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[YesAuto wonderful car life] Today we are not talking about cars, let's talk about sneakers. Sneakers have become a very important position in the trend world, and everything can be connected with fashion. Sneakers are not only products that we need to wear in daily life, but even some have cultural effects. Many times we will snap up a pair of AJ or YEEZY, but we often end this moment with a miss. Among our editors, there are also colleagues who love sneakers and have some views on sneaker culture. Today we will come to talk with them about sneakers.

NBA is often the enlightenment to become sneakers

He is Hou Yunfeng, the editor of the review shopping guide, a sneaker enthusiast with 18 years of playing shoes. But he said he was not a player, let alone a collector. From the communication with him, I found that Hou Yunfeng still loves sneakers.

Hou Yunfeng's interest in sneakers should have started in 2001. Watching a video of Carter participating in a dunk contest at a friend's house, he was completely stupid. In addition to dunking, the red and white shoes on Carter's feet also made him interested. Hou Yunfeng felt that before playing football, he wore all domestic small sneakers, and basketball shoes could be so good-looking. After watching the video, I decided to start playing basketball. Since I can't fly like Carter, I can always wear a pair of shoes like Carter. So he smashed hard with his parents and used his test scores as a condition to buy the first pair of basketball shoes in his life-AND1 Tai Chi.

Hou Yunfeng said that since he bought it, he was completely obsessed with basketball. At that time, AND1 was a very low-end brand. It was a street basketball route, with his own signed players and his own games. So he started buying AND1 Mixtape and watched it every day. Wearing a fat vest and shorts to imitate the actions inside, fantasizing that one day he can become a great god like Skip 2 My Lou and Hotsauce. But back to the shoes themselves, the AND1 shoes are really flattering, stupid and almost no cushioning, just two advantages: cheap and wear-resistant.

In 2003, when James entered the NBA, Nike directly signed the once-in-20-year genius with a huge contract and launched signature shoes in the rookie game. The last person to receive this treatment was Jordan. Hou Yunfeng said that the first pair of expensive basketball shoes was Air Zoom Generation. The first white, black and red First Game color scheme was too expensive. After I bought it, the white and red color scheme was 899 yuan. It might seem okay to look at it now, but that was 15 years ago when a 13-year-old kid wore a pair of 900-yuan shoes. He couldn't wait to walk with the overlord step and felt his NB was broken. In fact, I have to thank my parents. As long as I study hard and get good grades in the school days, I will buy almost all the shoes I want.

Since then, it has been out of control. Air Zoom Huarache 2K4, T-MAC1, T-MAC2, Answer2, LeBron2, 2K5, Zoom Kobe1, East Esko, South McKee, North Carolina, almost bought a pair. Hou Yunfeng belongs to a philanthropic person, does not have a preference for brands and series, and tries everything.

Hou Yunfeng High School is near Longfu Temple, which is also a gathering place for young trends in Beijing at the time. It is very close to the oldest and most NB shoe store in China, Yaxin. I have to go in and have a look after school almost every day. I accidentally saw Air Jordan 1 BMP suit, AJ1 was not popular at the time, and I have never bought AJ1 before, but I think the shoe box is very nice. Hou Yunfeng said that the shoes he bought before were all worn for playing games, and there was no real collection, so he decided to keep this BMP suit first.

Later, Hou Yunfeng started to pay attention to the trend from buying basketball shoes. The first professional sneaker trend magazine in China was called “SIZE”. He bought the first issue, a copy of 20. Later, a friend wanted to use 200 to buy it from his collection. But he was not willing to sell it and kept it, but he was thrown away by his mother when he moved two years ago, and he couldn't buy it anymore. It was through “SIZE” that I began to pay attention to casual shoes such as Air Force 1, Dunk SB and so on. The pure white AF1 was the most fashionable and hip-hop shoe at the time, I bought three pairs.

After going to college, basketball is basically abandoned, and I can't play it once a year, so I don't care about not buying basketball shoes. Converse and VANS have become Hou Yunfeng’s favorites. I bought nearly ten pairs with the front and back. The sports pants were also replaced with slacks and jeans. At that time, I felt that wearing basketball shoes was a particularly silly thing. Not Fashion.

After going to work, Hou Yunfeng almost put down his basketball and sneakers. Every year he distributes so many shoes, he also looks at it. He doesn’t have the rush to buy shoes like he used to go to school, or it may be because he has to spend his own money. (Manual dog head). In addition, the sneaker culture is more prevalent now, all kinds of hype increase prices, and the shoes you really want to buy are far more valuable than it should be, which makes people a little helpless. When I was in school, anyone who wore a pair of AF1 would already be a trendy NB. Now it's fine, there are AJs all over the street, and even girls don't think they can keep up with the times if they don't wear a pair.

As for the so-called trend, he has always felt that except Edison Chen, everyone else is following the trend, what they wear, and they don't have their own style and attitude. In the past two years, the hip-hop fire, Supreme and AJ1 all over the street, you don’t know whether it’s true or not. In the past two years, the tooling fire, all kinds of fat-leg pants and canvas shoes, but will continue to maintain the love for sneakers.

Red and blue mandarin duck sneakers show personality

Peng Chuwen is the editor of the Shanghai branch, and the sneaker enlightenment was in middle school. After being required by the school to wear school uniforms that are not good-looking every day, for adolescent boys, the scope for showing their individuality has also been infinitely reduced. Fortunately, the school does not distribute uniform “school shoes”, so you can play freely with any kind of shoes you want to wear.

The first pair of shoes that he remembered as “a brand-name” was the Tmac-3 All-Star that he bought in 2004 when he was in the third year of junior high. It was that pair of very cool patent leather basketball shoes. The combination of Medina's slender legs + boat socks + red and blue mandarin ducks is definitely trendy even if it is 15 years later.

Peng Chuwen said that anyone who pays attention to basketball will definitely be poisoned by this god. Unfortunately, the first year version was not sold in the form of mandarin duck color matching, but the dark blue patent leather is also eye-catching. When I came back to school after the winter vacation, I found that there would be unacquainted classmates pointing at their toes. Although I don’t know what they’re talking about, and there’s no way to know whether it’s praise or disdain, at least it can become a topic for others. He seemed to enjoy it, and this opened the door to become sneakerhead…

Peng Chuwen's information on sneakers basically comes from the two magazines “Shoe Upper” and “Size” and the new sneaker network. Although it was an era of lack of information, the sale was usually in offline stores, and there were almost no shoe vendors. For example, in the sophomore year of high school, AJ14 white and red was sold at a discount in the mall counter. Do you dare to imagine it now? So there was not much pressure to buy shoes at that time, and the only thing that was easy to get black… was that the money for shoes was basically pocket money given by parents.

The first pair of star shoes was Tmac3, and none of the subsequent Tmac series was left behind. Whether it is the hug technology, the extremely heavy Tmac4 (Maddy wore this shoe to create a miracle of 35 seconds and 13 minutes); or the very cool Tmac5 in TV commercials; and the use of ForMotion™ technology, resulting in the soles becoming quite weird But the foot feeling is very good Tmac6 (this is also the last Tmac series, and then adidas changed the basketball shoe strategy, and now it seems that he personally thinks it is a failed transformation).

Tmac6 also launched the “Sun Tzu Art of War China Limited Edition.” Peng Chuwen happened to be on the way to make up a class. He passed the adidas downstairs of Grand Gateway Plaza. He walked in and found that there was a size (US10 yards, feet). Great Perfect avoids the gold code, and it still has a certain inherent advantage in collecting shoes)! ! !

In this era of advanced information, Peng Chuwen misses the original era of unequal information even more. There will not be as many exaggerated shoes as there are now, and there are no uncles and aunts who are obviously not sneakers lining up to buy shoes. At that time, I went to the Hong Kong Garden. The street feels like heaven. Although you may not be able to buy very limited sneakers, it is absolutely okay to buy at least a few pairs of shoes that look good on your feet and are relatively rare in the mainland.

However, with age, both hobbies and energy are gradually dispersed. Although you no longer have to look at your parents when buying shoes, the feeling of finding and buying shoes is completely different…e-commerce, online Although the development of the platform has greatly improved the convenience, it is really difficult to judge whether it is good or bad at the experience level. Like now, is it really difficult to buy all kinds of YEEZY, THE TEN, FOG? It's nothing more than how much money you spend, whether it's worth looking at your personal consumption philosophy, buy at the right price, don't force it if it's not suitable. He didn't believe that this outfit had to be matched with this particular pair of shoes to be perfect, and nothing else would work. Perhaps the greater significance of buying shoes now is that it can be more prestigious in the circle of friends.

Not a real SNEAKER

He is the person in charge of Li Yang's live channel. When we talked about sneakers, he put a label on himself. He is not a real SNEAKER. A standard SNEAKER should belong to an avid sneaker lover, the kind of love that goes deep into his bones, and he is only the appearance, the kind that floats on the surface of the flesh, just a pure love for beautiful things, so he positions himself as It is a pseudo-SNEAKER. But why does it appear in this article? It may be because he loves sneaker culture and basketball culture more than other colleagues to a certain extent.

Talking about sneakers will definitely be associated with basketball, and it must start from the year of contact with basketball. I vaguely recalled that it should be the second year of the junior high school. At that time, I was still immersed in the joy that football brought him. I had no gratitude for basketball at all, but I accidentally saw the man's game, which was called it. The man who is the god of basketball-Michael Jordan Michael Jordan. When I first started contacting basketball, I didn’t realize the importance of basketball shoes. In retrospect, I should wear a pair of Converse canvas shoes when I stepped on the basketball court for the first time. I don’t know much about cushioning technology, wrapping, and anti-rollover. and many more.

With the longer exposure to basketball, the more I feel the charm of this sport, I will go to watch more games and pay attention to more stars. At this time, another man “walks into” his life again, that is the most The man who is close to the god of basketball-LeBron James LeBron James (Do not spray James…). Since then, I have the urge to follow stars, want to imitate, want to follow, the easiest way to contact “him” is to wear his endorsement products, sneakers and team uniforms are the easiest to achieve. Slowly began to have the urge to buy shoes and clothes, but the reality is skinny. As a middle and high school student, how can he afford a pair of 1000+ basketball shoes? There is no mine at home… This kind of mixed mentality may directly give birth to an alternative market, with a flood of fake shoes and fake equipment…

Li Yang was born and raised in the old Beijing Nancheng. When he was going to school, he must know Tiantan Dongmen Stadium Road, Xidan 77 Street and Dongbi (Zoo Clothing Wholesale Market). These three places are his pilgrimage places. There is a dazzling array of sneakers and teams. Clothes (all fake), in today’s words, are full of Putian goods. But in those days, the students who could afford real shoes were very rare compared to now, and everyone was tacitly tacitly aware at that time. The biggest difference from Putian goods today is that they have not been able to keep up with the times in technology. Most of the sneakers that can be bought are “classic” and “old styles”, and basically they will not appear on the market. So if you wear a pair of sneakers sold in the mall, almost everyone will look envious like you. This buddy is really rich!

In many families born in the 1980s, most families buy new clothes and shoes for their children. It is basically like a planned economy. Usually it is a major holiday or event, such as the Spring Festival, birthdays, and praise for picking up gold. Isn't it that the mid-term or final exams have good results, other than that, there are few opportunities to wear new shoes. On average, a few new clothes and 1-2 pairs of new shoes a year is considered good, provided that your performance is sufficient to satisfy your parents and their expectations are always higher than your performance, so the final result is often Discounted. For ordinary families like him, the budget is basically controlled at 500-800 yuan each time. It is up to you to decide whether to choose new clothes or new shoes, and you can’t sleep for a few days…

In this case, how to choose a pair of sneakers is particularly important, because it is different from the situation of buying fake shoes, you need to cherish and choose carefully, fake shoes are different, you can buy them if they are worn out, you don't need to care at all. From then on, I began to understand the technology of sneakers, the culture of the brand, and the relationship between the stars and sneakers. I slowly began to enter this wonderful world, only to find that the original level of excitement even surpassed the basketball itself. That is to say, at that moment, choosing to give up fake shoes may be the most important choice he made, because you need to respect sneaker culture, as if wearing fake shoes is “raping” the most beautiful “girl” in your heart, which he cannot accept of.

With the increasing number of shoes you buy, you may slowly find a so-called “campaign”. With limited financial capacity, you cannot achieve fraternity. You need to love a brand, love some series, or even Yu loves a star. Of course, Jordan and James are his best choices, that is, two… When choosing sneakers, he must be the first to choose their series, which caused him to be a little scornful of other brands, perhaps because neither of them too much. Many opportunities for cooperation with other brands have led him to mix in the Nike camp for many years. Basically, other brands rarely collect, and of course they will still contact and understand, but there is no urge to take possession, because a voice told him that you can’t be a traitor…

People are always wonderful. The more you need to cherish, the easier it is to let it pass. Just like those sneakers he wore back then, looking back now, a few mouths may not be enough to play. When I go to school, I almost always play outside the field. Concrete and plastic ground are the main grounds. This is simply the cemetery of sneakers, because most basketball shoes are developed for indoor wooden floors. Except for some current series, outdoor outsoles will be specially developed. At that time, there were almost no shoes, which resulted in a very short lifespan of sneakers, and it was so stupid to get the opportunity to buy shoes and store them so hard that they could not be seen by the students!

People are always wonderful, the more they don’t need to be cherished, they hold them in the palm of their hands, just like his current sneakers. Nowadays, the economic conditions are much better than when I was in school, but my enthusiasm for wearing sneakers has decreased. I am more willing to put them there, take them out from time to time, and never wear them again. This is similar to the feeling of eating in school. The dirty stalls on the street are the most commonly eaten Mala Tang, McDonald's is used to relieve gluttons, and the buffet is used to celebrate. Now the Mala Tang on the street is the most wanted. , Because a good restaurant is visible, but the street Mala Tang in memory is never seen again.

Having said that, what exactly is sneaker culture? Everyone’s understanding is different. Li Yang thinks that he is not a real SNEAKER, he will not enthusiastically collect those expensive shoes, he will pay more attention to the information of sneakers, and he will pay attention to the stars that he likes wearing again in the game. Which sneakers, the story of those sneakers. Of course, he will still collect some shoes, but his starting point and principle are very simple, he thinks good-looking or meaningful sneakers for him. In addition, money is still a very important factor. There are too many things to love, and sneakers are just one branch.

Many young people are now starting to chase the so-called sneaker culture. Their fanaticism is far greater than that of ours. As the number of these children continues to increase, it has spawned an unhealthy ecology in his opinion, the scalper. The phenomenon of selling shoes at a price increase. I saw a lot of school students wearing AJ1s worth 10,000 yuan on the street. I was silently sad. To a certain extent, shoes are no longer a kind of wearable, but a sign of showing off, even though some families have financial conditions that can satisfy their children. However, I have really heard of families with poor economic conditions. The relationship between children and their parents fell apart because of a pair of premium shoes. This is not a sneaker culture, but a test of human nature.

After the exchange, Li Yang said that he didn’t want to tell everyone how unpredictable the sneaker culture is. You don’t have to have more than a hundred pairs of sneakers. That’s the threshold for you to enter the sneaker world. Whether to have expensive sneakers is not your power. To talk about capital, there is no need to compare. Understand the story behind the sneaker, understand its technology, understand the story between it and the star. In his view, this is the essence of sneaker culture. Of course, those more advanced ashes players regard the collection of sneakers as their own life and support themselves. He admires the SNEAKER who work hard and collect sneakers. They interpret the charm of ultimate love on another level.

Once worked as a well-known brand designer

He is the editor of Kong Chenxing’s evaluation shopping guide. He used to work as a clothing designer for a well-known domestic sports brand. Kong Chenxing’s sneaker experience began in 2004. That day, the homepage of Nike’s official website was a huge 2K4 advertisement with black and white and red primary colors. The appearance is extremely advanced. He was shocked: What about high-end basketball shoes? What are the Water Peak 361 degrees in CCTV5 commercials? He was stunned, who had never worn basketball shoes. It was not the basketball shoes that were wrong. Then I began to check what the great basketball shoes have.

There are two things that Mr. Kong remembers. One is the Jordan series, and the other is the coolest basketball shoe in the world that he thinks so far: the Nike SHOX VC series. The VC 1-3 generations have the same price of 1480 yuan as the AJ 17 and AJ 18. They like the diversified high-end of the AJ series, but they can't shake the position of the VC series in his heart. Compared to a car, it should be said that 911 is loved by everyone, and Mercedes-Benz's flagship sports car is undoubtedly more broken.

In 2005, Kong Chenxing accidentally owned the first pair of AJ20 birthday edition. It was wrapped in plastic film by him for the first two years. When he was bored, he would open the shoe box and have a look. Kong Chenxing said that like many people, you say that you like AMG GT the most. When you have enough money, you will have waves in your heart. You choose 911-when you only have enough money to buy a pair of shoes, it will be more balanced. The 911 is likely to be the first choice. AJ can play ball or walk, while SHOX is a jumping show, it can only be worn with shorts, let alone pressure the road.

In the summer vacation after AJ20 was unable to look directly at it, Kong Chenxing began to retaliately formulate a shoe-buying plan and implement it. One of the most proud of this operation was that he purchased a set of AJ1 DMP from South Korea that has not been confirmed for sale in China. The incident gave him great satisfaction and confidence.

During the university, Kong Chenxing successively bought several pairs of shoes that he was worried about before, such as AJ23, T-MAC5 and so on. At that time, he was already the person with the best shoes in school, but he still had confidence in the AJ20, which was so bad that he couldn't bear to throw it away. Birthday color matching, size 45, shoe box intact and complete accessories, plus he has a very serious obsessive-compulsive disorder, has extremely high requirements for the appearance of the shoes, this second pair of AJ20s took three months to find When I met the right one, I finally received it in the hands of a handsome guy who drove a BMW 325. It was 1,500 yuan, perfect in appearance, and a small ticket for 2005. At the age of 20, he still doesn't dare to think about the car. He has an AJ20 and he didn't even look at it for more than 325.

Regarding the issue of appearance, which Sneaker hasn't thought of collecting a full set of AJs? Even if you don’t buy a complete set, buy a few more pairs and gather together. Kong Chenxing likes both AJ6 and AJ17 very much. For this reason, he once bought two sets of AJ6+AJ17, just to pick out the four pairs. If the two pairs are the best, pick the rest and sell. He has done this kind of thing more than once or twice. Serious perfectionism has improved his precision in collecting shoes, but has severely reduced the breadth of collecting shoes. If there is no story about the second pair of AJ20s, he would not have this problem. If he wears a little bit more, then he doesn’t need to buy the second pair of AJ20s…So far, he hasn't worn most of the AJ series. ,so what.

Kong Chenxing said that his favorite player is Carter, and his favorite sneaker is SHOX VC, but every time he pays for it, it is AJ. In 2014, Carter was 37 years old, and every game may be the last one (but this old guy is 42 years old this year and said he will play for another year) can't wait any longer. I lighted a cigarette that night, calmly opened the shop that Taobao visited most often, and directly photographed the long-awaited SHOX VC 3 Toronto PE Global 500 pairs limited edition, one month's salary. After 10 years, I finally had the shoes I saw at first sight but I never expected to have it. For the next month, I felt very happy every day. I still have the idea of collecting a full set of VC series. I have bought a VC1 with unsatisfactory quality. I also thought about “It doesn't matter if you don’t have your own shoe size.” But in the end, he couldn’t overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder. A pair.

Kong Chenxing once had pain, and his first love that summer-2K4. Choosing to choose, although he is a Kobe, he chose the black and purple laser color that best represents Kobe. This pair of shoes is a re-enacted version of 2007 and was purchased in 2014. Unfortunately, on a sunny afternoon, he wore black silk and this pair of 2K4 came after Kobe’s iconic bottom line breakthrough. Both have cracked a big hole…

Kong Chenxing feels that he is not a “fashionable person” and does not have so many trendy clothes to match. Secondly, I always feel that it is too embarrassing to wear the same shoes as my classmates and colleagues. In recent years, he didn't have a pair of the YEEZY series that was very popular. Nothing else, he felt that he was not in this style and couldn't wear it hard. Two years ago, Adi and Wang Daren cooperated with a series of shoes that he liked very much. They are more gentle. Now he wears this pair most often and he thinks the appearance is quite perfect.

There are fewer and fewer opportunities to participate in the game. Every time I play, I also focus on cherishing the time I spend with basketball shoes. In addition, I basically no longer wear basketball shoes or Jordan shoes. Usually, Mr. Kong wears the Converse 1970s black classic model most often. It is all-match and fits with thin pants. Then there is a series of pure white. Ultraboost pure white and nmd pure white are the favorites of the previous two years. Now I have the opportunity to try luxury brand jogging shoes. At present, Mr. Kong still has a few pairs of positive AJs that look like collectibles. They will neither be sold nor oxidized in the shoe box all the time. One day when he is happy, he will wear double stocks to play basketball, what about basketball shoes. , Or die on the court.

Before coming to the car home, Mr. Kong worked as a fashion designer for a well-known domestic sports brand. In fact, similar to the automobile industry, our country has no shortage of design talents. The quality of a product's design is determined by many factors. It is a bit ugly. The main reason for products with soil is that there are consumers with soil, and companies understand the market better than we do. They make much more correct decisions than Keyboard Man. The good news is that now the public’s aesthetics are improving very quickly. Whether cars or sports shoes, my country’s independent design is developing at a high speed. Many excellent companies have come up with quite international designs. All we have to do is support, even if only Psychologically.

Comparing the heart to gain more

The editor of He Jiarong's Guangzhou branch is mainly responsible for the modification content. He still has a lot of stories to share between sneakers. We might as well listen to it together.

Time to go back to his junior high school, when there were a lot of rich children in the class, and for people like him who were born in ordinary families, they watched them wearing Nike and AIR Jordan shoes every day to play basketball, and their feet When wearing shoes of jiuli or unknown brand, I am really envious. Looking back now, He Jiarong was indeed pitifully naive at that time. In order to play with them and play basketball together, he would come next to them every day and listen to them talk about sneakers, basketball games and bragging about X. Since then, he has also liked NBA games, and Jordan has naturally become his basketball god.

At that time, He Jiarong dreamed of owning a pair of AIR Jordan sneakers, but everyone knew that such a pair of sneakers was really not what ordinary families were willing to spend money to buy in that era. In order to obtain the first pair of sneakers in his life, he made a bet with his parents. As long as the final exam scores can be ranked among the top three in the class, they will buy a pair. Of course, they got their wish in the end, although the first pair of sneakers did not. It's not AIR Jordan or NIKE. It's just a pair of ordinary Li Ning, and it was his mother who bought it at the employee price, but the excitement at the time is still impressive. In fact, he played a little trick at the time. His final exam results did not fall out of the top three from the first to third grades. This bet he would definitely win, but they did not pay attention to their children's scores. That's it…

Probably in the second year of high school, he briefly gave up Li Ning because the Li Ning sneakers he bought not only shaved his feet, but also sprained while playing. Of course, this also gave He Jiarong a reason to change his sneakers, but at that time he did not choose AIR Jordan, but the Adidas The Kobe Crazy 1. This pair of sneakers at the time in He Jiarong’s school can be said to have set off a “Kobe” style. , And there are two reasons for choosing it. One is that Kobe is one of his favorite basketball stars; the other is that the design of this pair of shoes is inspired by the Audi TT concept car, and the shape of the shoes is also very sports car feel. For him This kind of people who like cars is naturally irresistible. In order to buy this pair of sneakers, he was really frugal for several months, and still on the premise that his parents paid more than half of the money…

For a long time after that, He Jiarong was in the exam-oriented education, sneakers? I don't have much thought to pay attention to it, and the economic conditions are also very limited. Later, he turned his hobby back to sneakers because Vince Carter, known as “half man, half god,” he wore PUMA and AND 1 sneakers when he first entered the league. Among them, he wore AND 1 yin and yang. I have been paying attention to it for a while, but I have endured not buying.

After Carter switched to NIKE and made the “death button” at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, He Jiarong was completely obsessed with the SHOX BB4 he was wearing at the time. If I remember correctly, the price of this pair of sneakers at the time was close to 1,500 yuan, which was only three words for him who was still in high school: Can't afford it! After SHOX BB4, the NIKE VC SHOX series was born, but the good times did not last long. A few seasons later, Carter began to suffer from injuries, and the NIKE VC SHOX series began to decline, and it was gone by SHOX VC5. During the period from BB4 to VC5, he bought his least favorite VC4, which can be regarded as support for idols. Looking back now, I really regret not buying my favorite SHOX BB4 at the time. However, it is reported that these shoes will be reissued this year. He is very looking forward to it and hopes to buy it this time.

Since then, he hasn't paid much attention to sneakers, and even AIR Jordan has been out for several generations. Replaced by CONVERSE canvas shoes and PUMA racing shoes. Needless to say, the reason for choosing CONVERSE canvas shoes is very good with jeans. The reason for choosing PUMA racing shoes is even simpler. Cars and shoes are his hobbies. Now that the two are combined, why not? Why did you buy it?

He Jiarong likes to modify, he knows many car owners who like modification and sneakers. If you have read the modification article written by him, you should remember a modification case of a Honda Odyssey (click to read) . In his eyes, this car owner is definitely a shoe idiot. How crazy is he? The sneakers owned in the past few years have filled their rooms, and the number is still increasing. At the same time, he is also a VIP customer of major sports brands. Anyway, you have to snap up, line up, and draw lots to buy sneakers. He can buy first. That's so powerful.

In fact, most of the sneakers currently owned by He Jiarong have been bought in recent years. Although most of them are not limited editions and the collection value is not too high, they are indeed his favorites. Different from the mentality of his youth, he now buys sneakers not too much for whether they are limited editions, whether they are OG color matching, or whether they are joint names. On the contrary, he pursues more sneaker styles and technological content. Is he returning to a more rational state?

In the eyes of many colleagues, He Jiarong is no different from a shoe dealer, because he often resells sneakers, but conscientiously speaking, he resells these shoes almost at the original price, and some even have to lose money. After all, most of the resale objects They are all colleagues or friends. The few times that they can make money are when they bought NMD and YEEZY by lottery in the store, and then they changed hands when they went out. As for other sneakers, why are they resold? He thinks the shoe factory is too chicken. The color matching of the same shoe is becoming more and more attractive. Another one is better than one. He likes the fresh pictures. He can't extricate himself… By the way, the AIR Jordan 1 has been hot in the past two years. Do you know how many color schemes there are?

The story of He Jiarong and sneakers looks like this. At first, I liked sneakers because of the mentality of comparison. Later I liked sneakers because of basketball culture, because there are basketball superstars Jordan, Kobe, and Carter. Now I like hoarding sneakers, more because of satisfying childhood desires. , The hourly family financial conditions are limited and can’t bring too much pressure to parents. At that time, many of the sneakers you wanted were not available. Now you can be self-sufficient. A lot of sneakers from that era are gradually being reproduced. Buy and buy. Isn't it a matter of course to buy?

Female players with more than 60 pairs of sneakers

Kang Yunjing is the only girl among the sneakers interviewed this time. She thinks she can't call it a female toe cap, but at least it can be called a female shoe powder. He is a diehard Nike fan. So far, he has 54 pairs of Air Jordans and 10 pairs of Converse. There may not be a way to count the basketball history and superstar stories behind each pair of sneakers like the previous editors, but for her, sneakers have witnessed personal growth. At different time stages, the knowledge and understanding of sneakers also depends on the individual. The changes experienced are constantly enriched, and they form an inseparable part of Kang Yunjing's life. The reason why “that pair of shoes” became “your pair of shoes” is largely because of the story behind that pair of shoes. The story made “that pair of shoes”.

When she was in high school, she liked to buy magazines. By chance, she came across a copy of “SIZE” in a bookstore and entered the world of sneakers. The pocket money for three years of high school is basically used to buy magazines such as “SIZE” and “Shake Style”. If the bookstore at the entrance of the school is out of stock for a certain period, I will go to several other bookstores to find it. The cognition of sneakers and street fashion culture also began to accumulate at that time, but basically it still stays at the browsing stage.

The first pair of sneakers that really caught her heart was the Nike Dunk SB Brooklyn, which is the pair worn by Edison Chen. However, there are no women's models on sale in China. At that time, I was planning to buy 5 insoles with the smallest size for men's models. As a result, all men's models were out of stock. This incident became a knot of her heart.

Kang Yunjing's first pair of sneakers is the Air Jordan 4 Bred, which is a gift for her 18th birthday from her best friend, so it is also very commemorative. Later, these shoes had been worn until they were peeled off, and now they were carefully “offered” by her in the cabinet. This year, I bought a new pair of AJ 4 Bred that was re-engraved in the first year, but the old pair of Bred is still irreplaceable No.1 in her heart.

Before going to college, she only focused on football in sports. She happened to be the manager of the basketball team for a period of time in college, and then she started to be really infected by basketball games and culture. She started to pay attention to some PE version of sneakers, and later also collected them. Irving 3 and PG 1.

Living expenses are still limited in student days, and the amount of collection is relatively small. From the beginning of the internship to get the first salary, began to officially embark on the journey of collecting sneakers. However, Nike’s GS (Grade School, women’s/older children’s models) does not have a large quantity, so it is still difficult to buy. She was working in Shenzhen at that time, and basically went to Hong Kong to shop for goods every weekend. AJ 4 white cement , AJ 5 wolf gray, AJ 6 Mandarin duck, AJ 7 sweaters, etc. are all bought in Hong Kong.

There is no mine at home. In the past few years, it has been the frequency of buying a pair every month, and pursuing the things she likes within her ability. She feels that this state is very good.

With the change of time and age, Kang Yunjing's view of sneakers has not changed. For her, sneakers still mean choice, story, personality, and identity.

She mentioned that Air Jordan's GS has always been regarded as a low-profile version of sneakers. Generally, GS-style sneakers have eliminated the air cushion element and made different materials. After all, no one wears children's shoes to play. But in recent years, Nike has been making changes, whether it is the improvement of technological materials in GS styles or the promotion of female power in brand activities. She will still buy its sneakers in order to identify with Nike's values.

Regarding the current sneaker market, Kang Yunjing said that the emergence of new resale platforms such as “Poison” has allowed more people to start buying shoes, and more people began to sell shoes. Everyone went from being a pure buyer to buying both. The dual identity of home and seller. Regardless of whether it is bought or sold, there is actually nothing wrong. In fact, because sneakers have been popular in China for so many years, and their cultural added value is the first, the identity of reseller has always been discussed and controversial. She is still willing to look at it rationally. The secondary market for sneakers already exists. This market cannot be determined by one or two pairs of shoes or one or two people. The formation of any market will not be unreasonable. Where there is demand, there will be a market, and there will be more levels of transactions. This is determined by the laws of the market.

Once many new shoes have been launched, they have quickly gained a high degree of attention and purchases. So there is the concept of the so-called “explosive sneakers” at the moment. For example, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 anti-hook series, such as the Yeezy series, which were released a few days ago. Behind everyone's frantic purchase, it shows that more and more people join at this point in time, and the shoe circle is becoming bigger and bigger. , But the depth seems to be getting shallower. After all, those deep players who first came into contact with sneakers advertised themselves by dressing differently. But the times are different, and we can't overthink the past and the present in this matter.

Written at the end: For players, the culture of sneakers or sneakers is that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise. For ordinary consumers, more sales and more convenient ways to purchase are what they are willing to see. But for brands, they need to think more carefully. If this degree is not controlled well, it is very likely that a certain shoe will be sold out. As purchases increase and awareness deepens, consumers will make a more suitable choice among so many shoes, whether you like basketball shoes, retro running, or functional style. Different people will regroup into different small circles. As long as you like it, it makes sense to buy what kind of sneakers and for what purpose. Hope that in this process everyone can find shoes that really suit them. @font-face { font-family: 黑体;}@font-face { font-family: “Cambria Math”;}@font-face { font-family: DengXian;}@font-face { font-family: “@等线”;}@font-face { font-family: “.PingFang SC”;}@font-face { font-family: “@.PingFang SC”;}@font-face { font-family: “@黑体”;}p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; text-align: justify; font-size: 10.5pt; font-family: DengXian; }.MsoChpDefault { font-family: DengXian; }div.WordSection1 { }