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[YesAuto Evaluation] When talking about Subaru, some car fans and friends will unanimously think of the blue Impreza racing car that gallops on rally tracks all over the world. Indeed, the Impreza WRX STI has engraved too many legendary performance colors for Subaru. Perhaps the most dazzling crossover wind is blowing in the world. Even the Outback has become a crossover SUV, so let the Impreza also cross it.

Regarding this Impreza XV and today’s Subaru XV, I need to explain that the entire Impreza car series has conventional hatchback, sedan, high-performance series WRX and WRX STI. In 2010, there was another crossover version, the Wing Leopard XV. The meaning of this XV is Cross Vehicle, which is similar to Cross Polo. It takes the hatchback impreza as the basis, increases the ground clearance, and is equipped with black plastic guards on the front and back. There is a luggage rack on the head. Well, this is why it is called Impreza's addition and subtraction.

Maybe it's that this product is a bit nondescript, or it's that car fans are really not interested in this Leopard. The market performance of Impreza XV can really be described as poor, and it was discontinued soon. Can not destroy the image of Impreza in the eyes of car fans, and reluctant to bear this market, the new model had to remove the word Impreza and pull out a branch, which is the Subaru XV in front of us. Although there is no Impreza in the name, it still uses the Impreza platform to raise the Impreza's chassis, straighten the front face, change the middle net, and set off again. (If you want to know about Impreza XV, please click on me)

Engine and transmission system

Let's take a look at the walking system of this Impreza cousin, the latest generation of horizontally opposed engine, with a maximum power of 150 horsepower at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 196 N·m at 4200 rpm.

Subaru XV has many styles, but the power system is relatively simple, so you can only choose 2.0 naturally aspirated engine. According to the book data, it is exactly the same as the Impreza 2.0 model, but after careful inspection of the data, it is found that the cylinder diameter and stroke are different, from 92*75mm to 84*90mm. The long-stroke small-bore design is adopted, and nothing can be driven normally. The only advantage of the change is that it can burn No. 93 gasoline (Beijing No. 92).

This LinearTronic continuously variable transmission is tuned very cleverly and sensitively. It uses a unique chain drive with automatic mode and 6-speed analog manual mode. Daily driving can indeed be called the little prince of fuel saving (100km/h is less than 1750rpm), and with a little bit of strength, the speed will be increased to 3000rpm, which is convenient for faster speed increase.

Speaking of handling, I think no one would doubt Subaru. The front McPherson + rear double-fork wishbone independent suspension plus the symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system make the overall suspension adjustment hard. This also makes us look forward to its performance when circling the pile in the test field. By the way, there is the controversial wheel, although the standard 17-inch wheel, but the shape is not big at all, full of strong auto parts city style. Very personal and weird. Some students may like it, but I can’t accept it. What do you think?

Fuel consumption test

After reading the hardware, let's take a look at all the test results of XV. Due to time constraints, this fuel consumption test has almost no congested road conditions, so this fuel consumption test is only part of the urban area, most of the highway tests, the fuel consumption is low, for reference only .

The total mileage of this fuel consumption test is 95.3 kilometers, and it consumes 6.44 liters of No. 93 fuel, so its fuel consumption value is 6.76/100km. The full load is one adult male driver and several photographic equipment. It was noon at the time of the test, and there were few cars on the road, and unobstructed loops and highways accounted for the vast majority, so the fuel consumption value was obviously lower than the actual usage. The situation in daily life is certainly not so optimistic. Although it is a CVT, four-wheel drive and 1.4 tons of weight are indisputable facts. This fuel consumption test is not a comprehensive fuel consumption test, it is for reference only. In the process of shooting with the car, the colleagues in the video team have a fuel consumption of about 8 which is basically close to the fuel consumption. If there is a chance, we will conduct a comprehensive fuel consumption test on the Subaru XV again.


It can be seen that the performance of Subaru XV in terms of noise is very satisfactory, except for the slightly higher noise at 120km/h, the others are good. In addition to the low-speed CVT gearbox, solid workmanship and materials are indispensable.

0-100km/h acceleration test

In the 0-100km/h acceleration test, the Subaru XV ran out of 11.5 seconds, which was similar to the 2.0CVT Qashqai (11.7 seconds) and was slightly slower. At the start, this full-time four-wheel drive system can quickly adjust the front and rear power distribution. There is no slippage of the wheels and no exhaust noise. The whole acceleration process is like a pot of plain boiled water. Although the CVT gearbox can provide a smooth acceleration curve, it always gives people a feeling of lack of strength.

Emergency brake test

Subaru XV's front and rear stiff suspension provides sufficient support, so that the center of gravity of the body does not move forward or nod, and the braking force and tire grip are both very good. From the initial stage of braking to complete stop, the G value has been maintained at a small fluctuation around -1G. The final score of 40.4 meters is relatively good for an SUV.

Driving experience

This 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine is usually enough for running in the city. When you need to overtake, you have to step on the accelerator to increase the speed to 4000-5000rpm, and you will feel a little sense of pushing back. Of course, you can also use the paddles behind the steering wheel to shift gears and control the shift speed by yourself.

As a crossover, the 220mm ground clearance of the Subaru XV is indeed a bit exaggerated, but it does not have the feeling of being elevated when driving, it is completely a sedan. The electronic assistance is moderate, and driving in the city is very pleasant.

The overall damping of the suspension is tough, which can clearly transmit the fine vibrations to the driver, and it can also give the body strong support in the corners. The suspension is a little sensitive, so that the speed bumps or some undulations on the road feel a bit bumpy, and there will be a little extra bouncing, so some points will be deducted from the comfort.

When winding the pile, the four-wheel drive system is very powerful. The whole car is tightly attached to the ground like a big octopus, and the power output can be adjusted in time for a slight slip. It can also be seen in the figure that the shock absorber has very good support for the body. In extreme cases, the side tilt is not very obvious, allowing the driver to drive the vehicle more stably. However, even the best chassis suspension cannot get rid of the disadvantage of a high center of gravity. When trying to increase the speed, XV will use ESP intervention (Subaru XV's ESP cannot be completely closed) to remind you, “I am not STI, brother You slow down”

If the XV is temporarily attributed to an SUV, the power of the XV is somewhat lagging compared to this easy-to-use four-wheel drive and chassis. The handling of most SUVs will kill the performance, but the XV is just the opposite. Before the corner, after the brakes slow down and enter the corner, when you step on the accelerator at the center of the corner and prepare to exit the corner, you will find that the power output seems to be slow. , The engine played the unique “Subaru horizontally opposed” sound, but couldn't keep up with the pace of the entire vehicle.

● Off-road experience and four-wheel drive system

Before going off-road, let's take a look at the overall situation of the Subaru XV and the four-wheel drive system, and find out the bottom line to better grasp the limits of the vehicle.

As a crossover, Subaru XV's various indicators can exceed some SUVs, especially the minimum ground clearance of 220mm, which has played a lot in the off-road field behind. After reading these indicators, let's understand the situation of the XV off-road test.

Detailed explanation of four-wheel drive system

Subaru XV is equipped with the latest generation of full-time four-wheel drive system with active torque distribution, and power is distributed to all four wheels at ordinary times. Subaru has added a bevel-tooth central differential to the transfer case with hard gear links, and the electronically controlled multi-plate differential in it is only responsible for adjusting the torque distribution of the front and rear axles, and cannot separate the front and rear axles, so the front and rear axles The axle will always get power. Under normal circumstances, the front and rear wheel power distribution is 70:30, which is a true full-time four-wheel drive structure.

The active torque distribution full-time four-wheel drive system directly outputs power to the central differential in the transfer case through the gearbox, and the central differential is then distributed to the front and rear axles through multiple clutches. The electronically controlled multi-piece differential accepts instructions from the computer, and adjusts the torque distribution at any time according to the road conditions, which is more reliable and practical.

The task of the central multi-disc clutch of the timely four-wheel drive model is responsible for transmission and disconnection. Usually the front drive, the front wheel slips, and the front and rear wheels have a speed difference when the multi-disc clutch is connected to become a four-wheel drive. But can not work for a long time, the clutch will automatically protect and separate after overheating.

During the actual test, when the XV climbed onto the steamed bun bag, the right rear wheel began to slip off the ground. The four-wheel drive system and the electronic auxiliary device adjusted the power distribution in time to brake the right rear wheel so that more power was output to the front wheel. And do the rear wheel. To explain one point, this four-wheel drive system of Subaru, the four-wheel independent electronic auxiliary braking effect is much more obvious than the electronic auxiliary braking effect of other urban SUVs.

Maybe everyone is not satisfied, so let's continue to look down. A small steamed bun bag, how to prevent the XV from advancing, so we took it to a slightly difficult off-road field, after a few projects, to see if the XV based on crossovers can cope with the test.

The shell crater simulates the cross axis. When the diagonal tires are off the ground, the suspended wheels start to slip. For about 1 second, the electronic assistance starts to intervene in the idling of the tires, outputting power to the frictional tires, so that the XV can get out of trouble.

Four-wheel drive performance summary

Subaru XV has not been difficult for several small projects. It can be said that it has completed the test beautifully and has a certain off-road ability. It can be regarded as one of the best in urban SUVs. Having said that, we are just showing the limits of the Subaru XV. It is not about how powerful an off-road vehicle is than off-road performance. After all, the XV is not for this purpose. He pays more attention to road performance. We don't usually recommend that you go to Sahuan on mud, big slopes, etc. After all, it is just an ordinary four-wheel drive, and it does not have too strong relief. Yes, I forgot to mention, such a good four-wheel drive system, 220mm ground clearance, can it be equipped with an uphill and downhill assistant? Well, maybe I asked too much.


The high temperature began to dissipate, and the sun began to darken with the end of the test work. It is time to make a summary for the Subaru XV. I used to think that the Subaru XV would overlap with its own Forester in size and price, thus grabbing its own customers, but the manufacturer said that the XV is more suitable than the Forester to play the role of recreational vehicles in the city, and consumers are younger. personalise.

Let’s talk about the most realistic price issues. I feel really kind for 199,800 to 232,800 yuan. Although there is nothing outstanding in the configuration, it is very practical. VDC dynamic stability system, knee airbags, 225 wide tires and 17-inch wheels The rims are all standard, and the real full-time four-wheel drive system in the same level is also incomparable to some timely four-wheel drive models. Of course, small flaws are inevitable: for example, this wheel is so avant-garde that I cannot accept it. At the same time, if the whole vehicle is imported, the maintenance and repair costs in the later period may be higher than those of competitors of the same level, and there may be times when the accessories are not complete. Students who are going to start should consider these aspects.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Subaru XV over its opponents?

We have selected several models with similar prices, Qashqai, Tiguan, and CRV. Several models are based on urban SUVs, with around 230,000 models. The following are comparisons with the Subaru XV (232,800) top-fitting models.

Qashqai 2012 2.0XV Dragon CVT 4WD (219,800)

The Qashqai's top-fitting model is less than the Subaru XV top-fitting (232,800) knee airbags, front electric seat heating, but more remote control keys, keyless start, automatic headlights, and the convenient and easy-to-use panoramic camera , At the same time, there is an advantage of 13,000 yuan in price. In addition, the maintenance costs in the later period are also relatively cheap. If the handling is not too important, Qashqai is indeed a good choice.

Tiguan 2012 1.8TSI Automatic Fashion Edition Front Drive (233,800)

At this price, the Tiguan can only choose front-wheel drive models, which cannot be compared with the XV's four-wheel drive. There are no front head airbags, rear airbags, knee airbags, xenon headlights, sunroofs, and navigation. There is only one more uphill assist (Autohold) and tire pressure monitoring. Volkswagen Tiguan has had crazy market demand since it was launched on the market. It is often the case that there is no car at a price. I don’t know if it really has no car or is there a car waiting for a price increase?

Honda CR-V 2.4 four-wheel drive luxury version (239,800)

Honda CR-V is the model with the largest displacement and the best space performance among several models, and of course the price is slightly more expensive. The configuration lacks xenon headlights, knee airbags and navigation system, in exchange for a larger space, 2.4L engine. However, the driving style is completely different from that of the XV. It is comfortable, comfortable and not so tight. A very hot city SUV, like the Tiguan, is very popular, and it is the best model that can be bought without a price increase.

Of course, there are many SUVs to choose from at this price, such as RAV4, Guide, Qijun and many other models. In the domestic SUV market with a high fever, it is not a simple matter to win a place. Subaru XV does bring Come with a sincerity, enough configuration, good looks, four-wheel drive and city SUV off-road performance that is one of the best in the city, and a kind price, but it will suffer in terms of space. I have listed the differences in configuration for you. How to weigh them depends on your fate.

Before the deadline, we learned from the car home market that there are basically no cars in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. It takes about 2 to 3 months to pick up the car, or even longer. The deposit is 10,000 yuan and there is no discount. If you place an order now, it is estimated that you will have to wait until eleven to pick up the car.

The Subaru XV store accepts scheduled pick-up cycles for two months (Beijing)

Subaru XV full range of non-present car bookings need to wait for half a year (Guangzhou)

Subaru XV stores temporarily no cars are currently not accepting reservations (Shanghai)