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[YesAuto Car Tan Meng Material] There is such a brand in the world. The appearance of the cars it produces is very similar to the luxury cars of major manufacturers. The logo is a Z. Guess who it is? Sorry, it's not Zotye, I'm talking about Zagato from Italy.

Zagato was born in 1919, and has just bought into the ranks of century-old shops. It was a hot body manufacturer that year. Later, automobiles became popular and customized body manufacturing was not used. Zagato began to focus on design.

In recent years, Zagato has been cooperating with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and other high-end sports car brands to produce personalized models, which are sold to the top wealthy who feel uncomfortable to buy original supercars.

Let’s take a look at these individual cars that my colleague photographed at the Kyoto Classic Auto Show in Japan: first is the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato. If you don’t tell you, can you see its prototype?

It's really hard to guess, because the appearance has changed so that my mother doesn't know me, but we can still tell from the interior that it was originally a Gallardo.

Obviously this is an Alfa Romeo. Its name is TZ3 Stradale. It is a limited-edition model produced to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the cooperation between Zagato and Alfa Romeo. Now start guessing the prototype car!

No need to look for it in Alfa Romeo's car, because its prototype is not an Alfa Romeo or even an Italian car at all, but an American Dodge Viper.

The TZ3 Stradale has a very strange shape. In fact, this is a tribute to Alfa Romeo's racing car TZ in the 60s. Its Kammback rear is a popular design in racing cars of that era.

This one with compound eye-like headlights is Toyota VM180 Zagato. The prototype is not sold off, it is Toyota's MR2. The mental trot was changed into a little monster by Zagato.

There are little monsters and Ultraman is indispensable. This Porsche 356 Carrera Zagato Speedster Sanction Lost (the name is so long) has an Ultraman-like appearance. I have to say that this Ultraman is really pretty.

In addition to the Porsche 356, there are many other old cars at this auto show, such as the Autech Zagato Stelvio, which is another car that has been changed to the point where the mother does not recognize it. Its prototype is the Nissan Leopard.

The biggest feature of Autech Zagato Stelvio's appearance is the towering “nose”-fenders. In addition to expressing individuality, it also has a practical function-hidden exterior rearview mirrors.

After watching this auto show, I learned that the rich people buy beautiful sports cars, and those who have more money than the rich buy ugly sports cars…Of course, this is just a joke.

Original sports cars have to cater to the public's aesthetics, while limited-edition models carry more the feelings of designers and brands, so there is no way to simply define beauty and ugliness. In addition, their existence also brings more color to the automotive world. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile; Tu Fanxin)