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[YesAuto Technology] Recently, another car company has taken out a flat car logo. Some people think that at first glance, there is no aura, but this is not the first “stupid” car company. In an era when everyone likes to have a bumpy figure, why are there many companies doing flattening?

● History is always an amazing coincidence, fashion always develops in cycles, and the new fashion trends that appear today are the products of the last century;

● The development team in the field of consumer electronics has a more sensitive sense of smell. When the hardware is hesitant, reducing energy consumption and storage space through flat design is the core of many manufacturers' active promotion;

● For car companies, the flattening of car labels is more for publicity purposes, and the signs on ordinary mass-produced cars are not changed to flattening.

Whether it is art or design, the most important thing is to express ideas and express opinions. Industrial design should also consider practicality and safety on top of this.

For consumer products, design also carries brand tonality. In the era of design convergence, a distinctive logo can help consumers distinguish products in the shortest time.

Those brands with deep historical accumulation can evoke long-term impressions in consumers' minds through logos, especially new products without any endorsements. Outstanding design allows consumers to bind them to the corporate image.

When it is in the decision-making stage, this can often become the main cause of the final result.

Whether it is fashion or trend, it develops back and forth, and what was once popular will return strongly in new forms after many years. So I want to understand why today's car companies are beginning to flatten design, and maybe we can get the answer in the past .

Today, when it comes to the origin of things, most of them will be controversial. After all, the title of the inventor of something is very tempting. The academic circles generally believe that the concept of flat design originated in the 1920s and gradually became a wave in the 1940s.

We always say that form is not important, but when a style is established or quickly popularized, form is the most important, which is the old saying “it has that flavor” nowadays.

Concise form, bold and clear, highly readable font style, and harmony and geometric features based on details, flat narrative and clear visual hierarchy are the main recognition points of flat design. This idea also runs through today. flat design.

Similar to the development process of many things, flat design has also undergone a long process of evolution before it is popularized on a large scale. What is unexpected is that these techniques, which originated from posters and seal paintings, shine in the field of consumer electronics.

It is worth noting that the early UI of iOS was not flat, but quasi-material. That's right, the first thing to note here is that flattening is not 3D, but pseudo-material.

After the flat design shines on the mobile phone UI, it has quickly become a design trend, and there must be some reasons why it can set off a popular wave.

In today's era of “fragmentation”, the amount of information has grown significantly, which means that the time for individuals to obtain information is more precious, and how to obtain more content in a short period of time has become a battleground for military strategists.

With the emergence of various mobile devices, hardware upgrades and iteration speeds have accelerated. For a long period of time, hardware upgrades have clearly optimized the visual effects and user experience. However, after the hardware upgrade speed has slowed down, the software-level fight has begun.

The rapid advancement of visual effects has caused an increase in energy consumption. Unlike electronic devices such as computers that have continuous external power supplies, the power consumption and battery life of mobile devices such as mobile phones significantly affect the experience of use. The feature of flat design with fewer special effects fits the needs of manufacturers.

Due to the change of the carrier, the screen or the display medium gradually shrinks, and the more tension-rich pseudo-physical design is less recognizable in many cases, which also promotes the flat design. On the other hand, fewer animation effects and simpler charts also reduce the occupation of storage space.

So the question is, what do car companies that adopt flat design car logos think?

First of all, it is not difficult to see that whether it is a German brand or a Japanese car company, the change of car logo is a normal phenomenon. The main body of the palm-sized car logo is mostly composed of colors and patterns, which are inherently suitable for flattening. In fact, most of the early car logos were also flat.

The logos hanging on the front and rear of the car are generally small in area. Although the text can convey more information at close distances, once the distance is opened, its expressive power is far inferior to designs that rely on patterns and colors. Therefore, most car logos are based on these easy-to-identify elements.

After entering the middle of the last century, the rise of processing technology and the prosperity of the field of electronic products have hung a three-dimensional style. New expression methods have made previously familiar things more impactful, which has become the development trend of the entire industry for a while.

Today's return to flat car logos is not just a simple retro. The core is to borrow the concept of flat to highlight the highlights of their own design. On the other hand, with the arrival of the new communication era, flat design is also more conducive to communication.

It is also worth noting that although flattening is good, not all car logos are suitable. Whether it is a letter or pattern logo, it loses its texture after flattening, and even reduces recognition. It needs to be avoided.

It should be noted that flat design is not simply about flattening the pattern and content. Reasonable use of grid, layering, and color block splicing techniques can still achieve the purpose of layering.

But fashion trends are not for everyone, and sometimes it's not a bad thing to stick to oneself.

Today, whether it is a video or a picture, communication efficiency is a term that is often mentioned. Compared with the quasi-physical development of special effects explosions, the simplicity and high efficiency of the flat design can help readers better clarify the context, and the clean and refreshing fonts can also reduce the boring feeling of the content. For the development team, not having to work hard on how to improve design recognition means that it can focus on other levels.

In addition to the logo on the car, there are other details that can be flattened. The obvious thing is the interface displayed on the central control screen. Similar to the previous Watch OS that pursues fast information acquisition and reduces misoperations, the UI in the car also has a similar development concept. .

Written at the end:

We always talk about analogy. Although the fields are different, the unity of the design is the characteristic of the global village in these years. The characteristics of being easy to read and spreading make the flat design wait for the throne of the design palace. Who is next to become flat? Is it as beautiful as the sister who rides the wind and waves, or does it not get the essence like Xi Shi's effect?