[YesAuto Test Drive] If Renault’s popularity in the country has risen rapidly due to the hot sales of Koleos models in the past year, then consumers who know the Renault brand a little before may still remember Laguna, Megane and Scenery And other models. However, at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, such a small car came to China for the first time, that is, Renault's famous Clio car series.

But today we are not here to express our emotions, and the protagonist is not the ordinary home version of Clio. As the saying goes, bad things come, and good ones don’t come. Before sponsoring next Monday's “One Foundation Star Charity Cup”, Renault provided some media with this rare track experience of the whole series of sports cars, and what I am concerned about is It is this rookie of the steel gun-Clio RS!

Strictly speaking, this Renault Clio RS is currently a small facelift model of the third generation of the car series in late 2009. The most important change is the front. what? Have you never seen what the front of the Clio looked like before? Then take a look at Nissan Tiida.

The Clio RS we tested this time was officially released at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, where RS stands for RENAULT SPORT. The vehicle is 4017mm long, 1768mm wide, 1484mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2585mm. It is a typical small body material. Moreover, it is also the smallest model in the Renault family, but the two-door four-seater design makes it different from ordinary small family cars and has a more sporty feel.

Starting from this generation of Renault models, the air intake grille has been moved to the bottom of the bumper, so it is really difficult to distinguish without a closer look. The all-black painting is really avant-garde, and there is a U-shaped wavy spoiler in the middle of the grille. It is a very chic design that only romantic French people can think of?

The value of identity is reflected in all parts of the body, from the RS 20th Anniversary Peugeot under the side windows to the RS logo above the front air intake grille. The side turn signal is designed under the very special front door rearview mirror to prevent scratching. On the strip, the anti-scratch strip also has the words “Renault Sport”, and the side of the tail box door also has the metal LOGO of “RS Renault Sport”.

The 12-spoke bright silver aluminum alloy wheels are beautiful in shape, and the 17-inch specification is very visually impactful on such a small car. The tires use German Continental's 215/45 R17 wide and flat tires. You can imagine the protection that the shoes can give. The air ducts behind the front wheel eyebrows are not decorated like some other pseudo-sports models, but can actually guide the airflow to cool the brake discs after being opened.

After opening the door and entering the interior, the first feeling is full. The space in the car is not large, but for the driver, it is possible to experience the difference that Clio RS brings to people at close range and slowly. These differences are reflected in the French's unique handling of each sports atmosphere and not pursuing the mainstream.

The design of the center console is not complicated, and we can easily find many Renault's consistent design styles in it. For example, the large flat design above the center console, as well as the wavy lines at the air outlets on both sides of the air conditioner, have previously been able to find similar designs on both the landscape and Koleos. The material above is actually not leather, but the double-stranded white stitching produces a leather-like effect, and at the same time makes Clio RS full of sporty atmosphere.

The racing steering wheel is not only very visually appealing, but also has a great grip! The inner side uses white instead of traditional red stitching to reflect sports values, and a large number of function keys are stacked on the right side of the steering wheel in a stacked design. It is not necessarily easy to use, but it is definitely possible to mention the sense of technology!

It is worth mentioning that the unique sporty style of Clio RS is easy to see from the tachometer alone. The tachometer on the left uses a very conspicuous yellow color scheme, while the speed in the red line area points straight to 8000 rpm. The speedometer on the right has exceeded 250km/h, which can only be described as a “steel cannon” for a small car.

Aluminum alloy pedals are standard equipment for sports vehicles, but the clutch stroke is obviously a bit longer, and if the brake pedal can be slightly lower, it will become easier to complete the toe action. The small buttons on the side are definitely easy to be ignored if you are not paying attention. This Renault dynamic management system can fully appreciate the driving pleasure of Renault Clio RS by adjusting the degree of ESP intervention for car owners with higher driving skills.

In terms of interior color scheme, Renault Clio RS uses black and white color schemes. The front sports seats provide excellent wrapping, the fabric used is delicate and smooth, and the middle part is also made of breathable material, which makes it easy to use in the hot summer. At a high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the editor's pants will not be soaked in sultry sweat.

Due to the positioning of the model itself, the Renault Clio RS's full car seats are manually adjusted, and a manual lumbar support knob is also provided. On the top of the headrest is embroidered with another set of RENAULT SPORT, which seems to be always trying to tell the owner that he is not an ordinary car.

The Renault Clio RS is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, which is relatively rare in small cars, which is enough to show the car's pursuit of pure driving pleasure. But on the other hand, there are disadvantages. The long gear spacing makes it take a certain amount of time for people who are in contact with the car for the first time to get used to it. Fast and smooth shifting also requires many practice.

In terms of engine parameters, Renault Clio RS uses a four-cylinder 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, which is excellent in both power and torque, and you should not forget that it is mounted on a small car and has been adjusted. After the calibration, you only need to delay the shift time to keep the speed between the maximum power and the maximum torque, and then you can get a steady flow of pushing back. This feeling is exactly what I like!

The No. 1 combination turn at the Shanghai International Circuit is the most famous “destroy point”. Since the angles of the corners are different and accompanied by a large uphill slope, the test of the stability of the body and the suspension is particularly strict. But obviously, this is a piece of cake for the Clio RS, which has “big feet” and has a rigidity that is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary models. Under the strong G force during high-speed cornering, the four tires firmly grasp the ground, and the suspension is also sufficient to keep the body's roll to a minimum, so that the driver in the car can confidently meet the next corner 's arrival

Thanks to the six-speed manual gearbox and the high-speed adjustment of the power system, the Clio RS is very comfortable in the tail speed control after the completion of the turn. However, reasonable downshifting and heel-to-toe oil replenishment are necessary before turning into a corner. Keep the speed above 5000 rpm. The oil delivery after exiting the corner can make you unable to find any hesitation in power connection and a strong sense of pushing back. Will come to the back of your head again.

If the control in the previous section is smooth, the two straight roads of the Shanghai International Circuit provide the opportunity for Renault Clio RS to sprint with all six gears, and the speed can easily rise to more than 200km/h. But if you use the fifth gear to complete the sprint, the engine will automatically cut off the fuel and start the protection program after the speed exceeds about 7500 rpm.

Edit comment:

For Renault Clio RS, the excellent power performance and excellent chassis tuning have left a deep impression on me, and it is not too much to call it a steel gun. However, due to various reasons such as brand and design, it is destined that this car will not be a popular model, and there have been media reports that the price of the car when introduced into the country will be around 200,000 yuan. But from an editor's point of view, Renault Clio RS's competitors should be at the same level as POLO GTI, which has not yet officially entered the country. If it can be one step ahead of its rivals, then I believe that with its avant-garde and stylish design and outstanding driving experience, Renault Clio RS can still capture many fashion-conscious consumers to choose it as the second personalized car.