[YesAuto Design Decode] To tell the truth, there may be an inherent impression of the “tool cart” attribute. At the moment when I saw the official picture, I couldn't believe my eyes: This turned out to be a Wuling? As the first model of Wuling Global Silver Label, the appearance of the new design has surprised many people. With such avant-garde design language in front of you, do you still want to tease its slightly “rough” image? Not much to say, hurry up and see the result.

○ Those things about silver labels

Before talking about today's new design, I want to talk to you about the story of the new car logo. In May of this year, Wuling Motors ushered in the 22 millionth new car rolled off the assembly line, and at the same time released a new strategy and new car standard-Wuling Global Silver Label. From a strategic perspective, the Wuling brand is currently the well-deserved “boss” in the commercial vehicle field. The appearance of the silver label is naturally to expand the market in the passenger vehicle field and at the same time increase the brand image.

During the communication with the designers, I learned that when they chose to start the silver label strategy, they also had a lot of concerns: For brand heritage, the “reassuring” image brought by Wuling would “bring its own” “Halo”, but also due to the fact that Wuling's main battlefield was in the commercial vehicle field. How to enter the passenger vehicle field based on the original reputation of reliability and cost-effectiveness and improve brand image can be described as both advantages and challenges.

Although I dare not say the success or failure of this break, at least try new areas, which is enough to look forward to its performance. As for the design of the Wuling Capgemini car, we will also open today's design content around the silver label.

○ The appearance design bid farewell to the image of tool carts

As mentioned in the preface, the new standard will naturally bring new designs. The main keynote of the silver-label Wuling model design lies in three key words: diversification, youthfulness, and high quality. In order to be able to express these three characteristics, the designer team has created a very subversive design language-“Wing Dynamic Design”. And this set of design inspiration is precisely the concrete manifestation of the silver standard.

I believe that many people like me, when they saw Wuling Capgemini's actual car, they understood the feeling brought by the large number of “clips” above me. Yes, since the pursuit of diversity, youth and quality, it cannot be modified according to the old design ideas. Although choosing to re-establish the design direction is not a small risk, it can definitely achieve the result of enhancing brand value and becoming a “stepping stone” for expanding new user groups. After all, the groups are different, and the aesthetic needs of a car will also change a lot. .

Avant-garde design language + inherited superior design ideas, created the appearance and interior design of Wuling Capgemini, the first model of Wuling Silver Label. Next, we will analyze the “careful thinking” of the car's design from the perspective of the actual car.

In recent years, we have seen the use of split headlights in many Chinese brand new cars. Wuling Capgemini not only uses split full LED headlights to create a sense of science and technology, this design method can also make the lower part of the main lighting source and The front bumpers are fused together.

In terms of front design, many of my friends, like me, can’t believe that this is a Wuling. As the first silver-labeled model, this design change of Wuling Capgemini is a success. It has made a unique sense of refinement and momentum without the tool attributes of the red-labeled model at all.

On the side of the car body, the designer strives to simplify the use of shapes and lines as much as possible while ensuring the space. The overall approach adopts the prevailing waistline language to match the shape changes of the lower part of the door and the suspended roof, and focus on adjusting the proportions. The whole car looks more slender.

The whole body design can be said to be an earth-shaking innovation. Whether you like it or not, this time the silver-label Wuling caused quite a stir through the design, which is already considered a success. For Wuling, this innovation has also achieved self-breakthrough and has made a huge contribution to the improvement of brand image.

○ The interior is equally exquisite/the seat is considered carefully

The appearance has already left a deep impression, so naturally you can't neglect it in the interior. From an aesthetic point of view, Wuling Capgemini has also achieved a substantial upgrade, regardless of the materials used or the entire design language, the determination of the silver standard Wuling can be seen.

It can be seen from the interior design that Wuling Capgemini has not only achieved a breakthrough in the design language, created a refined and simple visual effect, but also fully considered the practicality, especially in the second-row seat design and space layout optimization. It can be described as comprehensive and considerate in terms of configuration and configuration, and these aspects are precisely the second step of Wuling's traditional advantage projects, and it is also one of the core competitiveness of the silver standard Wuling.

○ Editor's comment:

From the perspective of appearance and interior design, the silver-label Wuling Capgemini has completed a successful breakthrough. It not only breaks through itself in style, but also looks exquisite enough. The overall image also changes the tool attributes of the previous red-label car, making it an unprecedented high-level sense. In the car interior engineering design, sufficient car-making experience retains its complete practicability, which can be beautiful and easy to use at the same time, which is very rare for the Chinese brand MPV. As I said before, it is easy to make a “vase”, but it can break through in design while taking into account user pain points and practicality. This is the performance that an excellent MPV should have. Without further ado, the pre-sale price was announced on September 28. I believe that as long as it is priced sufficiently close to the people, this car will be popular.