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[YesAuto technology] Recently, a Tesla MODEL S caught fire in a supercharger station in Norway and burned down completely. There is no doubt that this accident is not good news for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is still immersed in the joy of the successful recovery of the “Falcon 9” rocket.

On December 21st, US Eastern Time, Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, successfully launched the Falcon 9 (Falcon 9) rocket at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and successfully completed the first 10 minutes after liftoff. First-level rocket recovery mission. This is the first orbital vehicle that can realize the vertical recovery of a first-stage rocket.

The success of Falcon 9 did not bring the same good luck to Elon Musk’s Tesla. Through the social network platform, the photo of this Tesla MODEL S that caught fire in Norway was quickly spread all over the world. According to the owner, he just parked the car next to the charging pile of the super charging station, plugged in the charging cable and left, and then something terrible happened.

When the vehicle is burning, there are sparks similar to the explosion of electrical equipment or batteries. It is understood that when the firefighters arrived at the scene, they did not choose to act blindly at the first time, but implemented the fire fighting after assessing the situation on the scene.

It can be seen that the structure of the aluminum alloy car of the Tesla MODEL S after the combustion has been burned by the fire, and more of the high-strength steel structure remains. At present, the cause of the fire is still under investigation, and we will make further reports in the future.