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[YesAuto 车坛孟料] When it comes to car advertisements, we always think of happy scenes composed of bright sunshine, cheerful music and beautiful co-pilots. In fact, these are just common elements of domestic car advertisements, while some foreign car advertisements are how? Why is it scary, don’t believe me, look down:

Note: The ads you will see next are really scary. Don't enter the faint-hearted, don't enter the heart disease patient, and don't enter the children under 14 years old.

Let’s start with the latest news. BMW released a video ad on its social media a few days ago. The video started with a BMW car driving in a dark woods. The road ahead was brightly lit by car lights. Could it be that A car light advertisement? Wait, in the next close-up, only the daytime running lights are on!

Well, lighting is not the point. Let’s not go into the details if the difference is not bad. Then we will look down: during the driving, the windows of this BMW gradually got frost. Suddenly, the car came to a halt, and there was a person wearing it in front. A ghost in white with a disheveled hair! The female ghost stepped mechanically and came to the front of the car door. However, when she opened the driver's seat, she was shocked: “Why no one drives? My old lady has been a ghost for hundreds of years, and met her peers today?”

After the female ghost was scared away, BMW continued to drive. At this time, it revealed the “Autonomous Driving Test Vehicle” written on the parking space. I believe you have guessed that this is an autonomous driving test vehicle. The following subtitles show that “the future of driving is nothing terrible.” Obviously, this advertisement is aimed at people's concerns about the safety of autonomous driving.

After watching the “BMW scare away the female ghost” advertisement, you may think that it is full of creativity, but if you look at this modern advertisement, you will find that the original “scared away female ghost” is already an old stalk! Hyundai's advertising is obviously older, judging from the model (the first-generation i20 mid-term change), it is probably 2012-2014.

At the beginning of the video, the man was drowsy driving the car, so that at first I thought it was a public service advertisement about fatigue driving, but then the man’s eyes were closely attracted by a white and beautiful lady in front of the iron gate on the roadside. When he stopped the car and looked again, he found that the lady was gone, and the iron door was also written “Graveyard”…Suddenly, the woman appeared on the passenger side and knocked on the window!

The male driver was just silly, probably entangled: “Would you like to open the door? She is a female ghost, can't open it! But she is too beautiful, or…” When she was nervous, she turned around and the beauty didn't even have the door. Ra was already sitting in the co-pilot. Under the order of the female ghost, the male driver drove forward, but the automatic headlights, automatic wipers, and reversing image (you can reverse without turning back) scared the female ghost. With the shame of “accidentally serving to the peers”, the female ghost seized the door and left.

Sorry, this Japanese advertisement is about female ghosts. Probably in the world of ghosts, the gender balance is too serious! The video begins with a driver’s perspective, which has a strong sense of reality: the car is driving on a rugged field road, and the wind and snow are heavy outside, and a white figure appears faintly in the distance…

It turned out to be a woman in white. Because she didn't know the situation, the driver stopped at a distance from her. Just as the two people in the car were wondering, the woman's white face, which combined the characteristics of Sadako and the zombie, suddenly stuck to the front windshield! Obviously this “combination of Chinese and Western medicine” ghost frightened the two people in the car. The driver hurriedly reversed the car and didn't even dare to turn around, so she drove back.

However, the two people obviously misunderstood the female ghost, because in the following film, the female ghost just held a laptop, and the screen said “Have you put on winter tires?” It turns out that such a scary bedding is just a The tire company’s advertisement tells people to change winter tires in snowy weather.

Finally there is a male ghost. In fact, it is more suitable to say that it is a male monster. At the beginning of the film, a human male runs in front, and a fierce monster is chasing behind with an iron chain. Later, the hero found that the monster could not run, only walk, and walked very slowly, so he relaxed.

“There is no need to run at all. I walk slowly. As long as I get in the car and drive away, he will never catch up with you.” The male protagonist said so and did the same. However, just as he turned the car key, he found that the car could not be started-the battery was dead. At this moment, the monster has rushed to his side…

Out-of-picture audio: You never know what a cheap battery will cost you. When you need to keep going, you need Interstate. Yes, this is an advertisement for a battery brand.

to sum up:

There are many different kinds of cars in the world. In fact, car advertisements should be more colorful. The content of blindly “sunny beauty and happy life” is really a bit monotonous. It is also good to occasionally make adjustments in different styles. Stop here today, and we will continue to bring you more interesting foreign car advertisements in the future, so stay tuned to the Car Home Cultural Channel. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)