to give the children a surprise!

On June 1st, Children’s Day, Auto Home, 360 Company and Shouqi Car-hailing jointly created the “Happy Kids” child safety car experience activity. We installed child safety seats on some online car-hailing cars, and It was officially launched in Beijing to inject positive energy into children's travel safety.

On the day of the event, professional teachers taught on-site how to install child safety seats. The drivers from Shouqi car-hailing group surrounded the car with a serious and responsible attitude.

Of course, in addition to this, the well-known host of Car Home, Chen Geng, also came to the event site. Not only did he conduct in-depth interviews with Bao Mom and Dad who participated in the event, but he also helped Bao Mom and Bao Mom through the communication and getting along with cute babies We solve the pain points of children not willing to sit in child safety seats.

In fact, let alone online car-hailing, even in their own vehicles, there are very few child safety seats specially installed for children when traveling. This situation is not rare in large cities. According to statistics, compared with the over 90% penetration rate of car child safety seats in developed countries, the usage rate of safety seats in my country is less than 3%.

Children’s safety is no small matter. Every baby should thrive. We hope that through this event, we call on more parents to pay attention to this issue. We also hope that more people will pay attention to the safety of children’s travel and jointly protect the children’s beautiful childhood. (Photo/Text Car Home Tao Jiali)