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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Hello everyone! The lively auto show is in full swing. At this auto show, the far-traveling phalanx of the Chinese brand camp once again occupied the C position! As we expected before, the new generation of self-driving and off-road is finally here. So at this auto show, what are the powerful partners who can accompany you on the long journey? We sorted out and screened for you, hurry up and have a look! Which type is your dish!

Long-distance crossing / scientific weapon: fire bomb

First of all, I recommend this car to everyone, because it is very complete, and it is indeed very sophisticated in details. It fully considers the various situations and problems encountered in the long-distance crossing, so I put it at the forefront. , If you are a person who is keen on pickup trucks and yearning for far away, then this pickup truck will definitely be your dish!

A favorite of desert lovers: Dragon bullets

Little sister's hardcore complex: “Punk 300”

Well-mannered and practical faction: Yunliang & Tank 300

Unexpectedly, the tank 300 represented by domestic products has really become the protagonist of the international large-scale auto show. What is even more incredible is that the modified version has accounted for more than half of the country. This was completely unimaginable a few years ago. It can be seen. , Many modified versions are not only for different people, but also take care of everyone's preferences. How about, are the many tanks above have your food?

Representative of hardcore aesthetic: Topfire version of the tank 300

Cozy hard-core sojourn: “Sojourn Cannon”

Explorers in suits: Land Rover Discovery & Defender

Off-Road 2.0 Era: Full Blooming of Traveling Season

The spring flowers are blooming, we finally waited for the traveling season. After a long waiting period, I believe everyone has a passion for traveling and self-driving. This year's auto show, without any surprise, has become a “domestic self-driving off-road special”. “Many long-distance weapons have appeared on the stage. I believe there must be someone you have paid attention to for a long time. How about, after our round of introduction and promotion, have you found the “it” that suits you best? Are you ready to go with it?

Welcome to tell us in the comments section, who do you like the most? Who is most dissatisfied with? why? See you next time!