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[YesAuto Model PK] At this year’s Beijing Auto Show, we launched an article on LaVida on LaVida (if you haven’t read it, you can click here). The appearance of LaVida seems to be destined to become Volkswagen LaVida. One of the rivals. In addition to the reputation foundation established by popular brands in China over the years, this response also shows the status of LaVida at this level. At the same time as the launch of Langdong, Langyi also carried out a change. It seems that everyone knows the opponent's plan, which also makes them more targeted.

This time we will not only put the real cars together, but also compare our test results with real guns, and see who is better through a more detailed comparison.

In terms of price, LaVida is more than 10,000 yuan higher than LangDong. It seems that the comparison between them is a bit unfair. In fact, it is not the case. LaVida's current preferential margin is more than 5,000 yuan, and the prices are very close, so There is still a strong comparability between them, I believe many friends are also hesitating between these two cars.

● Appearance: The two cars show different orientations

In terms of appearance design, Long Motion has a stronger dynamic effect, and the smooth body lines also appear younger and more fashionable. The styling of LaVida is just like the impression that the brand brings to people, mature and stable, of course, the front and rear of the car with a strong family character will also improve some sense of grade. However, I personally appreciate that Langdong has more of its own colors on the basis of following the family style.

LaVida 2013 1.4TSI DSG Deluxe Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

16.09 million

Langdong 2012 1.8L automatic distinguished type

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In the structure of the car lights, Langdong not only uses a lens structure, but also is equipped with xenon headlights with automatic turn-on function. Although the price of the model is more than 10,000 cheaper, the performance of the configuration seems to have the upper hand. Of course, this is also the advantage of the Korean car.

Viewed from the side of the body, the shape of the front low and the high rear of the Langdong and the elegant body ridges have a stronger visual impact, while the Langyi is stable and stable, and this standard three-box design has always been domestic. What consumers love. However, with the gradual younger generation of car buyers, it is believed that Langdong will become more and more popular.

In addition to the more attractive styling, the tires and wheels are also more dominant. Wider tires not only have better grip, but larger wheels also bring visual impact. In this aspect, Lavida does not seem to have any advantages, and the style of the wheel is relatively lacking in some novelty.

Except for the difference in styling, the rear of the two models are not much different in other aspects, and neither uses LED light sources. In terms of styling, the dynamic taillights and headlights have a more echoing effect, while Lavida is like a reduced version of Passat.

● Interior: the materials used by Langdong are more kind

The design of the interior is the same as the difference in appearance. One is fashionable and the other is stable. However, in terms of materials, Langdong has brought people a lot of surprises. The upper part of the entire center console is made of soft materials, and The assembly process also performed well. In recent years, Korean cars have made great progress, both in terms of workmanship and materials. The performance of Lavida in terms of workmanship is still good, but the materials used are not as kind as the dynamics.

The steering wheels of both cars continue the family styling style, and are designed with multi-function buttons, the buttons feel good. In terms of function, Langdong also integrates a Bluetooth phone and paddle shifters, these two configurations are not available in Langyi, and the gear shifter also shows the positioning of Langdong's own movement. In terms of use, Lavida’s buttons are larger in size, which makes it easier to use than Langdo.

No matter the appearance or the interior, Long Motion has shown its young and fashionable side, and the design of Lang Yi also continues the popular impression of the public in people's minds. Perhaps most people will accept the design of LaVida. Although it is not fashionable, it may not appear to be backward in ten years. Maybe this is the secret of the popular brand models that have been selling well in China for so many years. The design belongs to the first impression, and for the home, the performance of practicality is more important. Let's take a look at how they perform in other aspects.

● Riding space and comfort: Lavida’s riding space is more spacious, and Langdong’s comfort is higher

In the car, everyone is very concerned about the performance of the space, so we also focused on this part in the comparison section. In terms of wheelbase, Langdong is 90mm longer than Lavida. Is it the same as the wheelbase in terms of space?

Experiencers with a height of 178cm sit in the front row and adjust the seat to the lowest position. At this time, the head space of LaVida is a punch, while the movement is four fingers, which is slightly inferior. Both cars performed well in the rear headroom, while the LaVida with a slightly shorter wheelbase won the legroom. It seems that having a longer wheelbase is not enough. I believe this is also caused by the body shape. Therefore, in order to obtain a more dynamic body, Langdong also gave up some riding space.

In terms of riding experience, LaVida’s seats are hard, and the backrest angle is still adjusted with a knob. This is a nightmare for many car owners, and it is not in line with its own price of around 160,000. And Longdong has a good performance in this convenience, the seat is moderately soft and hard, and the electric adjustment is also very convenient, which brings people a sense of value for money. After all, the price of 150,000 to 60,000 is already available. There are many medium-sized cars. If the compact car even loses its configuration to a higher-level model at this level, then it is too unreasonable.

Both cars are equipped with central armrests in the front and rear rows, and the central armrests in the front row are also equipped with front and rear adjustment functions. The central armrests in the rear row perform better in terms of size and comfort. In terms of leg space in the back row, LaVida is more spacious, but in terms of foot space, the performance of Lang Dynamic is more prominent, with a small bulge in the middle. In terms of ride comfort, Langdong performs better, and the adjustment of the front seats is also better than that of Langyi.

● Configuration: the performance of safety configuration is equivalent, and the comfort configuration of Langdong is more abundant

In terms of window operation, except for all four windows, LaVida has a one-button lift function, and the remote control key can also control the windows. This function is still very practical in the hot summer. In addition to the one-key up and down function of the main driver's window, Langdong has no other windows.

“ESP Body Stability System” “Front Side Airbag”

In terms of safety configuration, both models are equipped with side airbags, front and rear air curtains and ESP systems, and both perform well in terms of active and passive safety. Lavida is also equipped with an uphill assist function, which provides more convenience for daily use.

In terms of other configurations, in addition to the differences seen in the front, the Long Motion also adds a reversing image, main driver seat ventilation, Bluetooth phone and dual temperature zone air conditioning, and the Long Motion is also equipped with a rear exhaust air vent, which improves the rear The comfort of row passengers. In the configuration comparison link, the safety configuration of the two cars can be said to be comparable, and the performance of the comfort configuration is more abundant, and the advantages are very obvious.

● Storage space: the interior of the Longdong car is more humane, and the trunk space of the Longyi is outstanding

In the storage space of the front and rear doors, the space of the Langdong is too small, except for the location of the water bottle, other space is relatively limited. In terms of other storage in the front row, the performance of the two cars is not much different. However, Lavida designed the glasses case in the glove box, which also affected some use space. This design is somewhat different from the style of the public.

In addition to the previously compared storage space, Lavida only has a storage compartment on the left side of the steering wheel. In terms of space and ease of use, Lavida performs better, and the position of the glasses case is also more beautiful. smoothly.

Since LaVida has no air outlet in the rear row, there is a storage compartment behind the central armrest of the front row. However, in terms of shape and size, it is not very practical, and even a mobile phone cannot be put in, so this storage compartment I think it can be ignored.

In addition to the storage compartment in the car, the size of the trunk is also an indicator that everyone pays attention to as a family car. The size of the trunk is larger, and the regularity is better than that of the Long Dynamic.

In addition to the conventional space, Lavida's rear seats can also be down in proportion, increasing the space expandability. However, the rear seats of Langdong cannot be put down. The only thing that communicates with the trunk is the position of the central armrest. In the comparison of the trunk, the Langyi performed better, and it can be regarded as a win in the comparison of storage space.

In the comparison of storage space, the front-row storage space of Langdong is better than that of Lavida, while the sophisticated Lavida has more advantages in the space of the door and the trunk. It can be said that there are two types of storage space in the car. Each car has its own bright spots, but considering the daily usage rate, in this link, I think the performance of LaVida is better.

● Dynamic comparison: Acceleration and braking results are very close, but fuel consumption results are quite different

The power systems of the two cars are also targeted. We are already familiar with the combination of Lavida’s 1.4TSI+DSG, and the combination of Lavida’s 1.8L engine and 6-speed automated manual gearbox is also outstanding in the same level. So we also have great expectations for dynamic testing.

The combination of Volkswagen 1.4T+DSG has been deeply rooted in China, and everyone is quite satisfied with its actual performance. What about the performance of the combination of the 1.8L engine and the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox carried by the Langdong? Let's illustrate with our actual test!

The final result of the power test is basically what we expected, but the 0.7 second difference is still remarkable for Langdong. Especially in the acceleration time of 0-60km/h in the initial stage of acceleration, Langdong is only 0.3 seconds slower than Langyi, and the actual power performance is quite satisfactory.

In the 0-100km/h acceleration test, the results of the two cars are very close, and in the brake test results, the same situation occurs, and the difference between the results of the two cars is even smaller, only 0.03 meters. It can be said that in terms of acceleration and braking performance, Lang Dong has not been left far behind, and the overall performance of the two cars is half-hearted.

Model Lavida 1.4TSI DSG luxury Long move 1.8L automatic distinguished type Test section Congestion/loop/high speed Congestion/loop/high speed Test environment temperature 34°C 28°C Vehicle load condition 2 people 1 person Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L/100km) 7.46 10.1

In addition to acceleration and braking, fuel consumption should be the most concerned performance in the dynamic test. However, in this test, the performance of Lang Dynamic was a bit disappointing. The larger displacement will inevitably make it face higher fuel consumption results. Langdong’s fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 10.1L, while LaVida relies on the technology in the power system to make its own fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 7.46L. In terms of economy, Lavida's advantages are very obvious.

In the comparison of maintenance costs, since Langdong has just been launched, there are currently no more accessories prices in 4S stores, so we can only temporarily compare the costs of regular maintenance. The maintenance interval mileage of Lavida and Lavida are both 5000 kilometers. At the price of a regular insurance, Lavida is half cheaper than Lavida. Due to the use of a dual-clutch gearbox, the overall durability performance of Lavida is still worrying at present, and the maintenance cost in the later period will definitely be more expensive than the AT gearbox of Langdong, so the maintenance cost in the later period Also Langdong has more advantages.

● Summary:

Long Motion has shown quite good results in today's comparison. Everyone has different preferences for appearance, so it is difficult to give results for who is better and who is inferior. In terms of riding comfort, the performance of Langdong is more satisfying. In addition, the performance of the two cars in the conventional storage space also has their own advantages, but the rear seat backrest cannot be put down still restricts its performance. The performance of spatial scalability.

Lavida seems to know more about the needs of consumers. For consumers who buy this level of car, the ride space can be said to be the most important thing. The design can not be beautiful enough, but if the ride space can beat the crowd, it is definitely the guarantee of market performance. . Coupled with more space in the trunk and stronger scalability, it also shows its pragmatic side.

In terms of configuration, the performance of Lavida is a bit too simple. Even if there is a discount of about 5,000 yuan, there is still a price difference of 5,000 to 6,000 yuan between it and Langdong. This performance does not reflect the value for money. Even though LaVida has a certain preferential margin at present, it should not pose too strong a threat to Lang Dong in terms of cost performance. Someone may mention the golden combination of TSI+DSG. Lavida is indeed more advantageous for technical applications, but I am still more worried about the durability of the dual-clutch gearbox. Considering the performance of the two models, I personally might choose Langdong with more abundant configuration and slightly lower maintenance cost. After reading the article, who would you choose? Welcome to vote for your opinion below.

Vote: Volkswagen Langyi and Hyundai Langdong, who would you choose?

1. Volkswagen Lavida and Hyundai Langdong, who would you choose?

Shanghai Volkswagen-Lavida 1.4TSI DSG Luxury
Beijing Hyundai-Langdong 1.8L automatic distinguished type

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