[YesAuto crash test interpretation] In the past 2015, E-NCAP (Europe New Car Assessment Program) collided more than 100 cars to test the various models of cars that participated in the test in 2015. Although E-NCAP is far in Europe, the test vehicle is also different from the domestic version, but this does not mean that it has no reference. We have sorted out the cars with the best crash performance in all levels of E-NCAP, and let's see if these cars are the “safe cars” in your mind.

● Best in small car category-Honda Fit

Among the small cars tested by E-NCAP last year, Honda Fit (known as Honda Jazz in Europe) stood out, reaching a high level in terms of adult protection, child protection and safety assistance systems. Honda Fit won the title of the safest small car in the European collision system. What kind of magic is used? (Want to see the complete model test analysis? Punch the link: Honda Fit E-NCAP collision interpretation)

If you want to know about Honda Fit's IIHS 25% offset collision test in North America, click the link: Comment on the new Fit IIHS 25% collision

One sentence comment:

Thanks to the ACE II body and the rich active safety configuration, it has won the title of the safest small car. However, in China, the lack of air curtain protection will inevitably cause the vehicle to protect the vehicle when it faces an impact such as a column collision test. The effect will vary.

● Best in the small SUV category-Suzuki Vitra

In the E-NCAP grouping, many small SUVs are classified into the Supermini group for comparison. In our traditional concept, the safety of an SUV is inferior to that of a car of the same class, but is this really the case? The safety evaluation of a Honda Fit shows that this view is not valid. So in the small SUVs tested by E-NCAP last year, isn't there a small SUV with good safety? Suzuki Vitra (called Suzuki Vitra in Europe) seems to have a satisfactory answer.

One sentence comment:

The AEB active brake system and knee airbags have allowed Suzuki Vitra to perform higher than the same level in the safety assistance project, and this has also changed the impression that Suzuki was slow to respond to new technologies.

● The best compact car group-Infiniti Q30

Among the compact cars evaluated last year, an Infiniti Q30 from East Asia stood out in the competition between two European compact cars (Want to see the complete model test analysis? Punch the link: Infiniti Q30 E-NCAP collision interpretation). As Infiniti's first compact car, while having a high safety score, there are also some problems that need to be improved.

One sentence comment:

In any case, we must first recognize the ranking of Infiniti Q30 in the 2015 E-NCAP test. Behind this halo, the issue of occupant protection still needs to be addressed, especially the protective effect of the occupant’s neck in the whiplash test.

● The best compact SUV category-BMW X1

The first-generation BMW X1 finally launched the new BMW X1 after many years of launch, and participated in the E-NCAP crash test last year (Want to see the complete model test analysis? Punch the link: BMW X1 E-NCAP crash interpretation). From vertical to horizontal, will the front-end crumple buffer become shorter? Will security not increase but decrease?

One sentence comment:

The BMW 2 Series multi-function wagon only got 4 stars in the C-NCAP crash test in China. I don’t know if the BMW X1 can be a shame in the C-NCAP test after entering China. (Want to see the performance of the BMW 2 Series multi-function wagon in C-NCAP? Punch the link: the third batch of C-NCAP results in 2015)

● The best medium-sized car category-Jaguar XE

The Jaguar XE, which was launched overseas the previous year, is a luxury brand mid-size car equipped with an aluminum alloy body frame that is rare in its class. Good handling and elegant appearance, but in terms of safety, the aluminum alloy frame must be better than traditional steel?

One sentence comment:

The aluminum alloy frame body has better material characteristics, but in terms of maintenance and insurance, since my country uses the vehicle price to evaluate the insurance cost, its insurance cost is almost the same as that of the Audi A4L with the same price. However, aluminum alloy The post-maintenance cost of the frame body is relatively high, which may affect the problem of rising premiums in the future.

● Best in the mid-size SUV category-Mercedes-Benz GLC

As a replacement product of Mercedes-Benz GLK, Mercedes-Benz GLC performed quite well on E-NCAP last year (Want to see the complete model test analysis? Punch the link: Mercedes-Benz GLC E-NCAP collision interpretation), although last year E-NCAP only tested this A medium-sized SUV, but it is undeniable that the safety of vehicles that almost completely surpasses the same test group still illustrates some problems.

One sentence comment:

Mercedes-Benz GLC has made its due excellent level in safety. I wonder if the safety advantages of Mercedes-Benz GLC still exist after the replacement of BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

● Best in the medium and large SUV category-Volvo XC90

In last year’s E-NCAP, Volvo won the best E-NCAP medium and large SUV, and it is well deserved. The Volvo brand, known for its safety, has indeed demonstrated its due strength in this regard (see the complete Model test analysis? Punch the link: Volvo XC90 E-NCAP collision interpretation). Not to mention so much, the full score of an assisted safe driving system is absolutely eye-catching. How did it get it?

One sentence comment:

The active safety project has full marks. It seems that in the test project of active safety driving assistance, the E-NCAP rules are no longer sufficient to accurately evaluate the Volvo XC90.

● Best sports car and roadster category-Mazda MX-5

In the E-NCAP last year, due to the higher standards of the safe driving assistance system scoring mechanism, the convertible and sports car were wiped out in the test last year, and there was no 5-star evaluation model. Why is the safety of sports cars and roadsters like this? Take a look at the answer given by Mazda MX-5.

One sentence summary:

If Mazda MX-5 does more in driving assistance, then it is likely to enter the 5-star mark. Indeed, in terms of occupant protection and pedestrian protection, this car is not bad.


Throughout the 2015 E-NCAP crash test, more comprehensive and strict safety assistance system scores made last year's safety crash test a new challenge for major car companies. Although the challenges are severe, there is no doubt that major car companies have made progress in safety. In the excellent results last year, we found that the safety research and development focus of many car companies is gradually transforming to improve the active safety assistance system on various models, and each company has come up with its most advanced and perfect active safety assistance system. From this trend, it can be seen that if you want to get a high score in the future E-NCAP, the active safety system will become the focus of the future. But in China, when to equip these advanced active safety systems is the focus we need to pay attention to, and don't let our wait become disappointed.