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[YesAuto Race] May 27th, 2013 “Che Zu Xizhong·800 Million Tire Cup” Zaozhuang Xuecheng National Auto Field Off-road Championship came to a successful conclusion, Liban Battery Team Ma Miao and Haval Team Lu Xuebin respectively won the gasoline modification group and For the champion of diesel conversion group, Chery team took the top two in the gasoline group, and Jiahe Xing's driver Xu Jianzhong won the diesel group championship.

Gasoline/diesel conversion group

In the gasoline refitting group, Ma Miao of Liban Battery Team won the championship because of stable performance and the fewest mistakes. Li Pengcheng won the runner-up trophy for the Jiahe Xingsan MIZUHO Lubricant Team.

The new lineup of the Harvard team that played in this race performed well in Xuecheng. Although Lu Xuebin made a mistake in a right turn, he did not lose much time and finally won a championship trophy for the team. The runner-up was won by his teammate Qiao Xu, and the Haval team also won the team championship in the group as hoped.

Gasoline/diesel group

Although Tao Pengfei, the captain of Chery Tiggo Racing Team, retired due to a mistake on the bilateral bridge, Jiang Guofan of Chery Tiggo Racing Team still won the gasoline category by an absolute advantage. The driver superintendent representing Chery Tyrannosaurus rex team won the runner-up, and the No. 61 driver Lu Binglong won a third runner-up trophy for the Jiangsu Jena ATV team.

In the diesel competition, the Jiahe Xingsan MIZUHO lubricant team easily won the top two. The team captain Xu Jianzhong won the group championship without any suspense, and teammate Zhou Weibin's performance was equally good, and together they won the team with a huge point advantage. Won the team’s category championship. In addition, the third and fourth places were Xiao Pei of Zao Mine Shuntong Changan Automobile Yidao Team and Zhou Linping of Jiahe Xingchan Haikeng Team.

In addition, the top three in the Gasoline Club Cup are Chery Tyrannosaurus Rex Team, Jiangsu Jena All-Terrain Vehicle Team, and Liaoning Dahe Heavy Steel Off-Road Rally Team. The top three in the Diesel Club Cup are the Jiahe Xingsan MIZUHO Lubricant Team, Jiahe Xingsan Haikeng Team, and Shandong Dongming Wanbang Expedition Team. The top three of the gasoline refit group club cup are Liban Battery Team, Lions Battery Racing Team, and Feng Shuiliang Off-Road Team. The top three in the Diesel Refitting Club Cup are Haval Racing Team, Fengshuiliang Off-Road Racing Team, and Zao Mine Shuntong Changan Automobile Yidao Team. The top three in the Rookie Club Cup are the China Off-Road Network Media Team, Liaoning An Lixin Team, and Liaoning Dahe Heavy Steel Off-Road Rally Team. The first place in the Gasoline Manufacturers Cup was won by the Chery Tiggo Racing Team, and Shandong Dongming Wanbang Expedition Team Rong Panpan won the Women's Cup.

More wonderful pictures:

After the end of the 2013 “Che Zu Xi Zhong·800 Million Tire Cup” Xuecheng National Auto Track Cross Country Championship, the next race will be held in Huairou, Beijing from July 12th to 15th. Friends in Beijing and the surrounding areas can have the opportunity A glimpse of this car race with the most local Chinese characteristics.