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[YesAuto Model PK] The new guest of the editorial department in the past two days is the white Kai Chen R50 (hereinafter referred to as R50), which is priced at 76,800 yuan. Through the appearance of Kaichen R50, you can see the relationship between it and the old Tiida at a glance, and the price of our automatic entry-level model is lower than that of the 08 Tiida (hereinafter referred to as Tiida) 1.6AT entry-level model. 40,000 yuan. The old Tiida has been discontinued. Even if the price difference of 40,000 yuan is in production, there is no threat to Kaichen R50, but because it is derived from the old Tiida, we would like to put them together and take a look. Is this cheaper “joint venture independent Tiida” worth buying?

Compare models in the text
Kai Chen R50
1.6L Automatic Comfort Edition
08 Tiida
1.6L automatic fashion type
Guide price: 76,800 yuan Guide price: 116,800 yuan
Market Price: No discount for new cars Market price before discontinuation: about 100,000 yuan


I think there are not many people who fail to see the relationship between Kaichen R50 and Tiida. Even if they are not twins, they are at least half brothers. On the basis of acknowledging the facts of face lift and cosmetic surgery, what is more worthy of discussion is how is this Pila? success or failure? Personally, the R50's appearance design is quite successful. First of all, it is coordinated. The upturned headlights on both sides are also a style that Chinese people can easily accept.

A sharp-eyed friend might say that the R50 does not have a front fog lamp but Tiida does. You are right. Our R50 test car has a low profile, so there is no front fog lamp. However, considering that the high profile R50 has this configuration, it is not illustrated on the picture.

Model Kai Chen R50
1.6L Automatic Comfort Edition
08 Tiida
1.6L automatic fashion type
Length (mm) 4280 4250
Width (mm) 1 695 1 695
Height (mm) 1535 1535
Wheelbase (mm) 2600 2600

There are two main changes on the side of the body. One is that the size of the R50 exterior rearview mirror is enlarged, which is quite obvious when the two cars are put together. The second is the design of the C-pillar. Of course, the design here is not What hurts the bones and muscles? It's just that the shape of the R50's plastic trim has changed, and that's it.

Wheels and tires are also places where you can see the cost difference between the two cars. In addition to the low-end R50 models that use steel wheels, its tire supplier has also changed from Tiida's Bridgestone to Magis. There will naturally be costs. Reduced by. In addition, the two wheels of R50 are really unsatisfactory in style and seem too mediocre.

In addition to the wheels and tires, the R50 has also been simplified in the braking system. Tiida's four-wheel disc brakes are replaced by the R50's front and rear drums. The “simple configuration” instead of the “reduction” is also used to take into account the price difference of up to 40,000 yuan. These two cars are not a million-dollar luxury car. 40,000 yuan accounts for the price of the 120,000 Tiida. 1/3, not to mention the R50 priced at 80,000, which has exceeded half of the car price, so the simplification is still understandable, and the key depends on how simple it is.

This low-end R50 has no rear wipers. When driving in rainy and foggy weather, the driver's rear vision will be greatly affected, which is much more serious than without front fog lights.


The R50's center console has also made some improvements to the details on the basis of not hurting the muscles and bones. It should be said that the overall effect after the modification is good. Only from the picture, there is no sense of cheapness or copycat. From the actual experience, although the R50's center console has a reduced sense of grade, the workmanship is still relatively fine and the seams are very uniform. This is worthy of recognition.

The simplification of the instrument panel is obvious. The R50's new instrument has nothing new in design, and in my opinion, it is not even as good-looking as the old Tiida. Tiida’s three-dimensional barrel-shaped instrument is flattened, and the fuel gauge is also integrated into the trip computer. The only thing I feel is that the instant fuel consumption display is retained, which is of great help to fuel-efficient driving.

The style of the steering wheel of the R50 is relatively simple, but fortunately it feels satisfactory. The savings on the door panel are also obvious. The areas covered by several soft materials on Tiida have all become rigid plastics. R50 is not the kind of car that can give you a strong sense of quality, especially in a purely static experience.

Most of the storage space of the two cars is the same, so I mainly want to talk about the differences in the above picture. The better part of the R50 is a storage compartment on the top of the center console. This is what Tiida does not have. Tiida’s advantage is the glasses case and rear lights, especially the rear lights. It is really inconvenient to use the car at night.


The seating space of the two cars is basically the same, and they are at the leading level among cars of the same level. The headroom in the front and rear rows is relatively generous, and the legroom in the rear row exceeds the performance of many mid-sized cars.

The main difference between the two cars in riding comes from the rear. Tiida’s rear seat backrest can be adjusted in angle, making it easier for passengers to find a comfortable sitting position that suits them. On the R50, this configuration has been removed.

Luggage compartment

According to official data, the luggage compartment volume of R50 is 317L, while Tiida is 289L-463L. Why does Tiida have two volumes, but R50 has only one?

The luggage compartments of both cars support the 4/6 folding down of the rear seats, which guarantees the advantages of flexible space for the hatchback, but Tiida has another trick, which is the following.

Tiida’s rear seat that can slide back and forth is the most practical design in its class. When the seat is mainly used for people, push the seat back to make room for the legs; when it is mainly for storage, move the seat toward Push forward to get a larger luggage compartment space without having to lay down the rear seats. Unfortunately, this practical configuration did not continue to R50.

The final comparison of the details of the luggage compartment allows us to see the difference in cost between the two cars, especially the luggage compartment floor. Strangely speaking, among the models of the same price, Tiida’s luggage compartment floor is almost the most advanced material. No matter the thickness or the material, you have no choice. On the other hand, the R50 only uses a piece of felt and a cardboard. It seems too crude, and the difference in cost between the two is definitely more than doubled.


Model Kai Chen R50
1.6L Automatic Comfort Edition
08 Tiida
1.6L automatic fashion type
Manufacturer's guide price 76,800 yuan 118,800 yuan (before production stop)
ISO FIX child seat interface
Rear cup holder
AUX, USB interface
Engine electronic anti-theft
Aluminum alloy wheels
Parking assist
Seat height adjustment
Single CD
Front fog lights
Rearview mirror electric adjustment
Rearview mirror heating
Rear wiper

There is a significant difference in configuration between the two cars. Although the R50 lags behind in most configurations, the more child safety seats compared to Tiida are worthy of recognition. In addition, the AUX and USB interfaces are also very practical configurations.


Model Kai Chen R50
1.6L Automatic Comfort Edition
08 Tiida
1.6L automatic fashion type
engine model HR16DE HR16DE
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 117 109
Maximum power (kW) 86 80
Maximum power speed (rpm) 6000 6000
Maximum torque (N·m) 153 153
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 4400 4400
Gearbox 4-speed automatic 4-speed automatic

The biggest selling point of the R50 is that it has the same power system as the old Tiida. The HR16DE engine has left a good reputation in China in recent years. It is fuel-efficient and has fewer problems. This is the characteristic that a family car should have. As for the power performance, our evaluation colleague measured the Kaichen R50 1.6AT's acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 11.94 seconds (click to read more), which is at the upper-middle level among models of the same level and displacement.

The layout of the engine compartment of the two cars is exactly the same, and there is no difference in the details of some materials. The only difference I found is the soundproof cotton of the engine cover. Tiida's soundproof cotton has a larger area.


As shown in the text, Kaichen R50 has a clear gap with Tiida in terms of detailed materials, flexibility of space changes and some configurations. Among them, the front fog lamp and rear wiper are related to safety. I think it should not be reduced. Regarding the changes in materials and space in the car, I think it is understandable considering the sharp drop in car prices.

Writing this article is not to tell you not to buy Kaichen R50, but to hope that you can know it when you buy it. The advantages of the R50 are still there. It inherits the power system of the old Tiida. Not only does it drive smoothly, it is also more fuel-efficient, and the riding space is also among the best in the same class. These are relatively rare among the models with a price of around 80,000 yuan. of. If you think the configuration of this automatic comfort version is a bit too simple, you can consider the automatic premium version with a price of 83,800 yuan. In addition to front fog lights, rear wipers, etc., this car also adds sunroofs, aluminum alloy wheels and leather It can be said that the price difference of 7000 yuan is quite worthwhile for the configuration of seats and other configurations. (Text/Picture Liu Yuxin, Auto House)

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