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[YesAuto Motorcycle] The KTM Orange Day event was ended not long ago, and the Spring Breeze Motorcycle Event Day followed. The venue can be regarded as the hometown of Spring Breeze—Ningbo International Circuit. The event lasts for a whole day until the evening. , So that all participants had enough of this motorcycle addiction.

Chunfeng Motors has been established as early as 1989, and this year is exactly the 30th anniversary. From the early “groping and manufacturing” to independent research and development, not only medium displacement street cars, touring motorcycles, etc., but also large displacement ATV and UTV models have been introduced, and even aftermarket services such as original factory modification and cycling apparel are covered. .

The Spring Breeze Day event attracted nearly 3,000 people to participate. After the opening, Chunfeng Power officially organized car owners to take a track cruise to mobilize everyone’s emotions. No matter 150NK or Chunfeng 400NK and 650 street cars, GT, state guests, and even UTV models also participated. among them.

How can such a grand brand day event lack the appearance of new cars? Chunfeng announced the first 250-class imitation racing model. The official did not give much information. Let's analyze it briefly through the appearance. First of all, the vehicle uses a steel tube woven frame, and the body fairing is relatively full. The actual vehicle does not look thin, and the design style is somewhat aggressive.

Since it is only a prototype car, you can see the front Brcmbo brake calipers, Scorpio (Akrapovic) exhaust, two very attractive configurations in this imitation race, of course, it should not appear in the production car. However, you can also see some of the configurations that mass-produced cars should have, such as: inverted front vibration reduction, electronic information screen, and separate handlebars.

Chunfeng began to gradually enrich the types of models on the basis of a variety of displacement street cars, so this car is just the beginning of the Chunfeng imitation racing model, and it is expected that different displacement imitation racing cars will be launched in the future. At present, the official has not given a specific time to market and price. According to the pricing of 250NK, it is estimated that the imitation model will not exceed 25,000.

In addition to the release of the new car that has attracted everyone’s attention, another exciting link is the special performance throughout the event. The special knight is still indispensable by the domestic cyclist Hu Hai, and there are two special riders from Europe, each of which has its own style. Everyone has their own unique skills, the vehicles used 250 and 650NK, as well as UTV models.

A variety of interactive projects were also held at the event site to allow all the riders to participate. Everyone can participate in riding activities such as drag races, field test drives, figure-of-eight exercises and track experience. Each link is equipped with professional riding coach guidance and guidance, which allows many car owners and potential users to well reflect the fun and technology of riding.

The Spring Breeze Day activities lasted until the end of the evening with a music carnival. It seems that Chunfeng motorcycles do not only stop at the production and sales aspects. As domestic manufacturers, they want to integrate motorcycles into the lives of every consumer, so that two wheels not only stay in traffic. In terms of tools, more is to enjoy riding safely. (Part of Zhu Xuran's material from Wen Auto Home comes from Chunfeng Power)