[Automobile Technology] This question is derived from a car essence post I accidentally saw on the forum before. Netizens mentioned a 2014 Yinglang XT 1.6L automatic fashion model, despite the Alcantara material The color is similar to the leather color used in the normal version, but the visual texture presents a significant difference. The reason why it arouses my attention is the unique combination of interior materials. The “Queen Use” materials that were originally high-end models appeared in a compact car that cost more than 100,000 yuan. Does this mean that Alcantara materials will be popularized? With this question, I once again found the CEO of this company-Andrea.

Alcantara is a kind of material that we are familiar with. Many people are used to calling it suede. In fact, it is a polymer composite material. The extraction technology of this material was successfully developed by the Japanese in 1970. After that, it cooperated with the Italian ENI. The group (mainly engaged in oil and natural gas business) cooperates for promotion. After entering China, it has its own Chinese name-Ou Dilan.

Under normal circumstances, you will see Odyllan material in sports cars or luxury cars. This material is not only high-end in texture, but also functionally better than traditional leather materials. Especially in sports cars, manufacturers are keen to integrate with driving. The parts directly contacted by the driver are wrapped with Alcantara materials, such as seats and steering wheels, to provide the driver with a better driving control experience through the friction of the material itself. At the same time, this material is very wear-resistant and easy to clean. Based on these advantages, Alcantara materials are very suitable for use in automotive interiors. For this company, the contribution of the automotive industry to the turnover accounts for more than 70%, that is 89 million euros, and the rest comes from the fashion industry and interior design. And the revenue of the consumer electronics industry.

Going back to the question at the beginning of the article, will the positioning of Orclan material go down in the future? Andrea denied this question. In his opinion, the cooperation with General Motors can promote the application of materials on the one hand, and on the other hand, the grade of the models after using Occitane materials will also be improved. In the process of cooperating with car manufacturers, Ou Lan not only provides fabric support, but also participates in the interior design stage, through tailoring and fabric color processing, so as to achieve an overall sense of fit with the interior styling.

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From this point of view, the cooperation between Autoland and auto manufacturers is more like a customized service relationship. They have their own R&D center and provide customized plans according to the needs of users. As far as materials are concerned, in the past, it was more about the treatment of the material itself, including the back surface and the thickness of the material, but now it is more focused on the surface treatment and the exploration of colors. Through a large amount of technical investment, Ou Lan material can meet the design requirements of more manufacturers for automotive interiors. This also means that Alclan Materials will still maintain the existing high-end posture. Of course, we also hope to see more domestic automakers can cooperate with Alclan, so that more car consumers will feel The texture of the Alcantara material.

Editor's summary:

From a positioning point of view, Odyllan materials will still have a high degree of compatibility with high-end models. Of course, this Italian brand never minds cooperating with more car manufacturers. Indeed, incorporating high-end fabrics into car interior design can improve The overall grade can also provide more people with the opportunity to get in touch with Occitan materials. However, after understanding, there are also services to wrap the interior of the interior in the modification market, but the price is slightly higher. The price after I searched through Alibaba is about 1,000 yuan/meter. This price is for your reference only.