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[YesAuto Design Decoding] The Roewe brand has gone through 14 years since its birth in 2006, and it has a user base of more than 2 million. Although 14 years is still very young for an automobile brand, Roewe is popular among many consumers. The image in our minds has always been biased towards traditional home users, and rarely associates it with young consumers or trends. However, as consumers are getting younger and younger, how to capture the preferences of young consumers seems to have become an important research topic for many manufacturers. For this reason, SAIC Roewe decided to start with the brand image and launched a new lion logo. Bringing the first model equipped with the new car logo, Roewe RX5 PLUS (we will bring you a detailed live shooting experience soon, so stay tuned!)

Why change the bid?

Since the birth of the car, almost most brands have undergone standard changes, and it is not uncommon to have even changed 5-6 times. The standard change represents the designer's and brand's prediction of people’s aesthetics in the future. With the advent of the Internet era, more and more car brands are embarking on the road of flat LOGO.

The new car logos and new cars launched this time are still the result of the joint efforts of Shao Jingfeng, deputy chief designer and global design director of SAIC Motor Technology Center, and his design team. The new LOGO is still based on the shield type, double lion watch and the letter R as the basic elements. However, the shield profile has been optimized, and the frame has been refined. The internal double lion guarding watch and the swash letter R are all simplified designs, and the patterns are enlarged as a whole, so that the overall logo design is more eye-catching and highly recognizable.

The three-dimensional LOGO applied to the car, the internal pattern adopts three-dimensional electroplating process, the shading of the three-dimensional LOGO adopts an oblique 3D laser texture, and the gloss effect of the cross grid is different on different light-receiving surfaces. The color is compared with the original LOGO. , The new LOGO removes the original gold, red and black color scheme, and uses a monochrome process.

The upgrade of the Roewe Lion logo this time not only adapts to the current flat trend, but also strives to establish a young and trendy brand new image, thereby attracting the vast number of young consumers around. Of course, it is impossible for young people to pay for the change of a car logo alone. The new design language and the products that consumers want to see are what consumers want to see, and Roewe RX5 PLUS has naturally become a design team for young consumers. The first trendy item.

On the whole, RX5 PLUS adopts an appearance that is very pleasing to young people. The fluorescent yellow decorative strips brighten the entire appearance. The headlights and taillights have good shapes and functions, which are the first to attract young people. “Appearance”, RX5 PLUS must have done it.

More features of the interior are reflected in functions and experience. First of all, as far as the interior styling is concerned, the cockpit atmosphere of the RX5 PLUS spread-wing design is spread out horizontally, which makes people feel very stretched. The integrated central control is not only With powerful functions, the future will usher in a more personalized customization era. For young people who rely heavily on mobile phones today, the new and highly customized system may become another “big toy” for them.

Edit comment:

We are in a period of rapid development of the Internet, technology is constantly emerging, and the speed of renewal and iteration of the automotive industry is also increasing. In order to continue to make breakthroughs and make every effort to be younger, Roewe’s design team handed in an eye-catching answer. The first model of the RX5 PLUS that violates the overall rejuvenation strategy is worthy of our affirmation from the design point of view. Yes, but whether it can surpass the achievements made by its predecessors and create a younger brand image, we will wait and see. We will soon launch the real shot analysis of Roewe RX5 PLUS, so stay tuned.