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[YesAuto Design Decode] Ward's top ten not only has engine awards, but also the top ten interiors is an award that reflects the aesthetic value of the old beauty. This year, has your taste and old beauty come together?

The award of the new Civic is really not like the results judged by Yankees who like big space. According to Ward in the past, the high configuration and high-end feeling are absolutely killer for the old Americans. It seems that the Civic has deep meaning.

On this top car with less than $30,000, the dazzling configuration and multifunctional armrest box made the Ward judges feel that it is value for money, and the metal strips are properly decorated, the texture is exquisite, and the feeling is very high-end.

Indeed, the taste of Ward judges has improved slightly this year, and they finally know the word “exquisite”, but it is inseparable, and creating a sense of high-level is not high-level. It seems that Americans also admire vanity.

Compared with the previous Teana, the Nissan Sima under the new design language is indeed “very distinctive”, and this cheap and large model is definitely the favorite of the old and the United States, how much do you like it? See how they comment.

The judges believe that this car's interior can slap the same level of luxury brands: maroon and black matching, Alcantara seats, flat-bottomed steering wheel and fluid metal-like decorative strips, warm and luxurious.

But I think I've evaluated the luxury brand. Metal trim is not uncommon. Alcantara seats have a Burberry-like feel when they are diamond-shaped? It seems that Lao Mei has never seen the Auto Parts City.

The award of the BMW 7 Series this time depends largely on the judges' appreciation of the car's various high-tech configurations. Indeed, who doesn’t like things like the iPad? My grandma likes it all.

Various high-resolution large screens and gesture-operated iDrive systems, plus a set of “looks” cool sound systems, let the judges fully experience what technology changes lives.

Although the judges had a good time, I feel that as a luxury positioning, I would rather replace a lot of fancy configuration costs with an IWC mechanical watch instead of an iPad. This demonstrates the taste, just like the Maybach S-Class.

Cadillac XT5 won the award, which can be considered reasonable. On the one hand, Ward is the American aesthetic and experience standard award, then you said that the American car may not win the award? I must know my own people best.

A large number of leather materials and wood veneers are matched in shades. These seemingly vulgar old routines are indeed “sweet gold”, which has won the praise of Ward judges. The selection of materials is also in line with the luxury brand positioning. The American sofa is still comfortable.

But personally, from the perspective of a young man, this kind of combination is a bit old-fashioned. Although I like the concise design lines of this car very much, it has a strong taste of beauty and luxury, and I feel that it will not be with me before I am 40.

Mercedes-Benz designers have brought a set of young and tasteful design language to it, so there is no doubt that the award will be awarded. If nothing else, sales can tell how many people have been impressed by this design.

Although the curved wood grain center console design is quite retro and fashionable, the judges seem to be more interested in the comfort of the front seats and this nice and easy-to-use steering wheel. In addition, the human-computer interaction is also well received.

Indeed, this generation of Mercedes-Benz interiors is great, but it also brings about an embarrassing problem: the Mercedes-Benz interiors of the same size are too similar! Not to mention anything else, I guarantee you will not be able to distinguish the interior of the C-class and GLC.

Relying on many years of quality reputation, Lexus RX still maintains excellent sales after the replacement. The Ward judges are not surprised by this, because the new interior still inherits the tradition of Lexus high-quality assembly.

As a model developed for North America, Lexus knows how to please Americans: walnut veneer with brushed aluminum trim, plus a comfortable leather seat and spacious space, this is definitely the secret to winning the championship.

But this does not mean that everyone can accept this American style. If I have become a father, this car really fits my appetite in terms of design and practicality, and this kind of affirmation will wait until I have a child.

Instead of trying to make a lot of decorations, it is better to remove them all and make them back to the most original appearance. This is the subtlety of the Nordic people's simple design concept, and even the old beauty who is used to wood and leather is impressed by this.

This Scandinavian sensibility has made Ward judges very fond of: simplicity, but there is no lack of ingenuity, gear-shaped knobs and crystal handles, these finishing touches can only be imagined by Nordic people.

I personally like this sensual and simple design, but compared to the large touch screen, I recognize the texture of the physical buttons. In addition, Volvo, which advertises safety, should be very clear that the physical buttons can be operated blindly.

Chevrolet Camaro's retro design and “Transformers” have indeed gained a lot of attention. This complex interior design with American performance colors really meets the tastes of young Americans and is not used to it at all.

The judges expressed their recognition of this radical design: Since the madness of muscle cars is to be revived, the interior should be the same. High-contrast color contrast with sports seats, the look of fighting at any time is indeed very visual impact.

But this design language, I just want to say: it's just too dazzling. Is it really good to deliberately complicate the design for the sense of movement? Young people like it, but the older generation of muscle cars can't accept it loyally.

“Light Factory” Audi's changes to TTS are not limited to lights. The simplification of the interior has made the judges shine. Will this simple and easy-to-use interior with a slightly futuristic color style replace leather and wood and become the mainstream?

The judges felt that the simplified design that moved them was achieved a simple and intuitive “virtual driving” experience by integrating functions in the LCD instrument and air conditioning display in the center of the air outlet, with metal decoration.

This design concept for focusing on driving and virtual gaming feels really interesting on a small sports car, but oversimplified (such as canceling the central control screen) design, have you considered the feeling of the co-pilot?

Maybe you are not familiar with its name, but if you talk about the Grand Prix, are you familiar with it? This is its replacement car, which is sold all over the United States. It seems that Americans have finally caught up with the pace of MPV design in the new era.

Of course, you may think that this interior has no artistic sense at all, but for the judges, the most important thing about MPV is that it is practical enough to not only pick up children for shopping, but also bring friends on outings.

Sitting on comfortable and flexibly layout seats, coupled with a little Italian taste from the cooperation with Fiat, it is reasonable to win the award, but why do I think that this kind of American center console is the visual sense of GL8?

In addition to these award-winning works, there are 37 models that have not won awards, but they are also shortlisted for Ward's top ten interiors. There are many excellent works in these designs. If these top ten models do not have your favorite one, take a look at these?

For Ward's top ten interiors, traditional American designs are still very popular, but interiors that are more concise, with a sense of design and practicality seem to be more competitive.