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[YesAuto News] On August 2, Xiaopeng Motors officially announced the completion of a B+ round of financing with a total contract value of 4 billion yuan. This round of financing was jointly led by Chunhua Capital, Morningside Capital, and Xiaopeng Motor’s Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng . In addition to the continuous investment of many old shareholders, investors such as Hillhouse Capital, K11, and Zhongding Venture Capital also appeared for the first time and injected capital into Xiaopeng Motors. After the completion of the B+ round of financing agreement, Xiaopeng Motors' entire B round of financing reached 6.2 billion yuan, and the accumulated financing amount has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The current valuation of Xiaopeng Motors has reached nearly RMB 25 billion.

Xiaopeng Auto's financing situation
time Financing amount Rounds investor
April 2015 Tens of millions Angel wheel Microlight Ventures, Ziniu Fund, etc.
March 2016 42 million yuan Pre-A round Lei Jun, Yu Yongfu, Li Xueling, Fu Sheng, Former Tencent Executive Wu Xiaoguang, Jingwei Venture Capital Zhang Ying, etc.
May 2017 2.2 billion yuan A round China UCAR Industry Fund, etc.
December 2017 / A + round /
January 2018 2.2 billion yuan Round B Alibaba Group, Foxconn, IDG Capital, etc.
August 2018 4 billion yuan B+ round Chunhua Capital, Morningside Capital, He Xiaopeng , Hillhouse Capital, K11, Zhongding Venture Capital, etc.
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Xiaopeng Motors, established in 2014, has already had multiple rounds of financing before. From the angel round of investment to the completion of the B+ round, Xiaopeng Motors Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng has always been the largest individual investor of Xiaopeng Motors. In addition, Xiaopeng Motor's individual investors include Yao Jinbo, founder and CEO of 58.com, Zhang Tao, founder of Dianping, and Dai Kebin, founder and CEO of Liepin.com.

It is reported that Xiaopeng Motors' first mass-produced model G3 will be launched in 2018. The specific configuration and price will be announced at that time, and delivery will start this year. Xia Heng, president of Xiaopeng Motors, previously said that it has received nearly 6,000 orders for the Xiaopeng G3 and is preparing for product delivery. The mass production version will be officially delivered to users at the end of 2018 and hopes to achieve 30,000 deliveries in 2019. Limited by the qualification of car manufacturing, Xiaopeng Motors will choose Haima Motor to produce its first mass-produced car.

Xiaopeng Motors announced during the Beijing Auto Show that the pre-sale price before the G3 subsidy is 200,000-280,000 yuan. This model uses a front face design without a center grid, and the headlights use full LED light sources. While retaining the basic styling of the traditional SUV, the side has a dive posture and an all-black roof.

The body size of the G3 is 4450/1820/1668 mm (with a height of 1660 mm without camera), a wheelbase of 2610 mm, a motor with a maximum power of 145kW, and a cruising range of 330 kilometers under comprehensive working conditions.

In addition, intelligent network connection has always been an area that Xiaopeng Motors pays more attention to. G3 is equipped with dual current-facing cameras, binocular side-facing cameras, four surround view cameras, three millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and two in-cabin smart cameras. It will adapt to Chinese localized autopilot functions, among which the most The representative ability is full-scenario free parking: realizing full-scenario parking spot recognition with key and voice control, and fully automatic parking without manual intervention. The vehicle can be parked freely if there is no less than 40 cm in the front, rear or left and right sides, and it has common parking space memory and is equipped with 20 intelligent sensing devices.

In terms of Internet of Vehicles, Xiaopeng Motors G3 is equipped with iconic roof cameras and space cockpit; the cockpit is equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and 15.6-inch floating touch central control. The driver can control online music and map navigation through the intelligent voice system. , Real-time weather and vehicle status control. G3 also provides OTA cloud upgrade services, supports remote download and upgrade of various applications officially verified by Xiaopeng Motors, and realizes remote control of doors, windows and air conditioners through a dedicated APP, as well as vehicle monitoring and early warning.

In terms of charging, the official will first implement a 5-10km fast charging network layout in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and the Pearl River Delta region. In the future, Xiaopeng Motors will provide 1,000 self-built super charging stations, 10,000 self-built super charging piles, and 100,000 cooperative third-party charging stations to ensure that users can fully charge 80% of the battery in 20 minutes.

In the production process, Xiaopeng Motors adopts the model of Haima OEM and self-built factories and will invest in the construction of two bases. Among them, the Zhengzhou Xiaopeng Haima Intelligent Manufacturing Base is a joint investment of 3 billion yuan by Xiaopeng and Haima, and will enter the production stage at the end of 2018; the Zhaoqing Intelligent Manufacturing Base will be officially put into production at the end of 2019.