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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Hello everyone! The latest issue of travel notes is here! In the previous content, the explorer drove into the mountains with Jimny and Lao Jin’s BJ80, not only shared the use of the tow rope with everyone, but also introduced some basic operations on the mutual rescue of two vehicles. In this episode, Li Xiang’s younger sister, Xiaoqian, was in trouble again, saying that she was “addicted”, and she had to add another day to the itinerary to teach her how to complete the crossing by driving by herself…

Friends who are familiar with us will certainly find that apart from Li Xiang’s cousin, the explorer of the car model we use is also a protagonist. In the previous article, many netizens expressed doubts about the off-road performance of the Explorer or urban SUV. It is true that its touchdown angle, departure angle, ground clearance and even suspension travel are indeed quite different from those of hardcore. However, for the explorer itself, the comfort and riding experience of road driving are not possessed by hardcore. In addition, for urban SUVs like the Explorer, it has ample power and good four-wheel drive performance. It also has good passability on certain non-paved roads with the use of some tools. After all, it is difficult to have both fish and bear paws. Got. Alright! Don't talk nonsense, go to cousin!

Just leave it alone: not difficult!

For most SUV owners, many people have a dream of walking and leaving. It is only due to lack of homework and lack of knowledge of off-road self-driving that many people stop at the door. Dare to take this step. Through the sharing of these issues, I believe that everyone has a more objective understanding of off-road self-driving, and a deeper understanding of their vehicles and the application of equipment. In fact, as long as the early stage Fully prepared, as long as we can reserve the corresponding “thinking” in advance, and travel by car, so can you! Don't forget, there is not such a saying: there is no counseling, only counseling!