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[YesAuto New Energy] In early October 2020, a South Korean Hyundai KONA that was charging had a fire and the vehicle was burned. Fortunately, the accident did not cause any casualties; and just a week before the accident, another KONA in South Korea A fire accident also occurred. It is reported that Hyundai Motor has submitted an application and the company will recall a total of 77,000 KONAs worldwide.

Hyundai KONA has been listed in South Korea, North America, Europe and other regions. According to the statistics of relevant overseas organizations, KONA's global sales in August 2020 reached 5,692 vehicles, which exceeds that of Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model Y. It is reported that KONA uses NCM811 soft-pack batteries from LG. The car has a total of 13 fire accidents overseas, and KONA has been recalled before, but so far, Hyundai Motor and LG have not given the cause of the vehicle fire.

Hyundai KONA's domestic sales model is Beijing Hyundai Oncino pure electric, but the latter uses NCM523 batteries with aluminum square shells from the Ningde era, which is different from overseas models. It can be seen that solving the safety problems of pure electric vehicles has always been the top priority, whether overseas or domestic, and we will continue to pay attention to Hyundai KONA. (Source: electrive; text / You Dongqing, the home of the car)