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[YesAuto News] Following the launch of Kia’s Cee’d in Europe at the end of last year, Hyundai also launched its own hatchback model i30 at the Geneva Motor Show. The new car shares the chassis with Kia’s Cee’d and shares with Hyundai’s Elantra. Some parts.

The i30 launched this time has 6 engines to choose from. Including 3 gasoline engines and 3 diesel engines. The output power is respectively: gasoline version 1.4 liters 109 horsepower, 1.6 liters 122 horsepower and 2.0 liters 143 horsepower; the diesel version is 1.6 liters low output version 90 horsepower, 1.6 increased output version 115 horsepower and 2.0 liters 140 horsepower.

The top model of i30 is equipped with six airbags and ABS+EBD integrated braking system, tracking control system and dynamic stability control system. The safety aspect should be reassuring.

The i30 will be launched in Europe first, and Hyundai also hopes to use the new car to hit the European market. It is unclear whether there will be Asian sales afterwards, and Autohome will continue to pay attention.