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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] In recent years, many luxury brands have achieved localized production in China in order to further compete for market share. However, Toyota's luxury brand Lexus is still selling domestically in the form of imports. As early as October, a related Lexus person broke the news on Reuters and responded to the media, saying, “Toyota has been conducting research and consideration on localization issues, and there is no specific time for localization.”

Recently, China FAW released an article on the “10-year three-step plan” and may eventually target the domestically produced Lexus. This news is a blockbuster and everyone is looking forward to it, because it has been reported that Lexus has already made specific plans for domestic production in China. For example, Lexus IS, ES, and NX may become the first batch of localized Lexus models. But problems also follow. For example, quality problems that everyone cares about. The Toyota series has been rumored to have a relatively high reliability rate, and some imported models did have some quality problems after they were made in China, but in general, Still reliable. Another is the price. In fact, the price of imported Lexus has a clear advantage compared with the same level models, and even when compared with domestic models, the price-performance ratio is very high. After localization, the price may not drop significantly, but the brand power and reputation may be damaged by the word “domestic”. After all, I bought imported cars before, but now I buy domestic cars. For Chinese people, Face can't make it through. So is it possible to realize the “10-year three-step plan” announced by China FAW? Or is it just a slogan for China's FAW to work hard?

In general, perhaps the localization of Lexus will continue to maintain high quality like other domestically-produced models of imported brands and let everyone use it with confidence. The difference between imported and domestically produced may be a matter of face. So after the localization, will you still choose the Lexus brand? Which model do you most expect from Lexus? Welcome all netizens to actively discuss in the comment area!