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[YesAuto Auto Race] Suppose you are driving a car with a severe oil leak from the front shock absorber and a rear tire pressure of 2.5 bar. What would you do? And this scene happened at the third time I participated in the “Hispeed I am the Drivers Grand Prix”. I won the championship in the previous two stops this year. This is the last stop and the most important stop to compete for the drivers championship and the constructors championship. . In this game, I continued to drive a Beverly car to compete in the 1800cc professional group.

This Hispeed I am the Drivers Grand Prix is of great significance to me. This is the second race I have participated in since I joined the car home. The first race is to participate in the CRC Dengfeng Station of the China Rally Championship. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical failure, it ended up with a retirement. It was also introduced on the website of Autohome. For details, please refer to the article “Songshan Lunjian 2015 CRC Rally Championship Dengfeng Station”. I can't retire from this touring car race, so my requirement of this race is that the result is not important and finishing the race is the key.

Let me briefly introduce myself here. Maybe many of my partners don’t know me well. My name is Wang Tao. I am a standard post-80s. I started to participate in motor sports events at a very young age. I have participated in formula races, touring car races, etc. The high cost gave up the road of professional racing, but with the dream of racing in my heart, I decided to start promoting the cultural concept of civilian racing, lowering the threshold of racing, so that everyone can participate. I have used BYD, Baojun and other domestic cars to start. The journey of civilian racing culture has paid off, and I have won many championship titles in domestic racing cars. I have participated in the China Rally Championship since 2014, and the results have been very impressive. Now the folks who love racing are all kind. Call me “The God of Tao”. But every time I joked, please call me “Tao Shen Jing disease”.

Through the first picture, you may have paid attention to my racing car. Yes, it is a well-known Citroen Fukang car. You may ask why I use Fukang as a racing car? I will tell you sincerely because it is cheap and has a lot of room for modification. Here is the most realistic example. It only costs 8,000 yuan to buy this car, and it costs about 80,000 to 100,000 yuan to convert it into an entry-level racing car. On this basis, you can participate in the competition, which is a good platform for realizing your dreams. In addition, collisions will inevitably occur while driving the car. The accessories of the Beverly car are also very cheap, so I choose Beverly as my car. I have made extensive efforts to modify this car. Regarding vehicle modification, you can refer to the previous article “Champion-level Civilian Beverly Race” by Car House, which is a special shot of this car. The brief introduction takes up everyone's time, so let's get back to business.

Preparatory work before the race is indispensable, and you must be well prepared. During the last race, the gearbox 5th gear was broken, and the highest gear was only 4th gear, but fortunately, I kept running through the race and won the championship. This race is determined not to happen again. A brand-new gearbox gear was ordered very early before the race. This brand-new gear is very different from the original gear. Listen to me slowly. First of all, this set The gears are designed with straight teeth. The advantage of straight teeth wheels is that they can directly transmit power. There will be no power loss in the power transmission of civilian cars. However, straight teeth wheels also have disadvantages, that is, the body feels more frustrated when shifting gears. . In addition, there is a very loud noise. As the engine speed increases, the noise of the gears also follows. Of course, this kind of noise is a wonderful note for me. This set of gears is also my most proud of. The state of the field is reasonably calculated. The maximum design speed of the gear is 180 kilometers per hour. When the car is driving at the end of the straight line, it is just the maximum power output speed of 5 gears. Whether it is a straight-line speed increase or a reasonable gear for entering a corner, this set of straight teeth Both rounds can be taken care of.

The preparation of lubricating oil is also indispensable. This time I have prepared competitive-grade engine lubricants and competitive-grade transmission lubricants for the racing. During the race, the operation of the engine will always be at its limit, and the engine and transmission gears will always Keep in the high speed range, at this time, we must consider the anti-wear protection of the hardware facilities. The competitive grade oil will protect the engine, while also ensuring the output power, controlling the working temperature, and helping the driver to achieve good results in a stable manner. The choice of transmission oil It is also particularly important, because this time the gearbox gear is replaced with straight teeth, which is a test of resistance to wear and cooling. The choice of 75W140 gearbox oil is to have a high viscosity to allow the gear itself to be fully lubricated, and at the same time Resist the high temperature brought by high speed. Competitive grade oil is more expensive than daily oil, and it can guarantee the power output of the engine under extreme working conditions. Of course, it has a shorter service life due to the formula.

Race tires are serious consumables, so new tires need to be replaced. Here is a brief introduction to professional knowledge. Currently, the tires you see are in a severely worn state on the left and brand new on the right. This tire is the race Special hot-melt tires, without any pattern, are commonly known as “bald tires”. They have a large ground contact area and can improve a wide grip. Of course, bald tires are also divided into soft, hard, and neutral tires. This time, the organizing committee uniformly provided and requested the purchase of Hankook neutral tires, and the single price is 1,860 yuan. The service life of such a brand new tire is only 80-100 kilometers. Also refer to the driver's technology and the vehicle's chassis tuning. The size calibration of racing tires is different from that of civilian tires. Take the tires I bought as an example. The tires are labeled 190/570 R15. 190 is the tire width in millimeters. 570 is not the aspect ratio, but the outer diameter of the tire. The same is millimeters. R15 is the outer diameter of the rim, in inches. You may ask what reference basis is used to determine that this tire is worn to the limit? There are small grooves for wear on the tires. When the grooves are invisible, the tires are worn to the limit.

After installing two brand new tires, you may be wondering why there are only two tires. To be honest, the tires are really too expensive, and the old tires saved in the previous two races can be used. The new tires are reserved for the race. , Free practice games can use old tires, saving first.

After preparing the tires in the morning, I drove to the racetrack in the afternoon to participate in the administrative inspection and driver's meeting before the race. Because there are many races in the racetrack during November, we parked the car in front of the clubhouse, which is convenient for management and also convenient for participating in the next A game, this can also save a lot of towing costs. This club is opened by a driver of our team. He loves motorsports very much. So he opened such a club in the racing track. There are two floors in total. The upper floor is for living and the downstairs is his studio.

I received a call from the trailer master and went to the parking lot to greet my car. Every time I participate in a race, I will use a trailer to transport the car. Some friends may question me, why didn’t I drive it by myself? Here is an explanation for everyone, my The car does not have normal license procedures and can only be driven in a closed racing circuit. In addition, many parts of the car are competitive versions. Driving on the road will damage the parts. The most important thing is that you must not illegally use the road to reduce the traffic pressure on social roads. .

The exterior painting of the racing car is a popular starry sky graffiti. This graffiti was added on my last stop. The reason why I added this painting is to increase attention. When it comes to this, I have to mention the sad past, my previous racing car. The face value is too low, I am not handsome, and the car is not handsome. Every time my friends in the media do not take pictures for me. Even if I win the championship, there are only text reports. The pictures start from the second place. After I realized this, , Determined to change. However, with limited funds, a sticker made of domestically produced material was used. Whoever wanted to rework it for repair after a summer was opened.

The organizing committee has finished the administrative inspection and the driver’s meeting at night, and the team mechanic is inspecting my car. Before each race, we must carry out rigorous inspection work to ensure the next day’s race.

After checking the car, clean up all the oil in the car and replace it with new ones tomorrow. Take a good rest tonight to welcome tomorrow’s race. The mechanic team will also finish today’s work and go back to rest as soon as possible because of tomorrow’s race. At the beginning, there may be emergencies, maybe tomorrow night will have to work overtime. The car number for this station is 177, 1 represents the 1800cc professional group, and 77 is the entry number.

This car is a famous champion car that I spent a lot of thought in building in 2013. Up to now, I have participated in four touring car races. Due to work reasons, I only participated in one in 2013, and in 2014 I also participated in only one due to work reasons. , I participated in two consecutive games in 2015. In these four games, I won the title of the 1800CC professional group. For me, I won four consecutive championships. Whether this station can create another miracle is an unknown in my heart. At this time The mood is very messy. In fact, I really want to win five consecutive championships, but I am afraid of not being able to get out of the shadow of retiring. Let us pray for good luck and look forward to tomorrow.

● Qualifying on the second day

Today is the first day of the official competition. All cars will be divided into groups for practice and qualifying. After grouping, you will know the number of cars in this group. Of course, you can also know the status of cars in the same group on the track. , Based on years of experience, I can estimate the approximate lap time of other drivers. In this way, I will know a lot. The strength of every driver cannot be underestimated.

This Mitsubishi Pajero Jinchang is my work car. This car was purchased at the beginning of this year. I bought this car because of the plot. I used to be a trainer. I performed the launch of this car. Seven days of contact made me determined to own it. Its powerful off-road ability, rich hardware configuration, and beautiful and domineering appearance are the driving force that makes me love and courage. After hard work, I finally own this car. As of now I have ran 20,000 kilometers. I am still very sure of its performance during the 20,000 kilometers of use. The V-type 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine runs very reliably, and the line of sight is very good when driving this car (because I am short) It feels like riding a Harley motorcycle and listening to music while cruising. It’s a great feeling. It’s my partner to accompany and protect me in the race.

During the game, there may be insufficient tools. Years of game experience and good hands-on ability prompted me to have a set of professional tools of my own. Of course, these tools are also very expensive. My ability is by no means a one-off. The purchases are the result of accumulation over time. The so-called value of breaking a family may be such a meaning. Another reason is that I am currently participating in professional competitions and my opponents are very strong. Under the fierce competition, I have to test the overall skills of the drivers. A little more carefulness is one step closer to the championship.

The first job in the morning is to change the engine oil for the car. I will use a brand new competition-grade engine oil every time I race. The price of 200 yuan a liter really gives me a headache, but I want to make sure that during the race this weekend, the engine has a very good engine. Good power output performance, even if it is expensive, you have to buy it. To make a little science popularization for everyone, this car currently has a total mileage of about 350 kilometers. In the extreme state of this 350 kilometers, the viscosity index and temperature of the oil are very important. The higher the viscosity is not correct in the game, because the engine piston movement resistance will increase, affecting the power output. The oil temperature can be monitored by the sensor. Usually the oil temperature of the car should not exceed 125 degrees Celsius. The best state is between 105 degrees Celsius and 115 degrees Celsius. Excessive oil temperature will cause the oil film viscosity to decrease, and the engine pistons cannot be fully lubricated. In extreme cases, the engine The piston will strain the surface of the cylinder wall. In addition, after the oil is filled, do not just watch the oil dipstick or watch it through the trip computer. It is recommended to start the engine for 10 seconds, and then pay attention to the oil position again after the engine is turned off.

This insignificant mysterious boy who pasted the car body advertisement made me bluff me with a high pitch. The weird boy is Lin Yan, the headline media person of racing. My good friend, the guy is very young and loves motorsports. He has a stupid enthusiasm, according to me. I understand that no matter what the racing game is, only he will go to report when he has time. At the same time, he is also the official report of the competition. After being stopped by me, he said to me with an innocent look: “Brother Tao, can I post a car advertisement?” Of course there is no problem.” “Are you sure? My sticker size is a bit big this time!”

Hispeed I am a driver. The Grand Prix is a professional event supervised by the China Automobile Federation. Car inspection before the race is an indispensable part. These referees in yellow vests will carry out safety inspections on the car, and the lights, wipers, and headlights will be inspected every step of the way. Every safety modification of the roll cage, fire extinguisher, and seat belt must be strictly checked. The purpose is to protect the safety of the drivers and ensure the smoothness of the race.

This Porsche racing car comes from the Beijing JRM team and has just participated in the car inspection. You may have questions, why do you want to push the cart forward? Let me explain here: According to the rules of the touring car race, the car is only allowed to drive in the forward direction on the track and the pit lane during the race, and all roads except the track and pit lane must be assisted by external forces. All are for safety reasons, because there are many people and vehicles in the backyard, and accidental injuries are inevitable. At present, only such a large team will still follow the original rules of the touring car race. In addition to participating in the race, many new drivers have thrown these rules out of their minds early.

The driver is called Wang Yue, an out-and-out man in science and engineering. He likes to study a series of things about circuits, even the power bank is made by himself. Seeing that he is so handsome now, it is hard for everyone to imagine that he was originally a big fat man with a weight of 200 kilograms, and he was thinning into the present shape for the dream of racing. What courage and motivation drive him. The girl standing on the side is his legal husband and wife, and has been silently supporting Wang Yue. When Wang Yue was driving the car on the field, his wife was worried and looking forward to it. When Wang Yue returned from the car, he caught up. It is very enviable to take care of it. It coincided with the 11th Golden Week that the husband and wife came to the competition again. This time Wang Yue drove the new Elysee car of the VTS-168 team. I wish him all the best.

You can still see large teams carrying professional equipment on the racing track. In fact, this is also a manifestation of the team's service consciousness. The driver must relax in the team's state, and the team's service must make the drivers feel at home. The relationship between the team manager and the mechanic team and the drivers must be like relatives, so that the drivers can race with peace of mind. The current work is for the team members to show the time signs to the drivers so that the drivers can understand his own lap time. The number 1 represents the unit of minutes, and the number 26 below represents the unit of seconds. This set of numbers represents that the car’s lap time is 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Prepare the tools, start changing the tires, replace the two new tires on the front wheels, and prepare to participate in qualifying. Qualifying is a very important part of the touring car race. The so-called qualifying is to compete for the starting position of the official race tomorrow. Drivers in the front of the parking space have a better chance to compete for the championship.

When I removed the front wheel and prepared to change the tire, a thunderbolt in the sky lay before me. The competitive nitrogen cylinder shock absorber leaked oil! At this time, I was very nervous, a little impulsive to curse, this is a high-end product! How will the next qualifying and tomorrow's race run? The front shock absorber is too important to me. The vigorous straight braking and high-speed cornering all rely on it to support the body. Now it is leaking oil. Isn't this kidding me! At that time, I was very emotionally depressed, and years of experience in the field helped me adjust my mentality. I can understand it after thinking about it. After all, it has been 2 years since I bought it in October 2013. Even the race took part in the track day run on weekdays. 3000 kilometers, the competition-level shock absorber works hard, and the oil seal really needs to be maintained.

In line with the principle of having enough food and clothing, I basically can solve it by myself without bothering the team mechanics. There are many vehicles in the fleet, and sometimes I can’t be busy. It’s good to do it myself to relieve the work pressure of the mechanic. When installing the rear wheels, I want to adjust the chassis to alleviate the oil leakage of the front shock absorber.

After calm thinking, I came up with the best way to temporarily alleviate the oil leakage problem of the shock absorber. The initial tire pressure of the rear hot melt tires was increased from 2.2bar to 2.5bar, and the sliding of the tail was used to cooperate with the throttle. Relieving the support load of the front wheels, but it is a challenge for me, usually racing tire pressure will be set to 1.8bar-2.0bar. Although I am a driver who likes to over-steer, I haven't tried 2.5bar. It is important to know that the initial tire pressure is 2.5bar, which means that the rear wheel pressure will be close to 3.0bar when the car is driving on the track. Rolling friction will generate temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the tire pressure… As the qualifying race approaches, I can’t think of that much. Let’s just do it. The situation of catching the ducks on the shelves. Looking back, it feels like back then. I'm quite a man. There are two answers in my mind. Success means competing for the championship tomorrow on pole position. Failure means unsatisfactory results. Tomorrow, we will run steadily and finish the race steadily. let us wait and see!

Qualifying was a bit unfavorable at the beginning. After the first lap of warm-up, I predicted that the vehicle was in normal condition and was ready to start doing results. The second lap started to speed up, but due to the high rear tire pressure, the tire surface temperature was too low. There was a serious loss of control on the big curve. The car entered a left U-shaped curve at a speed of 125 kilometers per hour. The cornering state was good. When driving to the middle of the curve, the rear wheel lost its grip due to excessive inertia. The ground force, the vehicle was out of control, and the front of the car was facing the retaining wall. I immediately used my driving skills to correct it, forming a very exciting drifting action, and finally the perfect rescue car went on. After losing control, the temperature of the rear wheels has also increased. I was a little scared of this way of increasing the temperature of the rear wheels. I took a deep breath in straight time and continued qualifying. The previous bold attempt was verified in the subsequent qualifying. , The rear of the car is very flexible. By controlling the throttle and direction, you can easily corner at high speed to relieve the painful fact of shock absorber oil leakage, but you must always be alert. If you are not careful, you may lose control again. After driving 7 laps, the audience Waving the red flag, there was an accident on the track. After the qualifying session, all the cars drove back to the pit lane, but in these 7 laps I had made the best lap time. The rule of qualifying is to take one lap within the specified time. The fastest lap time was the qualifying result, and finally qualified for the pole position of tomorrow's race with a time of 1:16.3.

After the qualifying, the drivers exchanged driving experience together and told about the fun conditions on the track. Competitors on the track and very good friends off the track. This kind of enjoyable scene is very good. After all, everyone is on the track. Being together is for fun. Racing is not a profession, and it is difficult to become a profession. They are a group of like-minded friends. Together is to enjoy the weekend and enjoy the fun of racing. Don't compete viciously.

At this time, the racing track became quieter and empty compared to the daytime. The drivers went back to rest early after the qualifying session. Even the staff who were finally removed from the track also left the racing track. Only the cars and those who were left were left. Commissioning mechanics, they will continue to work for tomorrow's race. Drivers who have problems in qualifying hand over the car to the mechanics for repair and commissioning. In fact, they are the hardest people, and often the heroes behind the scenes are the most respectable people. They silently carry the growth of the team and selflessly lay the foundation for the glory of the drivers.

● The third day of the race

I came to the racing track very early on the race day. In fact, there was still a certain amount of pressure. This should be a very interesting race. When the race started today, the four cars behind me were all from the same team. Formulate the strategy and tactics to welcome me.

When I arrived at the racing track, I found that many on-site teams had already begun preparations. In fact, everyone would work hard at this station, because the annual award is involved. The joy of the drivers is the trophy of the race, and the joy of the team is the annual team award. This is also the case. Each powerful team has worked hard for one year.

Although I was under great pressure, I was very happy. I wiped the car clean in the morning. After debugging the VBOX on-board audio and video system in the car, I checked everything I could think of and waited for the official race to come.

This time, my colleague and good buddy Yan Chuang joined me to participate in the Hispeed I am the Drivers Grand Prix. He also drives a Beverly car. Our two brothers are competing in the same category. Before the race, Porsche Driving Coach Yang Lei was giving Yan Chuang his final advice. After all, this was only Yan Chuang’s second touring car race.

The race started right away, and I also put on my equipment and got ready to enter the car. My good friend Yang Lei was by my side all the time. Since today is the race day, many good friends came to visit me, and they also sent their blessings.

Suddenly a very familiar voice came from behind, “Brother Tao, let's take a picture together”, the voice came out with a bend, and I responded “Brother Shan” without turning my head. Her name is Dou Yushan. Her love for racing can be explained by her obsession. Although she is a girl, she has the perseverance that many boys don’t. She used to be a very good car salesman. Now she is trying to become an excellent female driver. Maybe everyone I will misunderstand that it is my girlfriend, but I am sorry that it is not. She is a very important good friend in my life. She has a boy character. We are all called brothers and brothers. Her coming makes me feel pressured because I can’t run. Okay, she will run on me again for a while.

As soon as I got into the car, I was happily silly. I started to imagine the various scenes of the start of the race for a while. The following four cars of the same team put a lot of pressure on me. If I don’t start well, I will be overtaken. In that case, It must be particularly uncomfortable to strike back and forth. Even if I started off smoothly and successfully separated from the car behind, what should I do when I encountered a bad gearbox 5th gear at the last station? I thought about all the unexpected events that I could encounter during the three minutes I was sitting in the car. Once again. Finally, tell yourself that you will be at ease if you come.

I parked the car into the first row of the grid, and my good friends accompanied the car. In fact, I want to compete for the championship, but I am more afraid of retiring because the previous rally has already been retired. This race is very important to me. Let's run first, so as not to change.

Behind me is the car of the GCM team. This car is a modern car retired from the CTCC China Touring Car Championship. The super-strong chassis base makes the whole car unmatched. The most powerful point is that the gearbox of this car is a 6-speed sequential gearbox. The gearbox alone is 0.1 seconds faster than me for every gear change. Driving a lap requires 16 additions and subtractions to shift gears, and everyone can see the gap very intuitively.

The third place on the grid was also a Yaris retired from the CTCC China Touring Car Championship. The gearbox was also a 6-speed serial. The driver who drove this car was known as the “Shaanxi Car King”. He was the closest to my lap time. Rider.

The strength of the new Fit GK5 race car from the Fancy team cannot be underestimated. Although the engine of this race car has not been upgraded, the chassis control, body weight reduction, and transmission of the transmission are all well done. The attention of the new Fit is getting higher and higher, and many drivers choose it as a racing car. There will definitely be a single model group in the near future.

At this time, I’m working on a strategy for a short start. Because the front shock absorber leaks oil and the rear tire pressure is too high, driving in the first few corners of the first lap is very important. I want to take advantage of the pole position to pass the first The driving rhythm of the circle and the driving route restrain the attack of the car behind. I also have to drive carefully, because the rear tire pressure is high and the temperature is too low, and it is easy to lose control and flick. Based on experience, I can imagine the state of the car in the corner, and there is an optimal route in my heart. Come here, horse.

When the referee showed the 5-second signal light countdown card, I had engaged the first gear and adjusted the clutch pedal to the best coupling point. When the five signal lights were all off, I led all the cars at a speed like a sword. Rushing to the first corner, I started from the left lane. The first corner was a right turn. With the advantage of strong power output, I used the technology of diagonal starting to successfully block the car behind.

When I started the race, I saw through their tactics, and they used the third-placed Yaris to attack me. The Hyundai racing car in second place has no obstacles, and the Yaris racing car successfully jumped to second place. The Yaris racing driver is very experienced, but I blocked his attack with the advantage of the line.

What I didn't want happened, because the rear wheels didn't have working temperature, and the tail flick occurred out of control at the third corner, and the car was rescued decisively, but the time was still lost, and the advantage of pulling apart was finally reduced. Let's take a look at the situation at that time through a video.

After successfully blocking the car behind, I gradually adjusted my mentality, carefully controlled the state of the car in the corners, tried my best to ensure that the car did not flick, and used the advantage of straight-line power to extend the distance.

During the race, I drove 12 laps in total. During the race, I kept a distance from the car behind and kept a good attitude and drove steadily. I started to lap the slow car on the 9th lap. In fact, I am more worried about the slow lap. According to the rules, when the following car is laps, the car in front should take the initiative to give the best driving route, but if the slow car is driving experience Fewer drivers make it easy to collide with improper cars. In that case, I'll give up all my efforts. The more I don’t think about it, the more I come. When he is about to surpass the Shandong brother, he will not let the car and still adopt defensive tactics against me, but I can’t wait! Because the car behind has gradually narrowed the distance, after blocking two corners, I was ready to overtake forcibly, at most it would damage a front bumper! At this moment, the Shandong brother lost control in the corner due to tension, and I succeeded in overtaking. At this time, the car behind was already very close to me, and a little closer could start the offensive mode. After the game, I ran like a rabbit, and he chased like a hungry wolf. Under pressure, I finally took advantage of the straight line power to lead the whole game to win the championship. I also created my personal best lap record during the entire race, 1 minute 15 seconds 9. Please enjoy the on-board video.

Later, I recalled why I could run so fast with a car in such a bad condition. The conclusion is that in the process of leading the race, adjust your mentality, control the rhythm, and take technical actions early, so that the performance of the car in the corners will become linear, naturally. It will be fast.

Once again I stopped the car in the championship area, and I was very excited at this time. I completed the task, won my five consecutive championships, and successfully won the annual championship.

When the awards were awarded, I had already greeted the other two drivers. Don't spray the champagne, and send them to the dry cleaners for cleaning. The two followed my request and went down with the trophies after the awards.

According to the requirements of the organizing committee's car inspection rules, after the race, the car needs to be sent to the closed area of the organizing committee for technical inspection. Since mine is a professional car, an air restrictor valve needs to be added in front of the throttle according to the rules of the race. The function of the restrictor valve is to control the air flow rate, narrow the power gap of each car, and try to be fair and just.

I have won three trophies in a row for this little golden man. Every time I participate in the competition, I can win the championship. Behind every little golden man is the crystallization of hard work. I thank my family, leaders and friends for their support and trust. I also thank the team. Friends up and down, because of your hard work, you have such a beautiful return, so continue to work hard.

Packed up my equipment, and took the little golden man to drive my work car home. Through the above introduction, maybe everyone will say that I am obsessive-compulsive disorder, maybe everyone will say that I am a Virgo personality problem. I just want to tell everyone that these are not. I just want to try my best to do everything well, think thoroughly about all emergencies, and subdivide every important thing, whether it’s being a person or doing things, even if it’s just playing. Be rigorous and meticulous. Each race will attract a lot of spectators and fans. Here I wish the race will be better and better and attract more friends who love racing. Of course, I also wish that I will achieve better results in my future racing career. Long but never stop!