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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] At a nightclub-style press conference held yesterday by Lynk & Co, its first pure electric concept car, Lynk & Co, ZERO CONCEPT, was officially unveiled, and it will be officially mass-produced in 2021. The current electric vehicle products under the Lynk & Co brand are all plug-in hybrid technology, and the new concept car will use the SEA vast architecture to lead Lynk & Co to expand in new areas.

Edit summary:

For electric vehicles to have sufficient hard power, several key factors must be grasped, such as acceleration, the 0-100km/h acceleration of the concept car is less than 4 seconds, and the endurance of the concept car will provide more than 700km NEDC cruising range in the future. Of course There is also intelligence, including advanced driver assistance technology and aerial upgrade functions. Finally, it has to be very cool and rich in configuration, which does not give people the feeling that this is a scooter.

It can be seen that Lynk & Co. ZERO CONCEPT is working hard to build itself into an exciting product. Judging from the existing Lynk & Co products, its hard power is worthy of recognition. Although this is the first time to enter the field of pure electric vehicles, But relying on previous experience, I believe that it is not difficult to build a good product. In addition, in the future, Lynk & Co will launch a variety of electric vehicle products that will cover a variety of fields, and Lynk & Co’s ZERO CONCEPT is just a small step it has taken.