[YesAuto Auto Race] Francois Ribeiro, event manager of the WTCC World Touring Car Tournament, recently revealed to the media that there are three other automakers looking forward to participating in the event, one of which may be the first to join in 2016. Although the dominance of the Citroën team in the race has made new intentions to join the team worried, but in the past 12 months, many car manufacturer representatives have come to the scene and are interested in challenging the benchmark position established by Citroen. .

For example, Kia representatives came to Slovakia, and Volvo had already expressed its intention to return to WTCC. But everyone knows that if you want to challenge the Citroen team, you must do a good job to have a chance. This is not just a simple allocation of budget, but also an ideal organization, coordination and execution plan. It is easier said than done to join with a high profile in a blockbuster posture.

According to the race manager, the manufacturers interested in joining are already reaching out to the first-line racing team and the best drivers they can find. They pointed out that the existing Honda Civic racing car has obvious defects in the aerodynamic architecture, and they have expressed that there are ideal candidates for the competition, and all have excellent aerodynamic design.

From the point of view of the competition rules, the current first-line group TC1 group rules will not be changed immediately, which will help new manufacturers to join the adaptation process. If it goes well, maybe WTCC will be able to inject new blood from next year. Otherwise, there is no suspense in the game, I guess everyone does not want to watch it.