[YesAuto Review] Compact and smaller SUVs are very popular in China. New products appear every year to stimulate people’s desire to buy. Consumers are a bit like waiting for the Spring Festival Gala, knowing that it’s impossible to be perfect. Expectantly.

The Peugeot 3008 tested today was landed in China as an importer in December 2010. I also published a test report in 2011. The panoramic sunroof and 1.6T engine are very flattering, but as an imported car, it is difficult. Find its place in the same-level market where there are many joint venture products. In January 2013, the domestically produced 3008 went on the market. It only took a little more than two years from importing to domestically produced. This is really fast for Dongfeng Peugeot. Changing the gearbox for the 408 is slower than this. The urgency of the manufacturers can be seen.

Here we have to talk about the general background. Over the years, people have been repeatedly brainwashed by mainstream models such as CR-V and Tiguan, and they have a unified concept of the price of joint venture SUVs: “How can you buy a joint venture SUV for two hundred and forty-five thousand yuan”, 3008 horizontal It is empty, the minimum is 159,700, and the top match is less than 220,000, so Dongfeng Peugeot suddenly has the capital to compete head-to-head with Honda and Volkswagen.

To sum up, as long as you plan to start a joint venture brand SUV in the near future, the Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 will come into your sight anyway. For the first time, I think the evaluation article has such strong practical significance and social attributes.

Back to the product itself, the price is much lower than that of its competitors. Is it really good quality and cheap? Let's take a comprehensive look at it below. What we got is a red test car, the 2013 1.6THP automatic version. In order to adapt to the aesthetics of Chinese consumers, the appearance of the 3008 has been changed. The guiding ideology is: more restrained and more refined.

Introverted is reflected in the exaggerated big mouth replaced by a delicate little mouth, and the exquisiteness is reflected in the addition of a large number of chrome-plated decorative strips. Overall, the 3008 made in China is indeed easier to be accepted. Unlike the imported version, some people say that it is very good-looking. People say it is weird. I will no longer make a highly subjective judgment here. I suggest you click here to enter the picture library and take a look at the photos. In fact, the best choice is to find the nearest 4S shop and take a look at the real car.

Interior experience

The interior of the cabin is a very colorful part of the 3008. The interior has a very unique style and uses many fighter-like details. The success of the design is that even though you and I have never piloted a fighter, you will still blurt out: This car is really like a fighter. …

In addition to the fighter style, one thing is more pleasing for daily use: this car has a pretty good interior lighting environment and a wide field of vision. You can see that the A-pillar is very slanted and the windshield is large. At this time, I am Think of the cancelled, truly panoramic skylight, what an ecstasy configuration it is.

It's not enough to be convincing just to look good. In addition to the visual effects, the materials, workmanship, and feel of the 3008's interior have reached the same level of leadership, and the compactness of the components is slightly lower than that of the public.

The trip computer control buttons are designed at the bottom left of the center console and below the knee of the left leg. If you want to press them, you have to bend down to explore, which is not easy to use. However, the small button on the top of the wiper lever behind the steering wheel can also switch the trip computer. It shows that the French design is really weird.

In addition, there are some unique designs in the interior of the 3008. The way of thinking of the French is very different from that of the Chinese. There are some things that we really need to adapt to. I call them “unconventional designs”. The good news is that these designs also have them. Part of it is actually to improve the convenience of use, and I will talk about it later when I talk about the space.


The seating space of the 3008 is not large, it is at the mid-level of the same level. Fortunately, it has good lighting to make up for it. At least the pleasant mood of the front passenger is still guaranteed.

Unexpectedly, the cancellation of the panoramic sunroof also has a positive side. The designer made a large depression on the top of the rear passenger's head, so that the rear head space is greatly increased, and the sense of depression is not so strong.

Storage space

Storage space is the strength of the 3008. There should be a lot of storage slots on the front and rear door panels, storage slots in the center console, and front and rear cup holders. There are also some highlights to talk about, such as the huge central armrest box.

The volume of the central armrest box is the largest in its class I have seen. On the day of the test, all the small things that I brought with me can be put in, even a 2-liter large cola is not a problem, but there are also problems, because the box is protruding underneath. Deep, close to the gearbox, and there is no air conditioning vent inside, the temperature is not low after driving for a long time.

I did a small experiment. The temperature was 16℃ that day. When the car started cold, the temperature of the bottom of the box was 19.6℃. After driving 76.8 kilometers on the road, it took one and a half hours without any blockage. I measured the temperature of the bottom of the box again and it rose to 32.2. Degree, put your arm in, you can feel a significant warming. I think it's not suitable for drinks for long distances in summer, but it's good for winter.


I decided to use a separate page to talk about the trunk, which is a very interesting link. First of all, it is opened in two upper and lower sections, the upper half and the lower half.

The advantage of this design is that when the upper part is closed, the lower part can be opened separately. There are special circumstances that require a very long thing to be transported. It can be placed as shown in the picture, but it must be fixed, yes, or I have to remind everyone not to use it as a last resort. Safety is always the first priority. Just take an urgent short-distance trip .

Under normal conditions, the volume of the trunk is 503 liters. It is no problem for daily use. The rear seats support 4/6 ratio. I remember that there was a wrench on the side of the imported 3008 trunk to directly lower the rear seats. Now it is made in China. The version can only be operated on the back of the chair, which is a bit troublesome. The manufacturer did not give the maximum space value of the trunk. Let's take a look at the picture and get a feel. Put down the 28-inch trolley case and an adult male, and there is still a lot of margin.

Lifting up the flat floor, there is a hidden storage space underneath. The owner can put things he doesn't want to be seen here. In addition, the lower half of the door can be used as a stool after it is opened. In addition to the cable, it also has a hinge. Support, the maximum load-bearing capacity is 200Kg. It’s not a problem to sit with two adults. Take your wife to the suburbs to watch the sunset and watch the meteors. It’s so pleasant.

Driving experience

So much for the static part. Let me talk about driving experience. I have been in the editorial department for more than a week, and I drove a lot. Combined with the previous experience of testing the imported version of 3008, let’s talk about it briefly.

The first is the powertrain that everyone is most concerned about. The 1.6T engine it uses is very famous. Many cars from MINI and PSA Group are in use, and everyone is familiar with it. I won't say much about the technical content. It matches the six-speed hand. Self-integrated gearbox, the current mainstream configuration.

The actual feeling is that on the 3008, a 1.5-ton front-wheel drive vehicle, it still shows strong enough power performance. It is quite easy to drive and overtake and merge in daily driving. The strength is obvious when it is less than 2000rpm. Continue to step on the accelerator. The power output is more positive, and what follows is the momentum of rushing forward. What needs to be reminded is that its throttle adjustment is quite sensitive, almost responding to a light touch. After the red light turns green, the foot shakes and the body Will come out at once, a little bit abruptly abruptly, get used to it.

When I first touched it, I felt that the brake pedal felt soft, especially in the early stage. After a period of adaptation, I realized that its brakes were actually quite effective, but the pedaling force had to be controlled, and the first stage should be stepped on faster and enter After the effective stroke, the braking force becomes very full, and the braking effect is quite good. This will be discussed later in the test session.

The suspension adjustment is very characteristic. The front suspension is moderately hard and easy-going. The rear suspension shock absorber is harder and the spring stroke is short. When passing the deceleration bump, the front and rear passengers will experience different feelings. The front row “dongdong” Two muffled noises are over, and the passengers in the rear will feel a bit stiff, but this car handles fine bumps very well, clean and retains a certain sense of road, I think if its rear suspension is so soft A little bit, will it be better.

The cabin atmosphere is another important thing to mention. I have talked a lot about the static part in the front. It is similar to the airplane's central control design, good lighting, and wide vision. When you sit in the driver's seat, the part below the waist is jailed. It is tightly wrapped (I once wrote in the imported 3008 test article, “I feel like wearing this car on my body, there is an indescribable sense of security”), and the waist above the waist is exposed due to very good lighting. It feels like a cockpit with the upper half of a fighter jet in a glass cover. This feeling is very interesting. I think 3008 is more suitable for appearing in southern cities, preferably on the seaside, with blue sky and blue sea, red flowers and green leaves outside the window, like this in Beijing. In the sluggish winter, the monotonous scenery outside made me feel more lively.

In terms of driving experience, the deepest impression of this 3008 1.6THP is undoubtedly that the power performance is strong enough. In addition, the unique handling experience of the French family car with a little sporty style in comfort can also be well reflected on the 3008. It has character, is not boring, and it is liked by young people.

Performance test

Let's take a look at the performance test results, the first is the 0-100km/h acceleration test.

The front wheel slipped slightly at the moment of the start, and the grip was restored soon afterwards. The front of the car was raised and rushed out. The highest G value at the start was 0.62g. The explosive performance of this 1.6T engine is good. After entering the second gear, the acceleration G value drops, but the power The output is still stable enough. The speed broke 100 shortly after shifting into the third gear. The best result was 9.32 seconds, which is faster than the Maverick 1.6L GTDi. It is on par with the Tiguan 2.0TSI tested before, and the same level of first-class level.

The braking performance is 38.51 meters, which is very good. As can be seen from the above table, this number has surpassed the major competitors and is commendable. Since Dongfeng Peugeot changed its tire supplier to Michelin, the braking performance of recent new cars has been very good. Of course, the strength of the vehicle braking system itself is the most important reason. No matter what, the consumer will ultimately benefit from it. The achievements are appreciated.

Fuel consumption test

The fuel consumption test ran 128 kilometers, and the trip computer was cleared before departure. The load was 78 kilograms of myself and some photographic equipment. The whole journey included congestion, loop and high-speed road conditions.

At the end of the trip, the computer showed an average speed of 28km/h, and the actual fuel consumption was 13.89 liters, so the actual fuel consumption value of 3008 1.6THP was 10.9 liters/100 kilometers. The results are expected, ordinary. The logo on the inside of the fuel tank cap indicates this machine. The car can use No. 93 (Beijing No. 92) gasoline, and the cost of the car will not be too high. It is no big problem to go to some remote places in the country when traveling.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers


The competitiveness of 3008 has been greatly improved after domestic production, and its appearance has become more acceptable to everyone. The interior materials and workmanship have continued the high-level performance of the imported version; in terms of ease of use, it still retains a lot of French uniqueness. The design is very easy to use in some places, and some feel a little awkward. The French car is like this. If there is no strange design, it will not be called a French car; the riding space is ordinary, the storage space is abundant, and the trunk The flexibility is quite high, suitable for young families; there is some driving pleasure, the front row is more comfortable than the rear row; the performance is worthy of recognition, acceleration and braking are at the same level of first-class level, fuel consumption meets expectations, noise level is high, and the owner has the conditions It is a great pity to cancel the panoramic sunroof. I estimate that the manufacturer has two concerns. One is that the production cost is too high, and the other is that if it breaks, the 4S shop in a small place cannot repair it; there is no 4WD version. It’s a pity that the manufacturer wants to make up for it with a “multi-road condition system” on the top accessory, which is superfluous. As I said in the article, it is more practical to remove the knob and replace it with a cup holder, and the price can be lowered.

Peugeot 3008 2013 1.6THP automatic to still version

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My final evaluation of the 3008 is : worthy of the price, worth recommending.

Escape, Tiguan, CR-V, ix35, these are the four masters in front of Dongfeng Peugeot 3008, let’s briefly talk about their respective situations.

The biggest competitiveness of the Escape is 2.0T power, technological configuration, driving pleasure and other content. The 1.6L GTDi version with a price similar to that of the 3008 top seems to have only the advantage of driving pleasure, which is not the most important when buying a car. The key factor, so just look at the 1.6T level, 3008 and Mavericks are equally divided, you can choose according to personal preference;

Tiguan and CR-V are the old trump cards. They are less fresh and less popular. The price of the two is also higher than that of the 3008. For friends with limited budgets, the 3008's price of no more than 220,000 is enough. Persuasive

The ix35 is also an old face with balanced indicators. The current market’s final transaction price is much lower than the original manufacturer’s guide price. However, even the most powerful 2.4L version does not take any advantage of the 3008’s 1.6T engine. The character is mediocre, a good helper, but also relatively boring.

There are a total of four domestically-made 3008 models, the names are too long, the following according to the price from low to high, called 2.0 low configuration, 2.0 high configuration, 1.6T low configuration, 1.6T high configuration, which one is the most worthwhile? Let's make a simple analysis.

2.0 high configuration, highly recommended, reason: 2.0-liter engine power parameters are sufficient for daily use, 6AT gearbox is suitable for driving in the city, this powertrain technology is mature, and the oil products in various places can be adapted, and future maintenance costs can be maintained at a low level. Level, there are some configurations, suitable for home use;

2.0 Low allocation, recommendation, reason: Fully reflects the advantage of low price, suitable for friends with insufficient budget;

1.6T low configuration, can be considered, reason: people who need power performance, can consider this version;

1.6T high configuration, not recommended. Reason: The most expensive one of the whole series. The additional important configurations include multi-road condition adaptation system, HUD head-up display, central control color large screen, GPS navigation, automatic headlights, sensor wipers, and reversing. Image and front radar, except for automatic headlights and reversing images, the rest are configurations that are not practical or easy to use. The price is 13,000 higher than the 1.6T low configuration. The gas bill for more than a year is unnecessary. , Of course, if you just like these things and the budget is sufficient to choose it.

Therefore, my recommended order is : 2.0 high configuration> 2.0 low configuration> 1.6T low configuration> 1.6T high configuration.

If you are interested in Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 and are interested in ordering a car, please click here to fill in your detailed information, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know which dealer in your location has more preferential information, please click here Contact your local dealer.

2013 Dongfeng Peugeot 3008 detailed parameter configuration table