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[YesAuto Design Decoding] 2020 Ward's top ten interior selection results are out! As an American media selection agency, only two American models appeared in this year's list, and the rest were dominated by German, Japanese and Korean car companies. This includes a lot of models that we can buy in China, such as the sales king Nissan Sylphy. Who else is there?

2020 Ward Top Ten Interior Selection Results (sorted by price)
Hyundai Venue
Nissan Sentra (Domestic Sylphy)
Kia Telluride
Toyota Highlander
Mercedes-Benz GLB
Lincoln Aviator
Audi e-tron
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
BMW X6 M Cometition
Bentley Flying Spur

• Hyundai Venue (US price $23,305)

Let’s start with the cheapest Hyundai Venue. Although it is a South Korean car company, Hyundai often appears in Ward's top ten interiors list in the United States. The reason why Hyundai Venue can win the award is also very simple. It has a lot of surprises for the judges this year by virtue of its rich interior configuration.

Edit summary:

Comparing the popularity of domestic ix25 and American Venue, it is obvious that Hyundai has become more popular in the United States. In the United States, it is still the first choice of many consumers who pay attention to cost performance. Creating surprising products with limited costs is the killer feature of Korean brands. In terms of interiors, we didn't see any special design on Venue. It can be affirmed by Americans. It can only be said that the configuration is not bad.

• Nissan Sentra Domestic Sylphy (US$24,800)

Nissan Sentra is actually the domestic Sylphy. As Nissan's veteran in the compact market, Nissan Sentra has experienced many battles. Designers will inevitably spend more effort on such a product. It is not surprising that it can be awarded.

In general, the American judges believe that it is excellent and satisfying that a compact car can create such an interior. Although consumers at this level will lower the expectations of the interior, Nissan has obviously not lowered the requirements. At the same time, the United States The judges agreed that the bold design of the interior may better attract consumers to choose.

Edit comment:

In my opinion, the reason why the Nissan Sentra can stand out from the compact model is very simple. First, it surpasses the same level of models in terms of materials. A large number of soft leather materials wrap the interior. The second is from Nissan’s excellent ergonomics and space design. The third is the outstanding interior color design. Caught the eyes of Americans.

• Kia Telluride (US price $47,255)

As the 2020 TOP SAFTY PICK model that was once selected by IIHS in the United States, Kia Telluride also won the 2020 World Car of the Year Award, and it was also recognized by the judges in this Ward Top Ten Interiors. It has won so many awards. Obviously Telluride has its own unique features.

Edit comment:

Kia Telluride is a model that wins by cost performance. The rich configuration and the changeable rear seat mode won the hearts of the American judges. The completely flat platform design is also a highlight in the interior design, on the SUV. Americans who are pursuing practicality obviously believe that Kia Telluride has the ability to become a “hard-working” model.

• Toyota Highlander (US price $51,654)

The new color scheme, flexible storage space, and richer configuration and driving space design make this car very balanced and usable. For Americans who like to use the car as a tool, the Toyota Highlander is home again. hit.

Edit comment:

It is actually the most familiar product for our Chinese consumers. The new Highlander has a richer color scheme, a more refined central control, and the same rich storage space and driving space as the original. For a “daddy car”, this kind of interior design can be cultural and military. The selection also goes with the flow.

• Mercedes-Benz GLB (US price $57,470)

Mercedes-Benz GLB is currently Mercedes-Benz's new work in the field of compact SUVs, but there are only 1.3T models in China, so the degree of attention is not high because of cost-effective issues. In the United States, the judges obviously have high hopes for this car.

In general, there are three main points that American judges agree with GLB. One is a sense of quality beyond the same level; the second is an excellent MBUX system; the last is an excellent space design.

Edit comment:

German automotive technology once again conquered the Americans, especially the materials and lighting design attracted much attention. In addition, the MBUX system is indispensable, but this system is not well evaluated in China because of its low degree of localization.

• Lincoln Aviator (US price $81,790)

The Lincoln Aviator debuted again in 2018 and became a new puzzle in the Lincoln SUV camp. The overall shape of the design style is the same as that of the navigator. Through the design of the roof line, waist line and threshold line, the yacht and aircraft wing are created. Modeling characteristics, in terms of appearance, elegance, youth, and luxury are the key points that Lincoln designers want to express.

Edit comment:

This is a model that can be bought in China. That’s right, domestically produced pilots have also won this Ward’s top ten, but to be honest, the pilot’s interior is a family-oriented route, and there is not much breakthrough in design. For friends who are used to Lincoln SUVs It's no stranger. Of course, the American luxury with metal (including fish scale pattern), wood grain and plain calfskin is still very different in style and unique.

• Audi e-tron (US price $85,790)

This is the only pure electric vehicle in this year's Ward Top Ten Interiors. American auto media people highly appreciate Audi's pure electric design concept for luxury brands. The interior design of e-tron is as comfortable and luxurious as Audi's traditional fuel car, and the details are also very user-friendly.

Audi e-tron is its brand's first mass-produced electric SUV. Its interior design draws on many concepts from Audi A8, so if you have known the latest generation of Audi products, you will not be too unfamiliar to enter the car. The reason why it won the favor of Ward judges is that it pays more attention to many details.

German designers and American designers have many different understandings of luxury. “BBA” cars often see the use of many matte elements, such as matte metal decorative strips and matte wood grain panels. And looking at the Lincoln and Cadillac in the American series horizontally, American cars are more willing to use high-gloss elements to highlight the luxurious temperament. The two styles have no distinction between design advantages and disadvantages. It depends entirely on personal aesthetics. This time the Ward judges especially emphasized that they like Audi's matte decorative design.

Edit comment:

On the whole, just as the editor of Ward said, “The interior design of e-tron has reached the same height as the Audi A7 and A8.” This pure electric car has the same interior cost, design, materials, The workmanship is very elegant, and of course the three large screens on the dashboard (instrument panel, central control display, and air conditioning control screen) are also Audi's flagship configuration, which is the embodiment of Audi's interiors paying attention to the virtual cockpit. The high recognition of the American media shows that the response of this electric car in the United States is still good.

• Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (US price $78,820)

In order to further enhance the market competitiveness in the supercar field, this generation of Stingray (C8) finally adopts a mid-engine layout (previously all front-rear-drive), which is matched by a brand new, two-seater interior Decoration design. Winning Ward's ten best interiors this year shows that the Americans are still very optimistic about this civilian supercar. civilian? It is relatively common to buy a mid-mounted V8 sports car for less than 80,000 US dollars!

Edit summary:

This sports car with a price of less than US$80,000 has always been the envy of domestic consumers. I believe people who buy this car will not put too much demand on the interior, but it has won the Ward ten best interior. I believe it should give a lot of people a big surprise.

In order to meet more needs, Corvette also provides many optional configurations. As long as you add more than 10,000 US dollars, you can get steering wheel heating, head-up display, heated and ventilated electric bucket seats, GPS, wireless charging, and more. There are Bose speakers with first-class sound quality. I believe that driving a V8 American sports car and using it to play a rap by Eminem should be a good experience.

• BMW X6 M Competition (US price $131,745)

The BMW X6 M also waited for Ward's top ten interior list this time. This is the fifth time that the BMW brand has won this award. This high-performance version of the BMW SUV has replaced a new generation of design language, and added many elements that emphasize the M attribute on this basis. An SUV can also be designed with such high performance, which Ward's editorial department did not expect.

Edit comment:

For BMW’s styling design, century-old car companies have accumulated many brand elements that are difficult to abandon. The emphasis on sports genes also brings some restrictions to interior design. How to maintain their own sporty atmosphere under the trend of digital cockpits is not simple. The interior design of the new generation of BMW still makes me feel conservative, even if it has gesture control and a voice assistant.

The X6 M enhances the elements of a performance car on the basis of a sense of luxury, but it does not seem to be as exaggerated as Ward, because in essence it is still a product of the “domestic baby” strategy, without much innovation.

• Bentley Flying Spur (US price $283,275)

Since the selection of Ward's top ten interiors is not limited by the price of vehicles, ultra-luxury brands often appear in the list. The following is the most “luxury” car of this year-a new generation of Bentley Speeding. Compared with other models, its interior is too special in terms of craftsmanship. Other cars can be rolled off the assembly line in a few minutes in the factory, while the Bentley Flying Spur takes several weeks, especially the interior manufacturing is the most expensive. Time, because most of it is made by hand.

Edit comment:

Now that the “virtual cockpit era” is coming, the large screen in the car has become a standard feature of mainstream models, just like the flagship luxury Mercedes-Benz S-Class after the replacement, it is certainly a correct route to inject luxury into the elements of the times. But it is undeniable that the luxury brought by those precious woods and top leather materials can sometimes be irreplaceable. Of course, you can also like the big screen. Can the 12.3-inch screen hidden in the solid wood dashboard of the new Flying Spur satisfy you? !

Written at the end:

The selection of Ward's top ten interiors is very special this year. This year is its tenth anniversary, and it is a special period when the epidemic is still raging in the United States. Ward judges are currently working from home, and even use the mobile phone network to remotely assist in the selection of models. It is not easy for Ward Magazine to complete such selection in difficult times.

SUV models accounted for the majority of Ward's top ten interiors this time, which also reflects the enthusiasm of SUVs in the American market. As to whether the result of the selection is the same as you imagined, it doesn't really matter, because there are many subjective factors. What's more, there is a big difference between our domestic consumers and Americans in terms of aesthetics and consumption. I hope that through this article, you can leave “the best interior design in your opinion” in the comment area, and there is no limit to the price! Speak freely!