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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Recently, a video of the Great Wall artillery pickup being dragged and rescued has spread all over the Internet. The topic of this video is that the trailer hook of the original truck broke during the rescue process and caused it. After the car in front was seriously damaged, the video was widely circulated in various self-driving and off-road circles for a while, but what was the nature of the incident? Why does the tow hook break? Is it a vehicle problem? Wrong operation? Or is there another reason? Why was the rescue vehicle injured again? In the outdoor environment, how should we use the correct means to rescue? Let's talk about the system today!

Help everyone to control the incident: the rescue failed but was smashed

From the video, we can see several details: the double-carriage drags and rescues on the sandy ground, the rear car is carried on the terrain shaped like a sandy slope, the body is pitched, and the chassis has been carried, and the wheels lose adhesion because there is no winch. Therefore, the front car uses a vigorous drag rescue method for the rear pickup (may be a bungee or dry pull), but because the towing point of the rear car is the original design, the trapped vehicle is in a state of resistance, even more Unable to tow vigorously, and there was no cable flag or heavy objects on the tow rope, which directly caused the tow truck to be broken and flew out, damaging the rescue vehicle in front.

The fault of the tow hook? Secrets in the manual

After the breakage of the Great Wall Gun tow hook problem, the content of the editorial department also caused heated discussions. Everyone talked about the towing method from the drag angle, the component of the force and the dragging method. My colleagues and I opened the Great Wall Cannon's official website to check the vehicle manual.

According to the information given in the vehicle manual on the official website of the Great Wall Artillery (the difference between commercial, passenger, and off-road front towing hooks is not big), there are clear usage specifications and instructions for the front towing hook. The more critical information is: 1. Please contact the service provider if the vehicle is trapped. Do not use the towing hook to damage the towing hook and the suspension; 2. The towing hook can only tow a short distance at low speed on hard paved roads. Similarly, we also consulted the hot H9 vehicle manual. The manual for its front towing hook also mentioned that it can only tow a short distance at low speed on hard paved roads.

After that, we checked the vehicle manual of a hardcore SUV recently purchased by a colleague, which clearly stated the use conditions of the front tow hook: always pull it from the front of the vehicle, do not pull it diagonally, and at the same time pull it out slowly .

The purpose of this example is to tell everyone whether you bring a beam or are hard-line, if you are not rich in experience, patiently read the manual carefully to understand the strength of each towing point of the vehicle and the correct towing method . Interestingly, for the use of the rear towing hook, the H9 and the gun also have clear requirements: you can tow, but please tow slowly, don't accelerate quickly; don't tow heavier than yourself . On the contrary, the manual of the colleague's car made it clear that the rear tow hook cannot be towed.

Of course, there are two sides. For those who love to drive and play cars, it is inevitable to get stuck. If it is really unrealistic to contact the service provider every time, it is more often than not to contact the nearby car friends to help drag out, so ignore the drag angle. And let’s talk about the towing method of the “bullet”, let’s talk about why the front towing hook of the gun broke? After the incident, we checked the front tow hook design of the passenger version of the Great Wall Cannon, Prado, T60, Tuda and other models.

Through the front tow hooks of several non-load-bearing models that we photographed, we guessed that in addition to the drag angle, “bounce” and other operations, the excessively long moment arm of the tow hook may also become an inducement . After two days of fermentation, Great Wall has issued a statement on the towing hook breaking incident. The core content is that the use scenario has not been considered comprehensive; the enhancement plan will be issued before the end of the month; the enhancement of the vehicles on sale and the sold vehicles; the lifetime warranty of the towing hook . To be honest, this wave of Great Wall’s rapid response and active handling of “problems” is really commendable, and we will continue to follow up on the upgrade plan. Now let my colleague Ren Bo come to restore for everyone, how we should safely rescue in similar scenarios.

Help you restore God: If it were me, what would I do?

Tips for drag rescue:

1. Check the vehicle manual in advance to understand the towing instructions of the vehicle before self-driving.

2. Please take a cable flag or similar heavy objects when dragging

3. Multi-car towing, multi-point fixation will be “easy”

4. Use the winch skillfully to save time, effort and worry

The editor has something to say: it's human beings

To tell the truth, judging from the breakage of the Great Wall gun trailer hook, this is really not a complicated or unexpected event. First of all, we can focus on a few points: the official manual clearly states the use strength and instructions of the trailer hook . Regardless of our usage scenario, it is true that the official has the first to say. However, from the actual situation, the original tow hook of the Great Wall Gun is indeed weak compared to the common hardcore models. Both the structure and the welding situation are not optimistic.

Secondly, even if the strength of the original car tow hook is good enough, we strongly do not recommend that you use bungee cords or vigorously pulling rescue methods . After all, the safe use of bungee cords for rescue requires you to have very strong experience and judgment ability, not everyone Can be imitated. For experienced people, whether the strength and structure of the tow hook is reasonable, and how much pulling force and operation it can withstand, can basically be seen at a glance. The veteran rescuer will definitely not blindly perform the pulling operation.

Finally, because the rescue vehicle did not use cable flags or counterweights, the tow hook broke and damaged the vehicle . This is even more so. Similar classic cases can be turned over several years ago, so there is no more to say.

At the end of the article, we also used a colleague’s vehicle to restore a similar scene, and shared the attempts during the rescue process with everyone. It is nothing more than to let everyone have more thoughts on the rescue, no matter you How hardcore your car is, how reliable the hardware is, sufficient experience and reasonable and ingenious operation are the top priorities. Don’t ignore experience and skills. After all, off-road driving and rescue are special driving skills, not a day or two. Can be mastered. Finally, I hope everyone can have fun, gain growth from traveling and cross-country, and gain friendship from rescue and being rescued! See you next time.