[YesAuto Imaginary Picture] Recently, a domestically-made off-road vehicle has been on the scene. With the first batch of car owners, you will not be difficult to see it no matter which platform. So today I will take you with a paintbrush from the perspective of a modified user. Take a look at several imaginary pictures of tank 300 modifications.

Regarding the column of “imaginary pictures”, you may feel that it has been a long time, but this year we will continue to select a wave of qualified, topical, and popular new cars to collect spy photos from multiple sources for drawing. Maybe our assumptions may not be 100% correct. , But it definitely represents our first-hand understanding of the “hot” of the new car. The “Imaginary Pictures” series looks forward to your attention!

Cross-country , in recent years, has long ceased to be a niche vocabulary. I believe that I am not the only one who loves the distance and yearns for nature. Then the off-road vehicle is the best partner for this kind of people. Today I am going to draw such a domestic hard-core off-road vehicle called the “civilian Wrangler”.
It comes from the WEY brand of Great Wall Motors. Recently, Great Wall has made a lot of moves. It has successively launched new models at different levels. It has also reached its peak in naming the pet series. The naming of the pet series is astounding. However, there is an off-road vehicle that is unforgettable. It does not have the high price of pure imported hardcore, but it has the same classic shape and non-carrying structure.

You may want to say that this car has been on the market for three months, and you just think of it, is it a bit late? Don't worry, today we are going to make two modifications in different directions based on the appearance of the original factory.

○ What should you do if you have a tank?

I have been driving the Fit in 2017 and replaced it with a small off-road vehicle, a 2.0L four-wheel drive Jeep Freeman, so I can understand that every car owner has unlimited imagination of his own car, it has nothing to do with the displacement and the price. , Size, from the moment you buy a car, you begin to imagine how to toss your car.

So today I borrowed the “Imaginary Picture” column to boldly imagine how I would refit a tank 300 if I was also a “tank driver”. Here our thinking is divided into two lines. After all, the most important thing about how to modify depends on your purpose. It is ” how to change it depends on what you are driving it for “.

Plan 1 through version-light modification suitable for “self-driving tour”

Suitable for the crowd: If you are a literary and artistic youth with “poems and distances in your heart”, and you always have the heart to leave the city on weekends, then the first plan is for you.
Modified model: Tank 300 off-road version 2.0T Challenger (this mid-range model is equipped with rear axle differential lock, chassis perspective and adaptive cruise functions)
Modification plan: Replace AT tires, install luggage racks (boxes), and consider installing wading hoses.

However, this light modification is not the style of “sticking a garland and 5 horses” in the auto parts city. We are based on the original 2.0T Challenger mid-range model, and do not make irreversible destructive modifications , and try not to change the appearance. Next, to achieve the use requirements of “light crossing”. In fact, to be fair, the original exterior design of the tank 300 is already very flavorful. The retro round headlights, prominent trapezoidal plastic wheel eyebrows, side-opening tailgates and back-mounted spare tires are all off-road vehicles. Function” standard design. In view of the needs of self-driving travel, our modification needs to involve two points: one is the tire, and the other is the luggage rack.

The tire is the shoe of a car. What kind of shoes you wear basically determines how far you can go. Changing tires is to satisfy long-distance driving under various road conditions. The luggage rack (box) is the backpack of the car, and it is added to increase the loading space (the tank 300 is equipped with a longitudinal roof rail as standard, and the roof tent, luggage box, sand board, etc. can be expanded after installing the adapted cross bar. ), the installation of a wading hose can improve the air intake position of the vehicle. After all, it is also called a “high intake pipe”. In addition to increasing the wading height of the original car by 700mm, the installation of a sand collecting cup can also help in harsh environments such as deserts. Purify the air intake and improve the working efficiency of the engine (even if the air intake is changed to a higher level, you must be cautious about wading. It is recommended that the electronic control part of the vehicle be waterproofed).

Of course, judging from the new version of the “Work Regulations for Motor Vehicle Inspection” implemented on September 1, 2019, as long as the height of the roof rack does not exceed 30cm, there is no need to worry about violations of the annual inspection. However, considering the height restriction requirements of most basement and village roads, choosing the right roof rack will not cause trouble.
Finally, in addition to the tires and luggage rack, the tank 300 with the “bag” on the back of the “shoes” should also consider the lights and guards, but the original standard full LED headlights and 3mm thick stamped steel guards have been It can meet the requirements of regular crossing, which can be counted as a bonus for the tank 300. In addition, it should be noted that the plastic material directly below the front bumper is best to be reinforced, because the inside is the oil pipe of the gearbox radiator. It is inevitable that the front bumper will be bumped in off-road, which will easily cause the oil pipe to deform and cause the gearbox to damage.

Option 2: Climbing version-deep modification for “climbing”

Suitable for the crowd: more in-depth off-road players, their cars don't like to walk on paved roads, where there is more mud, wherever they go, they will never go on flat roads when they see stones, monkey climbing poles are always tied to the car, Sand board, big shovel, one of my life hobbies is to use my own winch to rescue other trapped cars, open your mouth is just one sentence: no brothers, no off-road. If you are the owner of this type of car, please give us your opinion on the second option!
Modified model: Tank 300 off-road version 2.0T Conqueror (High-end models are equipped with front and rear differential locks, front and rear head airbags, steering wheel heating, etc.)

Modification plan: Raise the suspension, replace the MT tires, replace the front and rear sports short bars, install a roof expansion platform, install auxiliary fuel tanks, A-pillars, roof spotlights and car clothing.

It's cool to draw this scheme, after all, some items are really expensive. First of all, upgrade the 2.5-inch adjustable nitrogen shock absorber, and replace the tank 300 with double “long legs”. After all, the ” suspension stroke is the most important parameter ” for climbing. Longer “legs” can minimize the opportunity for wheels to leave the ground and increase the dynamic stability of the body. Secondly, replace large-size MT tires with negative anti-off-ring wheels. You can refer to the 275/65 R17 size. MT tires are characterized by large tire blocks, good grip, and good effect of discharging rocks and mud, but they also have the disadvantage that they are noisy and noisy when driving faster. (According to the owner's measurement, 285/70 R17 tires can be installed without increasing the limit in the original factory state without rubbing the wheel arch inner lining)

Speaking of the suspension elevation, here is a mention of the tank 300 ” broken axle ” incident a few weeks ago. According to one of the climbing video clips and official statements, the suspected break should be the universal joint in the front wheel axle of the vehicle. Section shell, and the owner modified and raised the vehicle suspension just before the incident. (The suspension is raised by 2 inches, and the large tires are raised by about 1 inch)

Of course, some manufacturers also have methods for independent suspensions to prevent minor failures, such as setting the steering limit to limit the steering angle under large strokes. At present, if the long-stroke cross-country suspension is replaced, it is recommended to replace the half shaft and the upper and lower arms (lengthened and strengthened) together. After replacement, four-wheel alignment is required. Of course, the overall replacement cost is relatively high. However, safety must be the prerequisite to play off-road, so that off-road vehicles as your loyal partner can take you to the end of the world.

The original fuel tank of the tank 300 has a capacity of 80L. The logic adopted is to first supply fuel from the main fuel tank, and then use a separate wiring harness to control the gasoline pump of the auxiliary fuel tank (so the auxiliary fuel tank needs to be equipped with a gasoline pump) to pump the fuel from the auxiliary fuel tank to the main fuel tank. Fueling the vehicle in the middle. Generally, the weight of the empty auxiliary fuel tank is about 50-60 kg, which has a significant impact on the rear suspension travel of the vehicle. Therefore, once the auxiliary fuel tank is installed, in order to ensure that the body does not “collapse” and the suspension travel means you have to pay for replacement. A set of shock absorbers and springs.

After installing the auxiliary fuel tank, the mileage anxiety was resolved. The only thing left is to install a set of competitive bars that can provide a larger approach angle and departure angle and a winch for relief. As well as some personalized DIY small modification of the tailgate of the trunk, don't forget to put on a set of invisible car jacket at the end, since we are a particular off-roader.

Full text summary:

The above are some of my thoughts on refitting the tank 300. Compared with the overwhelming refitting parts of many refitting factories on the market, perhaps our ideas are not comprehensive. As the “tank drivers” continue to mention the car, I hope to pass the imaginary picture. Ways to provide you with more inspiration and choices. You are also welcome to leave me a message at the end of the article if you have any additional comments. We will select two netizens who made constructive comments and send the hand-painted modification drawings in the article to enrich the modification plan! (Text, imaginary drawing/Car home Zhang Yueyue)