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[YesAuto David Aesthetics] Why do car designers hate drinking pulsation so much? Why are the two seemingly irrelevant words “car designer” and “pulse” put together? Why does the group of car designers hate this drink alone? This issue of “David Aesthetics” will tell you about the interesting relationship between the two.

“Let go of the pulsation” is actually a pseudo demand?

On Monday, I launched a poll “Tell the designer why I put a pulse bottle in the car by voting”. Why do I want to vote? It's because I spend a lot of time with car designers recently, and one day such a topic appeared in the circle of friends.

A designer made a condemnation of the pulse in the circle of friends, and the grievances between the words were about to overflow. The designer colleagues also expressed the same feelings. A big coffee also carried out popular science to the unidentified people who eat melons. .

When I saw the complaints of designers, I also initially meant that users have a very strong demand for “to let go of the pulse”? However, in our voting results, the most mainstream choice is “one of these large cup holders is enough”. Only 15% of people have to have more large cup holders. It is difficult to say whether this group of people is right or not. Belongs to the slim type.

Why does the manufacturer's model planning department ask designers to “put down the pulse”? This demand that tortures many designers is actually the “pot” of some automotive media editors to some extent.

The story goes like this. Many years ago, Pulsation was just a popular sports drink, and it has not yet become a standard for measuring the cup holder in the car. During a test drive event, an automobile media editor happened to have a bottle of Pulsation in his bag. When I was shooting the picture of the “cup holder with water”, I accidentally found that the pulsation couldn't fit in. Only a standard mineral water bottle can. So I presented it as a scene experience and point of view in the article. Since then, I have also used pulsation in many cars. Some media began to follow the trend and learn the “pulsation measuring cup holder”. As a result, some netizens were guided and educated in this way, and their needs were unearthed.

However, can some media editors dominate the market demand for this detailed function? Can't! The real needs of consumers have not changed much. Therefore, it is time for certain departments in the car company to use the media and public opinion to shake off the pot.

According to a senior industry insider, when a certain car's sales performance is not good, the sales department will be held accountable for the first time, so the sales department will use a series of reasons to throw the pot to the product planning department. Can't put it down”. The product planning department rose up against it and fought against each other in the pot war, but regardless of winning or losing, in the next product planning, in order to “make things perfect”, the demand similar to “the cup holder must be able to put down the pulse” will be raised to the demand. Design R&D department. Thus, the vicious circle began.

Alright, the gossip is over. When we talk about returning to pulsation, “we must let go of pulsation” is a pseudo-demand, but the demand for large bottles such as pulsation is still relatively strong.

The design science behind the bottle?

The reason why pulsation is used as a benchmark to measure the size of the cup holder is that this is a typical “compatibility” idea in product design-as far as possible to meet the largest scope of application. So why is the pulsation the biggest in bottled drinks? Why are these bottles of such a capacity and thickness?

The bottle mouth is big . After sweating out from exercise, everyone likes to drink water into their stomachs. It also looks like a man. Sports drinks are designed to satisfy the drinker’s invigorating and dripping way of drinking, so the bottle mouth is designed slightly. It's bigger, but it won't show up. A larger bottle mouth can also allow people to drink more quickly, which is easy to form secondary consumption and increase sales. Although through scientific research, it is not suitable to drink water after strenuous exercise , but ordinary people cannot always restrain their instincts.

Large base and polygonal bottle body . People generally can't calm down after exercise or between exercises, so they are more casual. After drinking water, the bottle will definitely be thrown away, and the bottle with a large base can guarantee a high probability of “stopping” after dropping it. The non-circular polygonal bottle body allows the bottle to not roll anywhere even if it is not standing up, and it also improves friction and is easy to hold.

The pulsating bottle mouth is mainly to drink refreshingly and increase sales. However, in real life, the intelligent working people have discovered usages that the designers did not expect, and become a special element in the local car culture. As a result, car interior designers lost a lot of hair.

Do you really need to pulse in the car?

The experience of the designers seems to be a common occurrence in major car companies. Generally speaking, the demand felt by designers is often feedback from market research departments or front-line departments such as sales. Does that mean that this is the real demand of Chinese consumers? On the other hand, it's just a water bottle. Is the designer reacting so much?

According to authoritative studies, normal healthy people must consume at least 2000 mL of water per day. Because under normal circumstances, the daily urine output of a healthy adult is about 1500mL, and the water discharged through sweat, saliva, exhalation and other methods is about 500mL, which adds up to about 2000mL. In summer and winter, you should consume at least 2500 mL of water every day. If you have a lot of exercise or a cold, you should consume more than 3000 mL on that day. More importantly, for the health of the kidneys, we need to replenish water at any time. Don't develop the habit of waiting until you feel thirsty to drink water.

As for Pulse, since entering the Chinese market in 2003, Pulse has been a giant in the vitamin beverage market. In 2015, Pulse reached 9.8 billion yuan in sales in the Chinese market, with a market share of 92.2%.

Even though the sales volume has declined in the past two years due to the influence of competitors and market changes, and no longer dominates the year, it still plays an important role in China's fast-moving beverages.

Pulsation sells a lot, will it be often put in the car? According to the results of our poll, 69% of people who buy Pulse and put them in the car are as high as 69%, and 23% of those who buy frequently. This is a huge crowd, and designers have to consider the huge user needs no matter how they complain.

59% of users will carry a large water bottle similar to 1L in the car. According to reviews, some of these users in need will carry large bottles of water or beverages, and some will use them for hot water.

Drinking hot water is a characteristic of Chinese life and culture. If you feel uncomfortable, drink hot water to quench your thirst. If you are in a bad mood, drink some hot water. In addition to female friends, middle-aged and elderly men who love to drink tea also like to put a pot of hot water in the car. Professionals such as taxi drivers are among them. Many taxi drivers like to put a thermos in the trunk.

Is the demand for large kettles because they love drinking hot water really only Chinese? In fact, Europeans and Americans also like to drink “hot water”, but with added ingredients.

What's more, China is not the market with the largest demand for large cup holders. In the previous interview, I consulted Daniel Guyone, general manager of JAC Design Center in Turin, Italy.

Friends who have traveled to the United States may be impressed by the huge size of fast food restaurant beverage cups. American diabetes experts believe that the food industry continues to entice consumers by increasing the weight, leaving the public almost unable to resist. In order to avoid the obesity problem, the Mayor of New York even proposed the “Prohibition of the Sale of Large Cups of Sugary Beverages Act” in 2013, which was subsequently rejected by the lower court and the second court.

May not really need so many cup holders

Some people say that the thickness of a pulsating bottle is only 70mm, and some large kettles are only about 80mm. The difference in diameter is only one or two centimeters. Is it necessary to be so entangled? Professional designers told me that it is necessary! The storage space such as the cup holder is different from other parts of the vehicle. This is a high-frequency functional area, especially the cup holder behind the handle.

In the polling survey, we have also seen that although everyone is very active in pursuing large cup holders, most people are more willing to reduce the demand for large cup holders when they understand that they will occupy space for events.

In fact, a large cup holder that can hold a large water bottle is really enough for ordinary travel. Except for taxi drivers and other industries, most people usually travel within 2 hours, and 1L of water is more than enough. We can see that most of the small, micro, and even some compact cars that are positioned for ordinary transportation rarely have a particularly large storage space, and more of them are finely divided storage compartments with stitches. If a huge and practical storage space can be dug out in a very small space, it will often be praised and paid for by the market.

Different uses will also affect the design of the cup holder. For those who often run long distances or go wild, they naturally choose large vehicles. They are originally large in size and have large accommodating space. In order to ensure the needs of long-term travel, these models will also design more storage space specifically to ensure ” The cockpit has sufficient supplies for easy access, instead of putting all the space in the luggage compartment.

In the choice of the location of the large cup holder, there is a result that makes the designer gratifying. Generally speaking, what designers hate the most is to place a big water bottle in the front center cup holder (behind the handlebar), because this position is one of the most intensive and complex structured areas of the whole car, and a small area needs to be accommodated. Handlebars, charging ports, various function buttons, armrest boxes, etc., are veritable “inches of money”. In the voting results, the top two are the driver’s side door storage compartment and the front center cup holder. The driver who uses high frequency is naturally the driver, but the most frequent placement of large water bottles is not the center cup holder, but Storage compartment on the side of the driver's door.

Generally speaking, this is the second most commonly used storage area in the car. Obviously, many people think that large water bottles do not need to be taken out at any time, so there is no need to put them in the most convenient central cup holder, no matter which large water bottle is. It is not used to hold water.

Therefore, even if you need to run long distances frequently, there is no need to set up too many cup holders in the car. Most people have to stop and rest after driving for 4-5 hours. If you continue to drink water, you actually have to go to the toilet every hour. You can fill a 1L water bottle in the service area, and a car is enough.

The designer did his best for you to put the cup

If you want to have more storage space, clever design is not enough. After all, the dojo is built in a snail shell. Therefore, the problem is solved from the large structure and through the use of advanced technology, some occupy a huge space. The “killing” of the components is the kingly way.

The previous central armrest control area will also become a fully equipped multifunctional area, whether it is used for large storage boxes or large cup holders, it is a very good choice.

to sum up:

Being a designer is really not an easy task. A small cup holder with a gap of only ten millimeters requires such a huge effort. From the details of pursuing large cup holders, we can see that when designing products, designers really need to analyze the needs of users extensively. Most users do have the needs of large cup holders, and of course they must meet as much as possible.

From this survey and discussions with experts, we found that an excellent designer will not blindly follow the instructions. He will do more homework with the research department to deeply analyze the usage habits and needs of the target user groups of the product, and face different challenges. The design of the small cup holders will be different for products and different user groups.

Designers also need to be sensitive to new technologies, just like the application of electronic technology, so that designers can have more room for the design of cup holders. (Part of the pictures are from Wei Jiangpeng, the home of the network car)