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[YesAuto David Aesthetics] We often say “there is a wrong name, there is no wrong nickname”. The most recent Internet celebrity car-Haval Big Dog, is a typical case of this. Haval gave the user the right to name the new car, and the name sounded like a nickname or nickname. What is even more surprising is that when more people hear the name “Big Dog”, they think it is very appropriate. Why is it so?

In 2018, he stepped down as the design director of Land Rover, served as the global design director and vice president of Great Wall, and began to take charge of the design of the Great Wall brand.

China's nickname culture
When Phil Simmons heard that the retro-style SUV was named “Big Dog”, for a few seconds, he was surprised-there has never been such a thing.

Indeed, in the past so-called public solicitation of car names by many brands, netizens often “participate in a loneliness”. Finally, car names will follow strictly planned brand management rules and will never allow users to name their products. Just as the aircraft carrier has its own naming regulations, it is impossible to call the Pippi Shrimp. Of course, the aircraft carrier has not publicly solicited a name.

Fortunately, this rural area has the cultural foundation of “a low name is good to feed”. The name “big dog” is not cheap, and a humorous nickname is given to people close to it, which is more to express love and intimacy.

Big dog's positioning is the core of Chinese culture
Haval has a special positioning for the big dog, hoping that it will be a car that can accompany the owner faithfully. It can not only accompany the owner, but also accompany the owner in poems and distances, accompany the owner in trendy fashion, and accompany the owner occasionally.

In other words, in terms of positioning, it is a car that is very close to the owner and not fussy. Nowadays, many people regard cars not only as pure means of transportation, but to a certain extent as family members and companions. Therefore, in recent years, although many models have tall names, users call more, but they are Everyone's nickname or nickname naturally formed in the forum community.

Emotionally speaking, people are more accustomed to calling close people, pets, or things that can be communicated with. As the best friend of mankind, “dog” as a name to show closeness, obviously everyone thinks it is more appropriate. The “Harvard Wolf” among the candidates at the time was obviously too aggressive.

Western relatives and friends also have a nickname culture. The more common one is the abbreviation of the name. For example, Nicholas is usually nicknamed Nick. Perhaps it was because he understood the similarities between the nickname and nickname culture in the East and the West. After a brief surprise, Simmons understood the closeness represented by the “big dog”. But more, the “big dog” is in line with the product positioning of the model.

The more official positioning of the Haval brand for Big Dog is “3/4 scale car”. The explanation is also very simple, the 0 scale is a car, driving on paved roads such as cities and highways. The 4/4 scale is a hardcore off-road vehicle with a non-carrying body and a mechanical four-wheel drive. It has a strong all-terrain passing ability on non-paved roads. The positioning of Big Dog is one more scale than urban SUV, but one less scale than hard-core off-road.

A model with an off-road temperament, of course, can't use a name that is too majestic. Simmons's own Yorkshire Terrier will definitely not work. Big dog sounds strong enough, universal, and close enough.

What's interesting is that the big dog 1.5T on sale is also named as a dog breed, and its ranking is that as the price increases, the dog's obedience and intelligence also increase.

Horse dog, full name Belgian Malinois. The horse dog is a working dog widely used in the military and police circles of various countries. Not only is it physically strong, it also ranks among the best in IQ, flexibility, obedience, and trainability.
Why do people love the strong and wild nature of big dogs?
As an important partner, the car is actually a loyal dog. Both the car and the loyal dog are different presentations of the owner's character, preferences and taste.

When talking about bumpers, Simmons mentioned an episode. Generally, in the process of vehicle development, design pursues styling realization and engineering pursues manufacturing realization. The design team and the engineering team often engage in fierce games. For example, the project hopes that the bumper will be larger and have a stronger protective effect, but the urban positioning models designed in the past want to be more compact. The development process of Big Dog is extremely smooth, because the goal of both parties is to build a tough SUV. Therefore, both parties want the bumper to be bigger and stronger.

If the appearance gives people a hardcore look, then the off-road mood of the interior is even more intense. The appearance shows the temperament and character, and it is the interior that really accompanies the owner for a long time.

The interior uses many typical off-road vehicle design details, creating a strong hardcore off-road vehicle style from the visual style and use experience.

The closeness and refinement of the big dog
Wild, occasionally. Life is everyday. The other side of the 3/4 scale is the comfort and refinement of daily use.
The target user group of Haval Big Dog is young people who love life, but this generation of young people is more rational about consumption and knows what they want.

Therefore, we saw on Harvard Big Dog that Simmons and his team combined the two contradictory things of ruggedness and exquisiteness. To be exquisite, you must first make the product not cheap. Thick and uneven seams are the number one enemy.

Simmons, retro, technology
The excellent retro style is also an important reason for the popularity of Harvard Dog. In recent years, the retro wave has spread across all walks of life, and the Haval brand has played more in the automotive industry.

How do foreigners design in Chinese culture?
The style of Big Dog is unprecedented in the product line of the Haval brand. It is difficult to see the characteristics of Haval in the past. This kind of gameplay is eye-catching in the current wave of family design and brand impression shaping. What is even more striking is that it has become an Internet celebrity with amazing influence and acceptance. What did Simmons go through to build this car?

In terms of food, the Haval Technology Center has opened a cafeteria for experts and foreign employees. If you want to eat hometown food, although there is no authentic British food in the urban area of Baoding, there are good Italian dishes. His residence is also close to the company, which can be reached on foot or by bicycle. For leisure, there are small bars and cafes in the city. On weekends, he occasionally takes more than half an hour of high-speed train to go shopping in Beijing. The 798 Creative Art District is where he prefers to find inspiration.

The real difficulty may be to truly understand China. Cross-culturalism has never been an easy task. In the few years he came to China, he likes to travel around. He has been to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Chengdu, Xi'an, sometimes for work and sometimes for vacation. The first time I ate hot pot was in Chengdu, although it was a clear soup pot.

This is not the difficulty he faces alone. The design team is not entirely composed of Chinese designers. There are many designers from all over the world. In fact, the design teams of major international car companies are composed like this. Simmons also cultivated fresh blood in the process of working.

The increased authority of the design team is also an important factor in the birth of the Haval Dog. In the past, Chinese car companies had weak technical strength, limited designer skills, and engineering manufacturing capabilities that could not bear design inspiration. Design often has a disadvantage in the game with engineering. With the increasing technical strength, designers have more room to play, the role of design has begun to be recognized, and the status has improved.

As the global design director and vice president of Great Wall Motors, Phil Simmons can communicate directly with Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motors. Wei Jianjun is also very attentive to design. He goes to the design center to listen to reports almost every week and follow up the development of models. This allows the design team to quickly get feedback on various ideas, and correspondingly, it needs to respond quickly to the feedback of the Boss, pressure and efficiency coexist, pain and happiness.

However, what makes Simmons and the entire design team feel the pain and joy the most is probably the fast-paced general Chinese car companies. For overseas veteran car companies, it usually takes 5 years or more for styling to start from design to mass production, but in Chinese car companies, it may be enough for 2 years. The update iteration speed of car styling and even functional configuration is about to catch up with mobile phones.

Written at the end:
In the past few years, although China has learned and introduced advanced technologies and concepts from other countries' car companies, the true core of successful Chinese brands is still China. This difference stems from the culture and market environment.
Simmons didn't know about Chinese car companies when he first arrived. At that time, the company's goal was 1 million vehicles per year. He thought it was impossible to accomplish it, but it was completed very quickly that year. The current goal is 2 million vehicles per year.
Behind this is the ambition of China's entire automobile industry, which intends to challenge the world's established car companies. It is precisely under this environment and goal that Chinese car companies tap the potential of the design and development process and give birth to models with the positioning and unique marketing strategy of Big Dog.
Maybe someday in the future, cars will become fashionable.