[YesAuto Featured Race] The 2014 F1 Grand Prix finals are in full swing, and the major teams have gradually entered the state. Here, the camp using Mercedes-Benz engines has suddenly emerged and is aggressive. In the Bahrain Grand Prix that just ended, the Mercedes-Benz team took the first and second place, the Force India team using Mercedes-Benz engines won third and fifth, and the Williams team also using Mercedes-Benz engines won seventh and eighth. Six of the top ten cars use Mercedes-Benz engines. Is this to unify the rhythm of the rivers and lakes? Recently, Mercedes-Benz's winning secrets have been exposed online.

According to reports from overseas event media Sky F1, the Mercedes-Benz engine adopts a distinctive design. Its turbine is divided into two. The intake side is placed at the front end of the engine and the exhaust side is placed at the rear end of the engine. In this way, the air compressed on the intake side is far away from the hot exhaust gas, which greatly reduces the temperature of the intake air. While improving the intake efficiency of the engine, the intake of lower temperature air can also reduce the temperature of the combustion chamber to a certain extent. This improves the severe heat dissipation problem of the turbo engine.

The picture above is a schematic diagram of the engine structure drawn by foreign netizens. The exhaust gas discharged from the red exhaust pipe drives the exhaust side of the turbine on the right side of the picture, through the yellow drive shaft in the middle of the picture, rotates the intake turbine on the left to take in. In this process, the electric motor located in the middle completes the work of the TERS (Thermal Energy Recovery System). It is speculated that this remote design of intake/exhaust turbines can greatly improve engine power and durability.

The picture above is a picture streaming from Twitter. It can be seen from this picture of a suspected Mercedes-Benz engine that the inlet side of the turbine (the red cover in the middle) is placed independently of the front end of the engine, and the exhaust pipe on the far right should lead to the exhaust side of the turbine behind the engine.

Due to confidentiality reasons, Mercedes-Benz did not respond to this news. The news exposed on the Internet is also in a state of “suspicious undecided” due to the lack of an official statement. Whether the current advantage of the Mercedes-Benz engine is related to it, and where is the secret of the team's victory, may only wait until the end of the season, the mystery will be revealed.