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[YesAuto Model PK] Recently, people around me often ask me which one to choose between the Great Wall Tengyi C30 and Baojun 630. I will be confused if I ask such a fiercely. Because of the 70-80,000 autonomous family cars, these two models are well-reviewed by editors. This goodness comes from the harmony of the vehicle as a whole. Today, let’s take a comprehensive comparison of the two cars and see which one is more suitable at the same price.

The Tengyi C30 has become a well-deserved sales operation among independent models. The monthly sales figures of more than 10,000 vehicles have indeed made many manufacturers coveted; and as a latecomer, the “joint venture independent” model Baojun 630 is also very strong, with only a few on the market. In August, it basically reached the sales level of Tengyi C30, so for today’s comparison, let’s start with the appearance first, let’s talk about Tengyi C30 first.

I often recommend the Great Wall Tengyi C30 to others, just because it is a very competent family car, which does not mean that I like its appearance. Compared with the Baojun 630, it is indeed too plain. The design from the beginning to the end is quite satisfactory. It can be said that there is almost no excitement. But this is also good, the plain design means that it can be accepted by more people, at least it is qualified as a family car.

Baojun 630 comes from Shanghai GM's Pan-Asian Design Center. Many people think that it is not a purely autonomous car. In fact, there is no need to entangle this point. Even though it is indeed a platform from Buick Excelle, its appearance and interior are completely independent innovations. . The appearance of Baojun 630 is obviously younger than Tengyi C30, which is obviously more attractive to more and more families born in the 80s, and there is no failure in appearance, and it looks very harmonious.

In the compact car, the Tengyi C30 belongs to the smaller body, which can be directly reflected from the data. In addition to the higher body, the length, width and wheelbase are all lagging behind the Baojun 630. It is not that the larger the volume and the wheelbase are good, but this is often the guarantee of the riding space. We will compare the specific performance later.

Both cars use aluminum alloy wheels from entry-level and above models. The tire specifications of the Tengyi C30 are 185/65 R15, the Baojun 630 is 195/60 R15, and the Baojun 630 is one level wider, but the 2012 Tengyi C30 does not. In addition to the standard version, this also means that all 2012 models at this stage are all aluminum alloy wheels. Regarding the wheel styling, I think this is not the content that this class of models should pay attention to, anyway, it is enough to look more pleasing to the eye.

Let's look back at the rear of the car body again. The design of Great Wall is more modest and conservative, while the fashion sense of Baojun 630 is slightly stronger. Again, there is no judging standard for appearance. Which one you like is good. I believe that for these two cars, you also have your own aesthetic standards. From my personal point of view, I would vote for Baojun 630 in terms of appearance alone.

Tengyi C30 has a stronger home atmosphere and Baojun 630 has a slightly fashionable sense

Just like judging the appearance, the interior design cannot be measured by standards, not to mention that independent manufacturers are making great progress today. Let’s take a look at the interior of the Tengyi C30. Its interior has a strong domestic atmosphere, and its design is very harmonious and natural. In the 2012 model, the “big hole” at the top of the center console that was criticized before has been filled. , Becomes a standard storage compartment.

Baojun 630 uses a black and white interior color scheme, and there is some sense of design in the shape. Although there are no major highlights, at first glance, it makes people feel that it is not conventional and quite fresh. Needless to say, you can guess that the interior materials of the two cars are hard plastics that are consistent with the positioning of the same level, but the workmanship of the buttons and other aspects are at the upper-middle level of the independent models. I don’t want to spend more time talking about the interiors of the two cars. The choice of style is up to you.

Comparison of ride and storage space

Needless to say, the riding space is obviously the most concerned content of the family car. As mentioned earlier in the article, the length and width of the Baojun 630 are larger than those of the Tengyi C30, and the wheelbase is also longer, so is it also in terms of riding space? Is it even better? The two experiencers in the picture below are the same height, and the front seats are adjusted to the appropriate driving position. Let's take a look at the front space performance of the two.

The mid-to-high models of the two models are equipped with driver seat height adjustment. In terms of front row space, the Tengyi C30 experience has no sunroof version, and the head space is more abundant than that of Baojun 630, but if you take into account the sunroof occupancy In terms of space, the front headroom of the two cars should not be much different.

In terms of rear space, Tengyi C30 still occupies a clear advantage, both in terms of head and leg space. It seems that the advantages of Baojun 630 in size have not been completely transformed into space. In fact, this feature can also be seen from the appearance of the vehicle from the side. Tengyi C30 allocates more space to the cockpit.

One thing worthy of praise is that the rear floor of the Tengyi C30 is completely level, which means that the whole car will be more comfortable to take 5 passengers. Perhaps full load will not be the norm for most families, but autonomous cars are in these areas. We should fully affirm the human considerations.

It can be said that Tengyi C30 outperforms Baojun 630 in terms of space. Although the wheelbase of the Baojun 630 is longer, due to design reasons, the space allocation for a family car is not as practical as the Tengyi C30.

Storage space performance is good

In fact, the models designed in recent years have basically taken into account the needs of members for storage space. The fact is that the performance of Tengyi C30 and Baojun 630 are also good, please see the picture below.

It’s good to have more storage space, but I don’t think it’s necessary to be too demanding. It’s enough for everyday personal belongings to be put down easily. If these two cars are required by such a standard, they will perform really well. Some locations are basically designed with storage space.

Although the 445 liters of the Baojun 630 trunk is easy and fully meets the needs of daily use, the Tengyi C30 has reached a capacity of 510 liters. Needless to say, the bigger the better. On the whole, in this link, Tengyi C30 has achieved a small victory. The reason is very simple. With similar seat comfort and storage space, its ride is more spacious and the trunk capacity is larger. , These are the most important aspects of family cars.

Baojun 630 configuration is sufficient for Tengyi C30 configuration higher

Configuration is always the most concerned topic for consumers, so this is also a very important part of family cars in addition to rigid indicators. The two cars have a common feature, that is, higher cost performance. In terms of configuration, Tengyi C30 is divided into four configurations: standard, comfortable, luxury and elite, with an entry guide price of 59,800; while Baojun 630 has only three models: standard, luxury and elite. But don't forget that Tengyi C30 provides CVT gearbox models, which means it has a total of 8 models, while Baojun 630 only has manual transmission.

Guide price
Tengyi C30 (manual) Baojun 630
Standard 58900
Comfortable 64,500 Standard type 62,800
Luxury 67,500 Comfortable 66,800
Elite 73,500 Elite 73,800
Remarks: CVT version adds 10,000 more on this basis

PK for models under 70,000 yuan

The entry-level configuration of the Tengyi C30 is as low as 59,800, which is a very attractive number, but because the configuration is too low, I don't recommend it, and it plays a role in lowering the price. I also took a look at the configuration of the Baojun 630 standard version. Without the basic configuration of CD, fog lamp, and remote control key, it will not become the focus of consumer choice. Therefore, below 70,000 yuan, it basically becomes the comfortable and luxurious type of Tengyi C30 to compare the comfortable type of Baojun 630.

Let's first take a look at the safety configuration of the two cars. Apart from the standard ABS+EBD and dual airbags, there are no additional devices, which are normal in this price range. However, both cars are equipped with child seat interfaces, and Baojun 630 also supports ISOFIX and LATCH interfaces at the same time. Not all models in the same price range have this configuration. For families with small babies, they can choose with confidence.

Manufacturer's guide price: 64,500 67,500 66,800 Leather steering wheel: – ● – Multifunction steering wheel: – ● – Parking assistance: – ● – Driving computer display: ● ● – Leather/Imitation Leather Seat: – ● – Seat height adjustment: – ● ● sound system: 4 speakers 4 speakers 6 speakers Adjustable headlight height: – – ● Automatic air conditioning: – ● –

I believe you can see it intuitively through the configuration table. If your car purchase budget is around 65,000 yuan, then you are likely to choose among the comfortable models of Tengyi C30 and Baojun 630. Their configurations are basically similar. Although the price of Baojun 630 is more than 2,000 yuan more expensive, this pair Generally speaking, it is not enough to influence car purchase. Tengyi C30 has more trip computer, and Baojun 630 has seat height and headlight height adjustment. If you have to choose between these two configurations, I should pay more attention to the latter, because no matter whether there is a trip computer or not, how much fuel should be used How much do you have to use, what do you think?

But if you are willing to add less than 1,000 yuan to the Baojun 630 comfort model, you can get a richer configuration-the Tengyi C30 luxury version, which has a multi-function steering wheel, reversing radar, leather seats with height adjustment, and Automatic air-conditioning, meeting daily needs is no problem at all, and the price is not expensive. In terms of configuration alone, the Tengyi C30 Deluxe Edition is my most recommended for less than 70 thousand yuan.

PK for cars above 70,000 (top pairing ratio)

Both models have only one configuration for more than 70,000 yuan. Not only are the prices very similar, but even the name “Elite” is exactly the same. It can be said that the two cars are a pair of very targeted opponents. Let's take a look. Take a look at their configuration.

Since it is the highest model, both are equipped with leather seats, electric sunroof, reversing radar, driving computer and other practical configurations, which means that no matter which model you choose, they can fully meet daily use.

However, if you compare the configuration of the two, you will find that the configuration of the Tengyi C30 is still higher than that of the Baojun 630. In addition to the automatic air conditioning on the luxury model, the seat heating is definitely a bright spot. 'S friend is a gospel. If nothing else, it should be the lowest-priced model with heated seats, and the electric folding of the rear-view mirror is extremely rare in the same-priced model. If you care about these configurations very much, Tengyi C30 is a more suitable choice.

On the whole, compared with models of the same price, the configuration of the Tengyi C30 is better. This is naturally a good thing. After all, it can also bring real convenience in addition to catering to the needs of consumers. But consumers don’t have to rush to pursue high-end configuration. My opinion is that for this family car, the configuration is enough, otherwise people all over the world will choose BYD.

Baojun 630 with excellent braking performance of two cars accelerates better

Come back to one of my original intentions to compare these two cars. They are both models that give me a better overall driving impression. For family cars, I pay more attention to interior decorations such as whether the driving is harmonious and smooth, and whether the gearbox and throttle are harmoniously matched, rather than having to use multi-link suspension or a certain aspect of the configuration. Then let's look at the comparison of the performance part.

At this stage, Baojun 630 and Tengyi C30 both use 1.5L engines, so they are very similar in terms of parameters, but Baojun's data is slightly stronger. Let's take a look at the measured power performance of the two cars first.

Great Wall’s braking performance has always been at the forefront of the same class of models, and the Tengyi C30 is no exception. The average performance of 40.6 meters is very good, and its stability during continuous braking is also reassuring. But as a latecomer, Baojun 630 has the same excellent performance, and the braking performance of 40.26 meters is definitely the leader of the same class. From this point of view, Baojun 630 has a slight advantage over Great Wall Tengyi C30 in performance.

However, I think consumers who buy these two cars will not treat their cars so rudely. In other words, this kind of performance is enough. For ordinary households or daily use, who can care who is one second faster than who? Whether it saves fuel or not is what everyone is more concerned about.

In our actual fuel consumption test, Tengyi C30 performed slightly better. As fuel consumption has a greater relationship with actual road conditions, it also has a relatively large contingency. Our test is only a rough reference for everyone, and it cannot give you a definite conclusion like acceleration and braking. I hope that all netizens can understand. But then again, in the more congested environment we tested, the fuel consumption of these two cars was also good.

Driving noise is also one of the important indicators of a vehicle. Below 80km/h, the sound insulation performance of Tengyi C30 is slightly better than that of Baojun 630, while it is overtaken by Baojun 630 at a speed of 120km/h. Taking into account the environment where the two vehicles are mainly driven at medium and low speeds, the sound insulation of the Tengyi C30 is better, and Baojun needs to work harder in this regard.


Both the exterior and the interior are a matter of the benevolent, the wise, and the wise. It’s hard to comment. But in terms of design style, the Baojun 630 is more fashionable, and the Tengyi C30 belongs to the conservative middle school. From this point of view, I personally like the Baojun 630 because It is more in line with the tastes of young people. In terms of performance, Baojun 630 has a slightly better acceleration capability. To be honest, I don't pay much attention to family cars, and the brakes of both cars show a very good level, which is quite reassuring.

In terms of riding space and configuration, the Tengyi C30 can be said to have a victory over Baojun 630, not only has better riding space, but also higher configuration at the same price. Especially for Tengyi's top models, seat heating and rear-view mirror electric folding are almost unavailable in models of the same price, and Baojun 630 is more to meet the daily use of consumers as the starting point. If both cars are qualified to meet the configuration requirements, it is a pity that Baojun 630 does not have an automatic transmission model at this stage. The choice is obviously not as large as the Tengyi C30.

In fact, in today's comparative topics, there is still a very sensitive topic, that is, the PK between autonomy and pseudo-autonomy. Baojun 630 is often questioned or even abused by netizens because it was born in Shanghai GM and borrowed and used some new technologies. I don't think this is a problem. As long as the vehicle has good performance and high cost performance, there is no comparison too much to entangle this problem. In the past, models with poor sales were basically not recognized by the market due to high prices. In terms of price, Baojun 630 is priced at the same price as the real self-owned model Tengyi C30.

The comparison between these two models does not strictly distinguish which one is good or which is bad. In general, I suggest that consumers who pay attention to practicality and configuration recommend buying Tengyi C30, and those who have requirements for appearance and fashion may choose Baojun it's my taste.

Vote: Tengyi C30 vs. Baojun 630

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