[YesAuto Test Drive] Ben Ben MINI, the name is easy to understand, Ben Ben is one size smaller. That's right, Ben Ben MINI is indeed a bit smaller than Ben Ben. However, it is necessary to emphasize here that the Ben Ben MINI is not a modified or upgraded model of the Ben Ben, it is a brand new mini car. The closeness of the name is just because the Benben has evolved from a single model to a series, which can easily cause some confusion. It doesn't matter. From now on, just remember that this car is called Benben MINI, and then after reading this article, you will know what is going on with this car.

Let's talk about the most intuitive exterior size first. The length, width and height of the Benben MINI are 3520mm*1570mm*1490mm, which is a bit smaller than the Benben in all aspects. Its body is close to BYD F0 and Geely Panda, and it can be regarded as a small one among the miniature cars, so its direct competitors are also the above two models, and may have to challenge the old Chery QQ by the way.

Like all newly launched mini-cars, the appearance of the Benben MINI also adopts a young and energetic design. The oval-shaped headlights full of spirituality, the radiator net of the water tank like a big smiling mouth, and the peculiar car logo like an eagle beak in the middle of the air inlet are enough to attract people’s attention, at least not ignore.

In my opinion, the highlight of the design is concentrated on the rear of the car. The glass tailgate is a very popular thing now, but it has been new before, this time it is no surprise. I actually want to talk about its taillights, the black bottom plate similar to piano lacquer, and the unique three-dimensional taillight set, which has the taste of a boutique car. Take a closer look. There is a triangular window next to the taillight group, but it is clear that the triangular window does not have much practical use in this position.

In the data, the target customer group is written: new generation, fashionable and lively, motivated and enjoyable, and so on. Simply put, this is a car designed for young people. It looks like this, even the color of the body, such as Miracle Yellow, Thunder Gray, Sword Blue, Kart Golden, and Tornado Orange. The car we got is a genie. purple. These terms are confusing to my father's generation, but those born in the 80s and 90s should be familiar with them. The target group of Benben MINI is the post-80s or even the post-90s. Now some post-90s have reached the legal driving age.

From the outside, Benben MINI can basically meet the aesthetic needs of most people, especially young people, for mini-cars. However, its interior is not as energetic as the exterior. The first time I sat inside, I didn't find anything attractive, and I was a bit disappointed. Usually things that look plain are very practical, and the interior of the Benben MINI is from a practical point of view.

The storage space in the car is very abundant, and the space that can be used is not wasted, completely exceeding expectations, and even better than many compact cars that are known as all-round households. Although the luggage compartment is not large, it is enough for two people to use daily. With the backrest that can be folded 4/6, the loading capacity is not a big problem.

There is no problem with the riding space. If measured by the uniform standard of a mini-car, the Benben MINI is above the average in this respect. The head and legrooms in the front and rear rows can make passengers feel more comfortable, at least not depressed.

In terms of configuration, this top model includes dual front airbags, ABS+EBD, four-speaker CD audio, remote control keys, and 13-inch aluminum alloy wheels. It is worth mentioning that the whole system is equipped with four-door electric windows as standard, and the full-size rear window is much more practical than the opponent.

The workmanship is worth about 50,000 yuan. The body assembly and sheet metal process are well controlled, and there are no obvious defects in the interior assembly. It seems to be very strong in the mountains, and the details of the door seals and other details look very solid. But there are also some places that can't stand scrutiny. For example, some parts in the car are glued together, and they may fall off after long-term use.

The C10 engine is a brand new engine developed by Changan Group for many years. Its 1.0-liter displacement can achieve a power output of 70 horsepower and a maximum torque of 90N·m.

The speed range of 2000-3000 rpm is suitable for daily driving. At this time, the engine is more active, and the speed increase is relatively flexible. The 5-speed manual transmission is relatively smooth most of the time, and the gears are clear and smooth. Only the 5th gear has a relatively long stroke, and each gear shift is not smooth. Fortunately, only 4th gear is enough for driving in the city.

The current weather in Zhuhai also gives us the opportunity to try the cooling effect of the air conditioner, but we have to overcome a little problem before turning on the air conditioner. Sitting in the driver's seat, the steering wheel just blocks most of the center console. You must find the button above. , You must turn your head sideways. In addition to this inconvenience, the air conditioner is satisfactory, the refrigeration is very fast, and the impact on the power is not large. After the summer, there is no need to worry.

The EPS electronically controlled speed steering assist makes the steering feel of this car very strange. The strength of the assist is sometimes large or small, and the steering wheel itself is not very flexible and smooth. The result is an abrupt steering feel. Especially when turning or turning around, it is impossible to judge the angle of the direction in advance. You can only adjust it according to the direction of the front of the car while walking. Even if you want to merge in a straight line, you must first try to move the steering wheel to find the right feeling before you can continue.

The shock absorber has an ideal shock absorption effect, and the comfort is within a reasonable range, especially the larger impact can be handled very gently. But this brings some counter-effects. The car body's roll is obvious when turning and merging. The transferer of the center of gravity of the car body has to reduce the speed and slow down the movement. However, it is understandable to give priority to comfort for this kind of mobility minicar, so you don't need to worry too much about the latter problem.

In general, if the Benben MINI is the first car for young people to enter the four-wheel era, it is fairly successful in terms of appearance design, and it is better than its opponents in terms of practicality. However, the driving performance is still a bit lacking in seasoned, although overall it is fair, but there are always some troublesome small problems. Regardless of its advantages or disadvantages, there is ultimately another constraint. If Benben MINI can restrict its opponents in terms of price, these disadvantages can also be ignored. Conversely, if the price loses competitiveness, no matter how many advantages it has, it will be buried. .